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    Hi NickH

    In such cases, please send in feedback report including the log files via the Enscape Feedback Button so we get more information.

    Please add a link to this thread in the description so we can update it here as well.

    Thanks Rick. Carl helped me out

    The issue was a conflict with essentially outdated drivers

    I uploaded the latest drivers & Enscape - all good now

    :) :thumbup:

    Hi there

    Hope someone can assist please. I am using Sketchup & Enscape. My Enscape will not load. It crashed when trying to save a view (in Enscape). I then uploaded the latest graphics card driver and also the latest Enscape upgrade. However this has not helped. Enscape just refuses to load. It remains stuck on the landing page & hangs. I have also tried different Sketchup files, but I have the same error.

    Any ideas please?

    Thank you



    New to Enscape - have uploaded Enscape, but every time I try to open it in SU, it immediately crashes - the loading bar only gets to around 8%. Any ideas about why? Possibly an error in the background software I need to check?

    I can't open [View Details] on the pop up SU error report message as this freezes

    Thx for any assistance please 8)