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    Finally, with 2.6 we'll introduce settings per project and view, so stay tuned for that and let me know in case you have any further questions. :)

    Our users are hoping that these 'saved settings per view' are going to include sun angle, rotation and brigthness. For us, the goal to save settings per view is to be able to reproduce the same shot again in a reliable manner. So we can generate the same shots over and over again while the design changes.

    It's only going to be partially useful without the sun angle, rotation and brightness.

    And what if you do edits not to the placeholder geometry (so the thing that appears in Revit views, not the asset as it appears in Enscape? Let's say to simplify the placeholder geometry so it has less poligons. If I have it already places in a project and drop in a new one from the Enscape asset library, will that update the placeholders of the assets already placed?

    Hey Demian,

    But what happens when we've placed the asset already in the project, you guys update that asset and them somebody drops in the asset from the Enscape library again. Do we now have 2 versions of the asset in the project? Or will it all be the same?

    Hey Enscape team,

    In the roadmap it says you are working on a remastering of the settings.

    It would be great if you would also save sun overrides (CTRL + U/I and SHIFT + U/I). We sometimes override the sun position to get the perfect light angle, but it's really hard to redo these shots later as there's no way to save these overrides.

    Personally I don't really care how it's done or where the info is stored, but second-guessing the developers and telling them what is or is not possible within their own program is pointless.

    Who second guessed the developers? I don't think they've weighed in on this issue yet.

    Edit: I think you've misread my post. My comment about 'not impossible to pull it off' was about our office using external files to do our daily work. We could do it but it would be unpractical. I didn't say anything on what is practical/unpractical in terms of programming.


    I don't think that the program cares where the data is stored, as long as it can read it.

    No the program doesn't, by my users do.


    What settings can a still image have that a point on a path would not?

    We make far more images than videos. Perhaps we end up making a handful of videos for the entire duration of the project, but in that same time we will literally make thousands of images, and often we need to reproduce the same image week after week.

    Managing all the xml's to pull that off is going to be a nightmare. and we have to remember what XML goes with what view (unless you save the camera position in the XML's as well).

    And now imagine I want to batch render those, I would have to select all the right views, and pair the right xml's with them.

    Not saying it's impossible to pull it off with external files, but saving it inside our program would be a lot more practical and save us a lot of time.

    Also note that Enscape is capable of saving DOF, sunlight, etc. settings already - just has to be a scene within a camera path rather than a static scene.

    yes but that camera path and its keyframe settings are still saved in an external xml file, not inside the project (which is totally fine for video editor).

    But for images, I still believe a different approach is necessary.

    I believe each package (rhino, revit, sketchup, archicad) has an API method to append data in the file. I think Enscape already 'kind of' does it for the assets. So I'm 90% sure it's technically possible (100% sure for Revit).

    We literally make thousands of Enscape shots a year. Each one with slightly different settings. It would be an impossible search for us. I don't need an extra file, I need it embedded in my project so I don't have to think about it.

    I see what you're saying, but in our case there's almost always one setting that will be unique to that view. It's not just time of day that changes.

    - FOV narrower or wider

    - DOF on or off (or different focus)

    - interior image needs different exposure than exterior (even if at same time of day)

    - Image adjustments (contrast, saturation, lensflare etc)

    I think even better would be to save the settings in the Enscape 'favorite' views. That way you don't have to worry about loading the right file for the right view. It will also be easier to do batch rendering because each view can have unique settings (different time of day, exposure, fov, dof, ...)

    Displacement sets are specific to the Revit view. So if you launch Enscape from a view with a displacement set and make a new view, that view will have no displacement set, and there you won't see it in Enscape (or in Revit).

    As a workaround: 'star' the positions and use the 'right hand palette' to switch through the 'favorite' views. This will move the camera but not reload the view. So do NOT change the view in the dropdown, but just use that dropdown to star the positions you'd like to switch to.

    The tags are great, but we could use a few more. For example, for the people:


    - sitting

    - walking (we could also use people walking up a staircase)

    - standing


    - business

    - casual

    - ...


    - chair

    - table



    - food (can also be plates, cups)

    - office

    - hobby

    - garden

    - ...