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    I will never understand why you guys release all these new versions without making sure they will actually function for you customers! Whatever minimal bells and whistles and "updates" the new version adds, it means nothing if it doesn't work! The amount of company time wasted on these latest updates from sketchup and enscape is ridiculous.

    It's a constant frustration and time suck. I would rather have fewer bells and whistles and a more stable platform that continues to work. Enscape certainly has it harder as they can't do their work until sketchup (or insert other program) releases its updates. Sketchup in an earlier iteration decided to change the main way you interact with the most basic moves, so years of muscle memory are out the window. Luckily they listened to the outcry and reversed course (classic coke). Its really hard when you get used to an ability and your clients get used to you presenting a certain way (fluid use of 3d mouse for walkthroughs) and then you have to explain to them you cant do that anymore and have to go backwards to a more clunky style. Bells and whistiles are nice but the 3d mouse was one of the main reasons I transitioned to Enscape.

    I continue to use 3.2 preview 6 which is the latest working version. From 7 the problem began and is still present today. Preview 7 was released in October 2021 !!!!!! And therefore no SketchUp 2022 and latest features.

    My company has a blanket policy of only paying for the current license so I am forced to go to 2022 meaning no 3d mouse in enscape for me.

    I am sorry to keep you waiting, we have an upcoming meeting again soon to discuss this internally and whether or not there is anything we can do to improve upon this. At the moment though, the only option for us seems to be reverting back to the old system used in 3.1 and before, which may also re-introduce some other issues again. Expect to hear back from me though in a couple of days.

    Thanks for the update, Demian.

    I agree.. such an integral reason to my workflow and why I like enscape so much.

    We are all still waiting. I understand it's out of your dev's hands since it's on the 3dConnexion side of things with the way Enscape chose to integrate it, but it seems like we get a "update as soon as possible" for the last 3 months now.

    Is there any concrete info you can tell us?

    Thanks for the Update, Demian. The effort is appreciated.

    Everyone, I cannot exactly promise when, but 3D Connexion stated they'll work on their API to resolve these ongoing issues in combination with Enscape - They also stated that it won't take much longer, but as of now there is no exact release date just yet. Still, stay tuned and await more good news soon. :)

    I actually never use walk mode because of constantly running into things. I previously could control fly mode in a way that keeps it basically at head height and that way I do not run into things and bounce. like this…4dqk3/3dmouseFly.mp4?dl=0

    so losing walk mode is not a big deal for me.,, The big deal is that it now switches mid-walk from rotating to zooming in Object mode which is basically uncontrollable. I use this every day to present designs so losing it is not good. I am hopeful there can be some solution to this as it is way more important to my workflow than any of the new features in 3.2

    That's a real shame. Being able to glide through the interior of a house, up and down stairs, with the 3D mouse was night and day over using the mouse and keyboard. It gave presentations a real professional touch. This is a big back step. Can I ask what the reason was to change? This worked perfectly before. There was no need to change any settings apart from toggling the invert box to match up to your preference.

    I am having the same issue. I can almost control it with object mode and the horizon locked.. it will work as expected then will switch from rotating to zooming when I rotate the dial. This is a dealbreaker for me. I will have to go back the space mouse is too important to my workflow.

    I am having the same trouble again. 3.2 does not appear in my skp 21.1.332

    Last time we had to install an old version of skp then install new enscape then install new skp I think to make this work. Does anyone have any idea what's going on with this?

    Yes, I checked, I'm on Windows so it's 2021.1.332 I know it's the current patch because they got rid of that horrible copy/move change.

    Thanks, So if it's working for you I have a different problem. Thanks for the response I am going to try again.

    Yes that copy/move change was a definite blunder but I am very happy they reversed course.

    That's very interesting - We haven't had a look internally ourselves whether or not this version works just fine but, perhaps you could try simply re-installing SketchUp + Enscape dvsone1440 to see if that already does the trick for you too? Perhaps this is a simple case of Enscape not being installed properly (for whichever reason) anymore after the update.

    Yes, I did try and enscape menus were not loading. I just assumed it was not compatible but maybe it was a different issue Maybe I will just try reinstalling everything again

    I am running the latest SketchUp patch just fine with Enscape 3.1.2

    I updated last week and encountered no problems.

    Interesting. Skp 2021.1.2?

    When I tried to install it Enscape menus would not appear. It shows enscape in the Extension manager and says its on but nothing so I assumed it was not compatible.

    I am wondering if there will be a version supporting the latest Skp Patch. In my mind its an important one since they fixed the move/copy modifier that they intentionally changed but listened to the outcry from users and backtracked. The last version was really slowing my workflow down so I updated to this.. but then realized Enscape was not compatible with it.…s/sketchup-desktop-202112

    From sketchup notes "Another undesirable outcome of our 2021.1 release was the persistence of the Move tool’s Copy mode across multiple operations. We decided to address this pain point while also acting on a feature request to make the persistent Copy mode more efficient. For starters, after placing a Copy, the Move tool will revert to its default state."

    I think it went over as well as "new Coke"