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    Hi Pieter , pardon me for not mentioning it right away, but this should indeed now be resolved by installing preview 4. If you have the chance, kindly give it a try - I have not been able to reproduce any problems myself in that regard compared to preview 3 anymore, though just in case you still experience this or another issue let me know of course.

    Thanks I will test the new version next week and let you know.

    Demian Gutberlet has the development team been able to reproduce this? I've been running into many cases with preview 3 where I change a parameter value in Revit, and then find the setting reversed a short time after.

    Demian Gutberlet I am having a lot of material sync issues with this newest version. I have recorded an example:

    - I have a wood material with a texture that's 90degree rotated
    - I launch enscape

    - I now edit the material rotation in the revit material editor

    - The material updates in Revit viewport but not in Enscape

    - I close and restart Enscape: the material is still not rotated

    - I investigate the material in the Enscape material editor: when I activate my rotated material, it resets the rotation back to the original state!

    You can see all these steps in the recording here:…8rbk544t8q5bewkagu64&dl=0

    I'm assuming this is for Revit?

    This is more determined by Revit than Enscape. The way to update the old ones is (assuming you're using Revit 2023 at least): place the asset (from the library) in a new empty project, select the asset, click 'edit family' , click 'load into project' and load it into the project that still has the triangulated representation.

    Unfortunately, this is not possible as I did not renew my subscription and a couple of weeks ago, I uninstalled Enscape due to these issues.

    Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately very understandable. Another long time user who is seeking greener pastures.

    I think the Enscape team really has to do some soul-searching and ask themselves if this is really the time they should be diverging in a totally different market (building performance) rather than investing in their core product. (In a recent video from Chaos on youtube they showed a short demo of Enscape having a new feature to perform (extremely basic) building performance analysis).

    Clearly, the eye is not sufficiently on the ball atm.

    You are likely just trolling, but for anyone else who's reading this:

    This team of 5 people was working on this Revit model for 3 months (Revit 2023.2) using Enscape 3.4.4. It crashes occasionally but not too often. The team is equipped with 6 month old laptops with a geforce 4080 and 64gb of ram.

    When they installed Enscape 4.0 it started crashing often, for all 5 members of the team. When they installed 3.4.4 again it was working fine again.

    Explain to me again how this is user error?

    Thanks Joey, I appreciate your support. It's important that long time community members like you speak out. After that, all we can do is hope Enscape takes this feedback seriously.

    Helen or @Demian, I understand you guys are working hard and doing your job. I am not trying to single out individuals here. It's the process that was setup at Enscape for QA, support (and request portal, as Joe mentioned) that I have an issue with. Clearly it's not working well enough.

    Enscape's quality assurance has failed for 3.5 (with the Rhino debacle) and now again with 4.0. I think one shouldn't hind behind 'there are so many models and graphics cards so we can't possible start to reproduce it'.

    The fact that so man people are complaining about stability means you don't cast a wide enough net during AQ testing. Not testing on large enough projects, overlooking commonly used workflows (like working on large linked models with multiple collaborators in Revit), only testing on a too limited amount of hardware, ...

    Likewise, I don't think it's an excuse for Enscape to crash because once is using this or that driver. None of my other programs (like Blender) behave like this.

    You've dropped the ball. That's fine, it happens. But at least own up to it.

    Now, for m problem at hand: as expected, none of my teams want to switch to Enscape 4.0 because word got around that it crashes all the time. What should I tell them?

    Frustrated is putting it mildly.

    we can only escalate issues to our Devs when we have logfiles from the most current version of Enscape

    I think this is where the root of the problem is. You are insulating your devs from your users with this approach.

    I have submitted dozens of bugs on Autodesk products, and that process is soooo much better. They work with the information they have, and their teams dig in until they find the problem. The burden of proof is never on me.

    With Enscape, bugs only get fixed if you have irrefutable evidence, which in practice is an impossible bar. Frankly, me and my colleagues are not getting paid to handle the QA of Enscape.

    Three of the four users on that team have submitted their logs.

    I already received the standard reply:

    In the past years, there have been several occasions where I did follow their advise (install latest release, update graphics), after which I was asked to downgrade the gpu driver, after which a new Enscape patch had come out, after which I had to update, after which a new driver came out ....

    It's an infinite loop as far as I can tell.

    I will encourage everyone to submit logs. For what it's worth, we have often found the process of submitting crash reports frustrating. We have to go over this generic checklist (update drivers, downgrade drivers, reinstall enscape, ...) over and over again. It seems like we never get beyond this stage.

    FWIW, when I submit a crash report with Autodesk it's a very different experience. It goes directly to the development team. Is there a way to send crash reports directly to you? ;)

    We had one of our project teams test out the Enscape 4.0 version. They decided to roll back to 3.4.4 because they experienced too many crashes. I am wondering if others have also experienced more crashes with this newest version of Enscape.

    I 100% agree with this. Very important to get this right on the first go, because as snowyweston mentioned once the assets are released, they cannot be fixed without breaking existing models.

    I noticed there are 3 new services that get launched on computer startup (see screenshot). Windows is reporting they have a high impact on computer startup time.

    Do these really need to launch on computer startup? Not everyone is going to use Enscape all the time. Wouldn't it make more sense to only launch these as the plugins get loaded? What will the effect be if we disable these services on startup?