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    Yes, I checked, I'm on Windows so it's 2021.1.332 I know it's the current patch because they got rid of that horrible copy/move change.

    Thanks, So if it's working for you I have a different problem. Thanks for the response I am going to try again.

    Yes that copy/move change was a definite blunder but I am very happy they reversed course.

    That's very interesting - We haven't had a look internally ourselves whether or not this version works just fine but, perhaps you could try simply re-installing SketchUp + Enscape dvsone1440 to see if that already does the trick for you too? Perhaps this is a simple case of Enscape not being installed properly (for whichever reason) anymore after the update.

    Yes, I did try and enscape menus were not loading. I just assumed it was not compatible but maybe it was a different issue Maybe I will just try reinstalling everything again

    I am running the latest SketchUp patch just fine with Enscape 3.1.2

    I updated last week and encountered no problems.

    Interesting. Skp 2021.1.2?

    When I tried to install it Enscape menus would not appear. It shows enscape in the Extension manager and says its on but nothing so I assumed it was not compatible.

    I am wondering if there will be a version supporting the latest Skp Patch. In my mind its an important one since they fixed the move/copy modifier that they intentionally changed but listened to the outcry from users and backtracked. The last version was really slowing my workflow down so I updated to this.. but then realized Enscape was not compatible with it.…s/sketchup-desktop-202112

    From sketchup notes "Another undesirable outcome of our 2021.1 release was the persistence of the Move tool’s Copy mode across multiple operations. We decided to address this pain point while also acting on a feature request to make the persistent Copy mode more efficient. For starters, after placing a Copy, the Move tool will revert to its default state."

    I think it went over as well as "new Coke"

    Your timezone is incorrect.
    PA is in Eastern Standard Time noted as UTC -4

    Currently, you have your time zone set as UTC+6 which I believe is Asia - about a 12 hours difference.


    Well, that would certainly do it. I guess I never realized that can be changed independently from the location.

    Thank you.

    I've had a few weird behaviours with the project itself, alongside some crashes even which should boil down to my machine though - to further troubleshoot this it can't hurt to receive a Feedback report from your machine actually as well just so we can check the log files if required since, at least here on my machine as well, I was not able to reproduce this specific AM/PM reversed problem yet.

    Thank you in advance and gladly let me know once you've submitted it, please also include your name, my name or a link to this thread in the Feedback submission form so that I can find the report right away.

    I just sent the logfiles to your attention with a link to this thread.

    No problem. I will be curious if it does the same thing for you or not. My workaround of putting all the content in a new model worked fine so it has to be something corrupt with that model, just no idea what.

    That is odd - I will further try to reproduce this myself. In the meantime, can you work again fine like before now that you've copied the content into a new scene? Perhaps you could also send me the "problematic" project file itself so that I can reproduce this directly on my machine as well? Only if it's possible of course.

    yah its in the dropbox in an earlier comment. Or I can send it if you want to send me a link to upload and yes.. I am just using the new model and all is fine. It literally happened while I had been rendering a bunch of views then I changed the time of day in one of them and it flipped. For all of the views.

    Fyi.. I took an old model of the same project deleted all the entities.. then went to the model that is reversed.. copied all the contents and pasted them into the old now empty model. Am and PM are correct now. So something must be corrupt in that particular model but I cant figure out what.

    Hi Demian. He suggested the geolocation was incorrect but that was the first thing I checked. You can see here attached it is correct for Downingtown PA where the project is located. However, if you look at the am pm times day night is reversed.

    I was running a bunch of renderings, I had done a few all was fine and I adjusted the time setting in skp to afternoon in one view and it flipped to night. Enscape

    • Version: 3.1.0+51825

    Skp 21.1.299

    This is a new one.. and I can't seem to make it go away.. all my tabs that were set to daytime views all are rendering as nightime. If I switch am and pm the sunlight comes back but reversed. so 10pm looks like 10am and viceversa. I thought reloading enscape would solve but it did not. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I guess I can render 10am as 10 pm for the time being but its really frustrating.

    As a test I have upgraded to SketchUp 2021. Enscape now working fine. Not a fix for anyone who can't make the upgrade but if you can then it works for me.

    Now just need to install all my other plug-ins ;)

    Confirmed.. updated to latest skp and it no longer crashes on trying to create a scene. 3.1 does seem to load very slowly.. but working for me now.