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    I9 32 GB RTX 2070 Windows 10 Revit 2022 + Oculus quest 2 with Oculus Link + Airlink

    Well please just support it because it worked perfectly fine with 2.9.

    I don't understand why downgrading ? If you have customers who were using it well I don't really understand that point. There are also threads about this, people worked on a workflow in this, why just focus on older and hardware ?

    If it doesn't have enough validation, please support old versions until the newer gets as good as 2.9.

    Everything worked flawlessly under 2.9 with both wires and wirelessly, but we just can't use it with latest Revit releases, and we can't force partners to use older Revit for our VR needs. On the opposite they can force us to switch to newer Revit files just by saving them.

    With 3.2 the picture never stops calculating, seem to be stuck in some low res preview mode, too much black dots, lighting is bad, too bright, and when moving the headset the it never centers each time you move the head for 1mm the eye keeps jumping up/down, and the overall quality is pretty bad, you can never just focus on something.

    I had an answer from the support service that Oculus Quest 2 isn't supported, so there's no plan to improve this ? That's the only answer we have to this problem ? In other terms you are answering this is not a problem.

    We feel in the company that 3 version is more a downgrade than an upgrade, and losing VR performance is just a part of it because all the rendering quality, stability, seems lower and less realistic.

    If you don't plan to support VR and stay focused on such old hardware as Oculus Rift, that's a shame, things that were working perfectly on 2.9 should work on 3.2 at least because Revit is moving forward and the industry forces us to keep up to date with latest versions which produce files that aren't compatible with older versions.

    If you drop 2.9 and the functions that were working fine to focus on 3.2, please at least make a build of 2.9 that works for latest Revit if you don't plan to support them because Autodesk give us no choice the files aren't downgradable. So we need old features to work at least in that transition period.

    I still don't understand how you can say you support VR with such old hardware as Oculus Rift which is very old, and entirely skip Oculus Quest 2 even if lot of users who invested on this hardware made it work with the 2.9 even wireless. Even if you didn't mention OQ2 as supported, you should take it into account because if you aren't updating the VR, it's still a feature you advertise as working. It was working quite good that's true, even more than expected, now it's being crippled and you don't show any intention to improve because it's not supported. For me this makes no sense to downgrade this and don't even put it in priorities even if you know we are using it in our projects.

    It means that we should drop the hardware we invested in and drop quality because you changed directions which is definitely a downgrade for a lot of users who were looking towards improvements.

    Hello, thanks for the information, now we stopped using 3.1 so we need to uninstall 2.9 to make the feedback as described, is there another method to send you the feedback ?

    I'm using the Oculus Quest 2 with link cable :

    Here are the problems I've seen so far :

    - The camera movement isn't stable, it seems to be stable and locked in 2.9, but in 3.1 when moving the head there are vertical choppy jumps of the camera, this makes the VR unusable.

    - The shadows/materials aren't as realistic as 2.9 when we compare both versions for the same project and same settings. Looks like it's always in preview mode, and doesn't give accurate picture, it's also too bright.

    - The walking speed is very slow, and it's switch between walking/running in both versions this needs to be improved


    Is it possible to use Enscape 2.9 on Revit 2022 ?

    We have a problem making 3.1 working with Oculus 2 Headset (problems with jaggy navigation, and slow walking controls), but we need to use VR on some projects which are already saved on Revit 2022.

    We noticed that Enscape 2.9 isn't recognized by Revit 2022.

    Can you please give us a way to make Enscape 2.9 with Revit 2022 while you're fixing the VR for Enscape 3.1 ?

    Thank you

    +1 and please add also multiple keyframes selection before moving alltogether at the same time to preserve timings set between multiple keyframes, otherwise we need to move one by one with the exact timestamps which is a real pain/


    We still need the restricted mode, for many reasons :

    1. because even if the production of renderings needs to be done on a licensed seat, sometimes we need to launch restricted mode to do small modifications on the model without removing the license from another seat. For example when moving with a laptop and showing some modifications on the fly to the team/client without the need to produce renderings.

    2. when there's no internet

    3. when licensing issues appear

    There are so many situations restricted mode is useful otherwise we can be blocked.

    Please put it back.