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    I'm afraid our experience has been the same:

    1) updating the drivers ferociously does not seem to be helping

    2) we are experiencing (1) enscape never starting. If it does eventually start, it takes 10min or so to start. And even if you do successfully launch it, it crashes every other minute.

    One of our project managers reached out to me that they haven't been able to use enscape in 3 weeks because no one in the team (7 people!) is able to get it to run long enough to get any productive work done.

    I am very very worried about how things have evolved the last year. It seems we've been going backwards instead of forward. For the first time in 6 years, we are looking seriously as the competitors to see if there's anything better out there. That's how bad it's gotten.

    I'm available for a conversation with anyone on the developer team who wants to make time for a face to face.

    Each custom asset has two components, an 'asset package' (.assetpkg) and the 'generated asset' itself, which consists of a folder that holds a number of subfolders and files.

    The asset packages will be saved in your 'asset projects' folder and the generated assets in the 'assets' folder. The folders are customizable so you need to check your settings to find out where they are being saved on your machine.

    If you want to share the asset you have 3 options:

    1) share only the 'generated asset' (for example by making a zip file of the folder holding all the generated files). This will allow the user to paste that folder into their 'assets' folder and it will appear in their library, but they will not have an option to customize it (change the category, tweak the materials, modify the name...)

    2) share the 'asset project'. Now the user will have the option to tweak the asset, but it will not immediately appear in their asset library. They will first need to open the asset project in the asset editor, and generate the asset from the project.

    3) share both the 'generated asset' and the 'asset project'. Here the user gets a customizable asset but can immediately start using it without having to generate the asset first. The downside here is that you have to make sure the user drops both the 'generated asset' and the 'asset project' in the correct folders.

    Demian Gutberlet When are the previews going to include the asset color variation and lighting addition? I saw 3.5 is supposed to come out next month, yet arguably the two most important features of this update have yet to be tested.

    I was wondering that myself as well. I fear another "oh...good feedback but it's too late now to do anything about it" might be coming our way :|

    With other software packages I follow, the big changes are made early in the release cycle, so there's enough time for testing, bug fixing and fine tuning. It seems with Enscape it's usually the other way around.

    Although it I wish the Enscape material editor would offer us the same button ... :) Kinda annoying to search for a material in the enscape material editor, realizing it's not there, open the revit material editor, search for it again, convert to generic, open the enscape material editor and search for it...again....

    am I the only one who finds it incredibly impractical? same with the "perspective/orthogonal and 2pt perspective" switch

    Nope everyone I've worked with had the same feeling to be honest. It's been remarked and proposed many times on this forum but unfortunately it's still not on the (public) roadmap to change this.

    I'm familiar with Revit phasing and partly familiar with Design options - switching between various 3D views with different phased elements visible updates correctly in the Revit view, but Enscape does not change, it displays only the view that was active when Enscape was started.

    Hopefully I'm missing something simple

    Once enscape is launched, you can open the view list in the Enscape render window (hotkey: F) and select another view that you want Enscape to load the geometry from. Just make sure the 'geometry update' slider at the bottom of the view list is on. If it's off, Enscape will only move the camera and sun to match the newly selected view, but the geometry will still be tied to your launch view (it was added to make fast camera switching possible without the need to reload geometry when switching views).

    but frequent amount of crashes are not normal

    Fwiw: we've experienced more crashes with every release since 2.9, with 3.4 being the least stable to date. We're trying to report issues as much as we can, but we rarely get any further then 'upgrade your driver and reinstall enscape'. It's very time consuming for us to play that game every time, so we often just give up trying to get to the real root of the problem.

    I have to admit I often have a feeling that new releases aren't fully QA/QC'd on large (Revit) models. The sample models you made are great for promotional purposes, but real world projects are often an order of magnitude larger/more complex.

    I cannot give a specific release date yet, but you can expect our full release of Enscape 3.5 in about 2-3 months. Beforehand we'll release further previews as well of course.

    I hope that we will have enough opportunity to test the new 'asset override' feature before the new version is released. In the past it happened that a major feature showed up in the last preview release, only to be released a few days after.

    If you have the asset projects (.assetpkg files) you could combine the libraries by

    1) making sure your export path is set to the new library (in the enscape asset editor, click "configure" and set both paths to the respective folders for your 'merged' library

    2) now click the button "import project", select the .assetpkg file of one of the asset you want to add

    3) now you can make edits to the asset and/or categorize it. The changes will be saved in your new 'merged' library only

    Right click on the appearance tab and click "duplicate as generic". That will convert any non-generic appearance tab to a generic one. Then they will appear in the Enscape material editor.

    Revit – Improve Revit Worksharing Integration

    Previously, when using Revit Worksharing, you would have to synchronize with central when changing the currently active preset. Now, syncing to central will only be necessary when you have made changes to the views or the visual presets. This improvement only works when using Enscape accounts.

    Why does this only work with Enscape accounts? That adds a huge overhead on our side to set everyone up with an account and make sure everyone is properly signed in.

    Edit; I see this is already released as an official pack. Although I appreciate the urgency but what's the point in releasing a preview release and than releasing it officially before anyone has had the opportunity to provide feedback?

    It would be really helpful to get a saturation slider for textures. Also, it would be helpful if the brightness slider would work in both directions (so we can also brighten textures, not just darken them).