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    Edit: I only realized you've already build something like this but only for Sketchup users (which, unfortunately, somehow always seem to get special treatment ;) ?)

    Why do the sketchup guys get full control with a nice UI and rhino users have to do with fixed preset keywords? And why is Revit is in some kind of limbo where we have some control, but only if we use a legacy material type that we'd like to purge from our documents. And how is Archicad going to handle this? A fourth unique solution or limited control with keywords?

    One of the things we love about Enscape is that we can go from one application to another and have the same capabilities (we actually use all three flavors in the office here). I'm worried that these different applications will start to drift apart.

    Also, for future Enscape proxies, how amazing would it be if could have just 1 library of enscape assets that would work in every Enscape flavor (rhino, sketchup, ...).


    Perhaps you should reach out to the Revit dev. team, because it is my understanding that the old materials are in the process of being phased out (with the first step being to replace the built-in library).

    I don't really care that much as we don't use water in our (interior) projects typically :)

    BUT for what it's worth: I think the keywords are a great solution for those select "special" override materials like water, grass, ... because they allow Enscape to work program agnostic. Most programs are not going to have a decent interface to let you set things like wave height for water etc. Also, it seems like Revit is going to a solution with less and less classes (which we think is a could thing), but that will mean that you will not be able to rely on classes as much for determining render behavior.

    I think an interesting feature would be if Enscape had an editor for "specialty overrides" where you can change a keyword and set the settings for what it does: This will allow for a UI framework to add additional much requested features like grass length that will work in every program.

    Enscape could add a tab "material overrides" where you could set a keyword and determine its behavior:

    • keyword "grass short" -> use 3d grass, length =2cm
    • keyword "grass long" -> use 3d grass, length = 5cm
    • keyword "water pool" -> use animated water, wave = low
    • keyword "water ocean" -> use animated water, wave = high

    The great thing is that you don't have to rely on the program interface here, so users in rhino, archicad, sketchup and revit will all get the same options. If you want to turn off 3d grass you would simply go to that "overrides tab" and turn of the grass keyword.

    Hope that makes sense.

    The water animation stops, so that your CAD program can have all the computing power it needs. We have thought about a continuous water animation in standalones though.

    I couldn't find any special water materials in Revit 2019. Can you please send us a minimalistic project and the name of the water material that does not work.

    Stopping the water animation makes a lot of sense. Please ignore my comment. Continuous water animation in the standalone would be nice but not at all a priority. There's tons of things that I'd like to say before that (proxies in Revit! :) )

    You can download a minimal sample project here for the water:…sample%20project.rvt?dl=0

    The old water renders as expected, the new water is just a flat reflective plane?

    Just tested the newest build. I have found two issues (testing in revit)

    - The water animation seems to stop after 2 seconds and then it freezes in place. If you move around then it updates again but as soon as you stop the animation stops as well

    - Water does not work when you use the new "advanced" revit 2019 water class, only the old class works

    Also, if proxies could be placed by drag and dropping a file on the canvas we could use existing library applications.

    We use Connecter and it's awesome. From Connecter you can drop in items to Sketchup, Revit and Rhino. It has very interesting features like preview gallery, tagging, search, ...

    I realize there might be severe limits on the API side, making this an impossible request. 3Ds max allows for drag and drop customization through the API, but something tells me Revit might not be so open to that :)


    In the first step, that might be the case. But I also think we should come up with a silhouette like preview of it.

    Thank you, we will take that into our consideration, I think it's similar to what Pieter suggested.

    Sounds great.

    If Enscape could have a button "show proxies in canvas" (which would check out a license) we would use Enscape even when we're not doing visualization, prompting us to up our license count :) It could be a way to increase revenue. We've been wanting for a decent way to show high poly objects like vegetation/people etc in our canvas for a long time.

    Also, it would be amazing if all Enscape implementations (sketchup/rhino/revit) could share one common Enscape proxy solution (library). We move projects from one platform to another all the time (unfortunately :/ ). Our teams have been very excited they could work in Sketchup and then move to Revit (or often the other way) and still produce the same style of visuals. Clients never know we switched design tools.

    Impressive stuff, also very good looking in the Revit window!

    How may faces does one tree have? What's the dynamo mode you're using to get it from dynamo to revit?

    What's the impact on performance?

    Thomas Willberger :

    We'd definitely be interested in a subscription style library for an added fee, but we wouldn't like being locked into a proxy system where we can't add our own content as well. Are you considering a system where we can have both shipped content + custom proxies?

    This is one of the reasons why Lumion and Twinmotion are not as attractive to us: you're paying a lot of money because it comes with these big libraries, but only a small percentage of the offered content is useful to us. As designers we want to be free to create our own visual style if you will. For trees and plants we'd probably turn to shipped content, but for people, furniture, props etc we would almost certainly want to have custom items selected from places like 3dsky etc.

    Another interesting question: have you guys found any way to draw proxy content inside the Revit canvas. I guess you could only draw the bouding box but that would make it really hard to place objects, especially when there are a lot of them. Perhaps an option where we see a lightweight collision mesh or even a lowpoly version drawn by using the directcontext3d api in Revit? (although that same trick won't work in Enscape or Rhino).

    The challenge with a bunch of advanced settings is that we still have to maintain them to make sure all possible combinations do not break Enscape.

    Perhaps you can get rid of Ambient Brightness with better tonemapping?

    For the record: we tried the .exr and it has helped. However, one of the major things that our designers love about Enscape is the real time feedback which speeds up their production a lot. With .exr that's lost. Also the .exr does not really work for video, 360's or real time walkthroughs.

    Thanks Thomas!

    I appreciate you have to keep a difficult balance between easy of use VS exposing max of parameters, and you guys have done a great job with that so far.

    That said, better tonemapping is on our top 2 priority list (together with a proxy/library system), so it's great to read you are thinking of ways to move forward on this :)

    Hey Simon,

    Perhaps it could make sense to create a list of changes that Enscape could safely ignore. It might be that the API does not allow for distinguishing these events from other events but you never know:

    - changes to the properties of a view (scale, ...) that is not the active view that Enscape is looking at

    - changes to legends can never have geometry consequences

    - changes to sheets can never have geometry consequences

    - all changes to annotations: dimensions, text, regions, tags, ...

    I wonder whether it's feasible to introduce highlight compressing.

    One of the problems we have with our interiors is that we really need to crank up the exposure and ambient brightness to get enough light inside (often we don't have time to set up interior lighting). That works great, BUT it really washes out the areas in and around the windows...

    Corona has a great feature called "highlight compression" and "filmic highlights". Both seem to fix the issue of the burned out areas incredibly well.

    Any chance we can get something similar in Enscape?

    See screenshot in attachment for examples.

    Awesome work! I did a (very quick) test of both the PBR support and the fix for the specular range.

    Exactly what we wanted!

    The new Revit material shaders are much more intuitive to work with than the old ones. One slider for reflection, one for roughness. Everyone can understand that :)

    We have filed a request with Autodesk to have the ability to easily switch between shaders in the Revit material window (right now the only way to switch between Opaque or Metal for example, it so change the material with one from the library and start over with your settings). I'd be great if you guys could also file a similar request with Autodesk (see example in attachment).