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    Hello - I'm wondering if its possible to view the web standalone exports with a vr headset (like Oculus Quest). If not, are there other options are for sharing a model with a client in VR (minus the standalone EXE or walking through a live model).

    I'm thinking along the lines of websites like Kuula ( and others that view 360 images and have a webVR option. Can this viewing format be used with Enscape's web standalone?

    thanks for the follow up - Corey

    Hello - I believe I saw this in a previous thread but couldn't locate it. Lately I've been working with montaging designs into 360 photos taken with a Ricoh Theta V. I seem to keep running into a couple issues.

    1. The perspective of the image doesn't quite match the camera perspective (bad for collage work)

    2. The horizon doesn't match the image, and I have to drop my geometry by 100-200 feet, and also lower items in the distance

    Is it possible to to have independent control over the perspective of the camera without influencing the 360 image, and also a slider for moving the 360 up or down? This feature would go a long way in helping better match Enscape views to 360 photographs.

    Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work!

    - Corey

    While the settings dialog is nice for establishing general parameters, it becomes really cumbersome when you take into consideration that each model has multiple views and sometimes different time of day studies. The permutations get pretty out of hand. And have mercy on your soul if you have to go back into a project that you haven't touched in 6 months - whos settings parameters aren't necessarily saved in the dialog box.

    I'd still throw my name in the hat for settings that are tied to camera views.

    I have a request regarding the Enscape settings dialogue box. I work between project teams often, moving between SketchUp and Revit multiple times per day and on different models. It is a point of frustration that if i change a setting in SketchUp, that setting is still applied once I open up Revit. Is there a workflow element that I missing? I would like individual 3D views, regardless of program and model, to retain Enscape information; so that when i change the FOV in SketchUp model #1, the field of view in Revit model #5 isn't also impacted.

    Does this make sense? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    - Corey

    Has this feature been removed in the latest release? I cannot seem to find it in the right-click menu. (SOLVED - my some of my components had become groups)

    I should preface this suggestion that I am entirely onboard with Enscape, our firm loves it and our clients and partners love it. I think its an incredible tool and it sets the bar for how software developers should operate.

    I recently came across a software called Modelo. ( It operates on slightly different principles (uploading models, no modeling plugin functionality with sketchup/revit etc) from what I can tell it's essentially a geometry viewer with some lighting/shading capacity. The presentation visual style is rather underwhelming - they could learn a lot from you guys. However, visual style aside, they have nailed a lot of collaboration features that may be of interest to the Enscape team. Things like walkthroughs, commentary, notation etc. see attached images.

    I am not trying to plug their product or put down enscape, I think that both of your teams are addressing different sides of the same problem; perhaps both teams would benefit from sharing, and obviously all users would benefit enormously.

    Thanks Enscape and keep up the good work!!

    Can I request that Panorama images have the ability to be exported as JPG file type in addition to PNG; Some web-based viewers only read JPG/JPEG and being able to export to this file type would save a trip through Photoshop/paint.


    Is it possible to export a panorama image (mono or stereo), that includes atmospheric effects like Bloom or field of view? I really like the atmosphere that is created in Enscape, but this is all stripped away when I try to export a "frozen" panorama image. Thanks for any insight you can provide!

    I am attempting to create linear lights in sketchup. when given an emissive material the bulbs "glow" but do not have the flexibility of the point- and spotlights. Is there a solution for creating linear lights that fill a space with light more actively? I saw a similar thread in the Revit side of the enscape coin, but didn't know if there was any movement for it in sketchup. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Vray Plane light.

    I'm going to formally submit this as the most obscure problem I've encountered with Enscape.

    Our office has only a pair of machines with the processing poser to run Enscape smoothly. In our conference rooms we have these little computers (Dell Optiplex 7040) that don't have much of anything going for them other than the capacity to remote into stronger machines. At current during client presentations, we can remote in to the good machines and display Revit real-time, but when we try to navigate real-time in the Enscape (within SketchUp/Revit or the standalone *.exe files) the mouse seems hyper sensitive and navigation is almost impossible.

    I've tried the usual fixes - messing with mouse sensitivity within windows control panel settings and adjusting the settings within Enscape - but to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this issue? or have ideas how to work around it? The conference room Dells just cant handle the *.exe files, and having everyone crowd around my studio desk isn't optimal either.


    Hello - Like so many others here, I think the software is fantastic - it's so good that it makes me think other rendering programs are deliberately bad so that we continue to pay for meager upgrades, or that you guys were given visualization and lighting algorithms from a benevolent time traveler. My list of feature-thankfulness is long so please don't take the following as being ungrateful, its merely a request.

    In SketchUp, lines drawn on surfaces, such as decking, tile patterns or grout lines, convey a lot about scale without needing to model actual geometry. When rendering stills its possible to composite a rendered output (like V-Ray) with this vector line work (from SketchUp) in Photoshop; being able to do this real time would help reinforce the space and design. In Enscape the closest feature I can find is the "outline" however (and no offense) it looks really clumsy, like a bad Photoshop filter (see attached), and also does not portray SketchUp native line work drawn on surfaces.

    One software that I can think of that creates this effect in a semi-real time, semi-rendered line work overlay, is Thea (see attached). What is the possibility of adding this quality of line work overlay into Enscape?

    Thanks again for your teams hard work in helping us all visually communicate more effectively! - Corey