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    This is indeed going to be a restriction of Revit. I don't think there are any workarounds to it as well. Shafts cannot be phased ...

    An alternative would be to not use shafts and use parts instead but that's going to be a lot more work then using shafts...

    Or a more complicated workaround: create an in-place family with voids and make them parametric so you can temporarily move the voids above the building so they don't cut the building anymore.

    Pieter The version we are currently working on uses normal revit families, with some 3d geometry automatically filled in (but content is completely ignored by the Enscape renderer). So in theory you should be free to change these families to your liking.

    As long as we are able to delete that auto-generated geometry and replace it with our own, that would be perfect!


    You still need a little patience until we show our work in the preview version.

    Of course! I just wanted to provide feedback before it comes out. I imagine changes are easier to make beforehand than after most of the programming has been done :)

    Revit has an extensive beta program in which they show the design of a new feature before any programming starts (they will discuss workflow, dialogs and UI, limitations, .....) That way people can weigh in with comments before the team gets heavily invested in the code. Of course people have to understand that not every suggestion can be implemented BUT for pretty much every feature customers have brought up issues that hadn't been considered yet. It might be an idea to create a closed beta test forum in which Enscape can gather feedback like that.

    No I mean the exact opposite. Not automated but manual placeholder.

    Like I said, the objects will also be part of the drawing set and we need to be able to model and/or draw how the proxy will look in plan

    So if you are using a family for the proxy placement, we would need to be able to hit 'edit family' and draw a nice looking sofa in plan.

    Let me know if you need more examples

    Any news on finer control for the grass in Revit? We have a rooftop project with a lot of grass patches that could benefit from finer control over the grass :)

    I was thinking similar to how Render engine plugins work, they keep all details with the skp files, so when you open a previously saved model you just start the render app and hit render, it remembers your past settings.

    Same for revit, with the added challenge that multiple people are working on the same file (at the same time). But being able to reliably "re-render" the same view with the exact same settings is important. Most projects present the same views week after week, so people can easily track design progress.

    If the settings would be saved in the view, that would make it a lot easier to re-render them.

    Thomas Willberger / someone from Enscape team

    Any comments/ideas on this last part. I've been working on visualizing a project in Enscape last week while at the same time creating the drawings. In a lot of cases, we wanted to use a detailed proxy in Enscape but the exact same object needs to show up in the drawings, and we would need to be able to define how it looks. An autogenerated collission model is not going to be workable. We can't have a triangulated sofa showing up in the drawings.

    Let me know if this makes sense or whether you need more examples.

    I know we can use proxies in Sketchup and then replace the placeholder object with something else. Enscape will just ignore the placeholder object. We need a similar option in Revit.

    (edit) Also: meshes can make Revit very slow, even if they are very low poly. So I would be inclined to change the proxies for plants etc with simple Revit-native geometry (for example cylinders with a sphere on top of it for a tree), so that we have a fast symbolic representation while modeling.

    Hey Jonathan,

    No the left image is the exact same decal but with self illumination off. The right is with self illumination on. I tried different values for self illumation (from 1 to 10 000) and always got the same mirror-like behavior.

    I'll work on getting a sample file (the real project is kinda big to share)

    Also, please consider giving the other programs (especially Revit and Archicad) more fine control over grass height.

    I know a material editor for Rhino is planned, so I guess the Rhino people will have the same control and in Sketchup.

    Hey Thomas,

    - Will we have a way to change the category for these families?

    - Will we have a way to change the low-detail representation? The auto-generated representation might not look right in plan for example (a triangulated sofa), so a way to manually fix that would be much appreciated!

    Very excited proxies are now being worked on!

    I wonder what options are being considered to save/show these types of objects in Revit?

    1. It would seem they have to be saved inside the (workshared) project, so the most logical candidate would seem you might use a custom family to save the information in? That might actually be helpful because that would mean we can add custom parameters to the proxies and use those to filter (hide/override) them in the floorplan/elevations etc.
    2. A common problem we have here is that we want to show furniture in full detail in renders (think: cushions, sofa's with fabric folds etc). These are things that are impossible to model in Revit. It would be great if we could have a family in which we place a simplified sofa that would show up in plans/elevations/3d views etc, but have a fully detailed proxy (perhaps an .fbx / .obj) render in Enscape. So basically: have an option to create the "placeholder object" in Revit ourselves so that we can pick how the object looks in Revit (plan, elevation, ...) VS enscape

    Perhaps the Enscape team could elaborate a bit on what the current plan is?

    I wish we had a setting where we could add a path somewhere so that Enscape could look at a shared server location for things like this), but other than that it's perfect.

    Just to make completely sure, you are aware of our "Horizon" "Preset" which you can select? This will already partly offer you what you're looking for, but there is of course currently no way to add your own preset

    We've added our own custom horizon presets. You just need to drop it in the right folder and Enscape reads it! :) We love it. The only downside is that the folder is on the user local path (cannot be on the server) so you have to copy the same file to all the users who are working on the model.

    This is a rerequest that comes up in our practice regularly as well. We find ourselves over the course of a few weeks or months doing the same shots over and over (but with different designs or finishes etc). We try to save the settings for each shot, but it would be a lot easier if all the settings could be saved in the file somehow.

    Any chance you are using the new material class 'transparent' for this material? The new enscape water only works with the old material class 'water'