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    I received an email from Enscape recently asking me to fill in a survey for them. The last question, "How frequently do you use mobile devices for presentations?*", seems to be missing an obvious option from the answers available: { rarely / once a month / once a week / more often }; where's "never"?

    I am reasonably certain that I have never used a smartphone or tablet to run any sort of presentation from, and very definitely no Enscape VR presentations. Is that really so unusual?

    Joost, your comment intrigues me, as we have been using Enscape to demo VR to many non-computer-savvy colleagues here at the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, and almost everyone naturally uses teleportation + physically rotating themselves, rather than attempting to rotate the VR world around them (which indeed works horribly in Enscape).

    Are you using seated VR rather than room-scale VR? We also found that sitting down in VR can contribute to motion sickness when moving, presumably because we do not naturally perceive the world from that height when moving around.

    One trick we found to get around some filters that scan inside archives is to password protect the zip file. Depending on the severity of the filter's configuration, they will either let the archive through because they cannot scan inside it, or they will still reject it for the same reason.

    Using Enscape in VR on Vive:

    Enscape appears to have implemented a new teleportation mechanism in a recent version upgrade: a two-stage trigger mechanism as opposed to the previous hold-release mechanism.


    While this two-stage trigger mechanism may be more useful for experienced users (not that using it a little has convinced me of that), the new mechanism looks like it will be fiddly for and difficult to explain to non-computer-savvy users. This makes it significantly problematic for our current main use-case for enscape: brief 5-minute demos to managers and directors. I am inclined to say the new mechanism renders Enscape in practical terms unusable for our purpose, but need to try it on some of the target audience to be sure.

    Teleportation is of such importance to the ‘brief demo for an inexperienced user’ use case that this looks like the kind of usability change that could force us to drop Enscape in favour of another solution, despite those being (much) worse on almost every other front.

    * Would it be possible in future versions to implement a toggle in settings for the teleportation mechanism style?

    * For now, is there a previous version of Enscape which contains both the old hold-release teleportation mechanism and the new in-view viewpoint panel?


    I note furthermore that none of the documentation on your website seems to describe this new teleportation mechanism. Those I have found only describe the old hold-release mechanism for the Vive. E.g.:…-virtual-reality-headset/…esentations-with-enscape/

    Is your documentation out of date, or is this two-stage trigger mechanism somehow erroneously present in our Vive experience?

    I have so far not been able to find any references to this new mechanism on these forums or the main website, which surprises me, so perhaps we are doing something wrong on our systems?


    Aside from the difference of principle, the new mechanism does not seem to work anywhere near as reliably as the old one. I often find it targeting and then not doing anything when I click through to the second trigger. So far, this leads to an immersion-breaking and more nausea-enhancing experience than with the previous mechanism.