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    Our developers have taken a look at this issue, and our assets in the CAD's are usually just an object with our asset id which is an instance of some sort of re-usable component/definition/symbol that holds the placeholder geometry. This also means you can change those instances and those definitions.

    Fwiw, I think this is a good thing. We've used the ability to edit the guid's many times, and it enables workflows that would otherwise not be possible (for example, have a checkbox in Revit that says "render as asset" or "render as placeholder".

    Thanks for the tip. We ended up fixing this in post as you suggested, but it's a very time consuming job when you have many renderings being updated often.

    Many appliance manufacturers provide Revit models these days, especially in the commercial ranges (maybe less so for residential appliances/brands, I'm not sure).

    Kitchen cabinets and countertops I've always modeled myself in Revit.

    Saving Field of View Depth of Field etc is already possible since you can save settings and assign them to the saved views.

    Of course, just like you can already save the "perspective projection mode" in that same dialog :)

    I thought the point you were making is that it is more convenient to save these things on the camera rather than a 'saved setting' as they tend to vary per view, which at least in our case is triggering many unique saved settings, which reduced the effectiveness of the "make a common setting that you use to manage many views at the same time".

    If some of these settings that tend to vary per view would be moved to the view, we could have fewer saved settings which would help us be more effective.

    I was happy that the new preview would fix an old problem - but unfortunately not yet. It would be great if there was also the option to save the type of perspective (perspective or 2-point mode) when saving the viewing angle. Also, in 2-point mode, storing yaw still doesn't work.

    It would be nice to not only have the projection mode in the view settings, but also other settings that are typically managed view by view like: Field of View, Depth of Field and as far as I'm concerned even Exposure.

    I tried to download the latest preview but couldn't get the page to load properly (the page loads but I can't click on anything, seems like all links/buttons are turned off). I tried two different computers and two different browsers. Is this a glitch or is there an issue on our side?

    Pieter , thank you very much for the feedback as well, I'll be looking into it will and will also be forwarding your request alongside. I'll get back to you with some further news soon.

    Hey Demian Gutberlet any news on the issue I reported? I had to roll back to preview because the Enscape custom editor browser got very slow to navigate (not the gallery itself, but the 'editor browser', not sure what the right name is for that newly introduced panel).

    To create a material, simply open the open the Materials tab in Rhino, or type 'Materials' into the Rhino command line. Click on the large + symbol and then choose 'Enscape' as the material Type.

    I think Toscano is referring to a faster method to open the right material by just clicking on it with an eyedropper in the enscape render window.

    That would save a TON of time in my opinion. You can vote for the suggestion on the voting portal here:…ge-materials-from-enscape

    Thank you Demian!

    Thank you for the explanation, it does help knowing that you guys are aware but that there's no immediate solution. It's unfortunate, but I understand that with real time visualization (or any visualization really) some trade offs have to be made, and that's a process of continuous improvements.

    Presumably the SSAO is baked into the rendering and cannot be turned off through the UI, right?

    Sometimes I need to make an asset that has many duplicates of the same object. For example: a bowl of fruit with 20 apples, but all the apples are identical duplicates. Or for example a tree with leaves, but each leave is duplicated (using the 'instancing' method) many times. Meaning, in my GLTF file, the mesh of the apple (or leaf) only exist once.

    Does Enscape support the instanced drawing of GLFT instances? And therefor, will my assets be performing better in Enscape when I use instanced duplicates of objects inside my asset? Or will it treat instanced duplicates as regular duplicates?

    Some more info on GLTF instancing here:

    It could make a big difference. Some assets might be only 20k poligons with instancing, but 250k without instancing.

    The custom asset editor seems to be a lot slower in the newest preview release. In preview release 4 I could switch from one custom category to another with no loading times, now it takes up to 10 seconds to switch categories.

    I downgraded back to preview 4 and I'm back to super fast performance. So there's definitely something new in preview 5 that causes longer loading times when building the library lists in the asset editor browser panel. Perhaps it's the 'locking' of the files for editing?