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    Hey Sean,

    I appreciate your advise!

    We tried the hdri approach a while back, even made some custom hdri's, but we really missed the Enscape realistic sun path system.

    - It's a big advantage for design review to be able to see how the sun will travel on a certain day, and see direct sun shadows (when will the sun come in through the office, how low will the sun be , ...). This really influences our design approach.

    - Having the ability to move the sun (time of day) through a walkthrough is very well received by our clients.

    - We also use this in our videos to do timelapses.

    All these options go out of the window when you start using hdri's.

    Also, we felt, that the quality of the lighting was better when we used Enscape native lighting system vs hdri's (although that might be no longer true, or might be due to the quality of the hdri).

    I realize there are a lot of requests, all competing for developer time. That said, I'll keep my fingers crossed you guys find a way (and the time) to let us turn off sun coloring (or override with a color) :)

    +1 on being able to update existing views. Hopefully this can be part of of the refacturing of the settings.

    So that you can update a view including camera position, image settings, position of the sun... Etc


    Our principals prefer the scenes to be lit with white light. In early stage, when the model has no materials yet, we use a low saturation value (50% or less) which makes the sun look white. They love it.

    The problem comes in later stages, when we start to introduce materials, desaturating the image is no longer a viable option.

    A color picker for the sun would give a lot of artistic control. We tried skyboxes, but the problem is we cannot position the sun easily with these (only rotates horizontally but not vertically).

    I can provide images as references to the Enscape team but not on the forum due to nda.

    thanks for your feedback. It's great to hear that we are moving in the right direction, and we are just too slow.

    I did not mean to imply you guys are slow :) !

    I'm sure saving the settings in the project file was a tricky thing to pull of on 4 different platforms. The way it is handled in Revit using the extensible data storage api is very elegant.

    Just wanted to share what we are hoping to get out of this refactoring of the settings :) Sounds like you guys are on track to deliver this!

    Hopefully the UX to remember the settings of the shot will be intuitive. Something like a one button 'save/update' view or something.

    Also, please don't forget to include the sun overrides (ctrl+u/i) in the saved settings per view :)

    Also, I'm a big fan to all changes to the settings dialog so far. Love the ability to type in values now. And tt's good to see you were able to shorten the atmosphere tab by auto hiding some settings again!

    Please also consider auto hiding the Auto Focus and Focal Point settings again. The Rendering dialog is now longer then it needs to be for most shots, and some of it is confusing. I found myself wanting to uncheck auto focus, and I had no idea why I could not uncheck it (it was greyed out). My users are going to be confused by this.

    Same with 'Depth range' on the capture tab. If you're not exporting the Z depth, there's no need to show that slider.

    I understand it's all WIP, and it's moving in the right direction, but what we wanted most with respect to the settings refactoring is saving settings in the view in such a way that all information necessary to recreate the exact same render is saved.

    In this version, there is still important information that is not saved (position of the sun) and it's not linked to a particular view.

    The hope was that when we clicked 'create view' on the Enscape tab, we would get a view that not only saved the camera position, but also all other settings that make up that render. Another button (update view/save settings of view/whatever) would then allow to update/override those settings when we have made changes.

    The goal is to be able to reproduce the same shots over and over again when the design changes. This is very common in the design field (you show the client the changes over time to the design, but with the same rendering settings so they can compare different versions over time).

    The download link seems to be down? (502 Bad Gateway)

    [Edit] I used a vpn set to germany and now the download link worked. Are you guys discriminating against us across the pond? ;)

    +1 on 'kitchen' assets

    - (normal looking) glasses

    - plates, cups, cultery

    - food

    - papercups


    Ikea is a great reference for design :)

    The packages from Model+Model are also great.

    Do I need to report an error log after a crash? Usually it's a hard crash (have to reboot) so not sure whether that error report will still be useful? Or can I just file a report now and you guys can still see info relating to my crash of yesterday evening :) ?