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    So I tried that and I thought it might be working along with turning off grass and Automatic resolution. I found it made the model much more stable even in ultra mode. Then I went inside this one space in the model and the jitterbug was back... only when inside this particular series of rooms.

    It is a very large model with 4 buildings 2 that have interiors. One of them its rock solid..then everytime I go into the other interior space.. jitterbug. So bizzare.

    The good news I found is that i have never been able to use the IN VR controls in Ultra mode.. it always wigs out including on a machine with a 1080. (mine has a 1070). However even in this very large model with the settings you suggested.. including turning off motion smoothing and turning off grass and auto resolution... the menus are rock solid and the resolution is great.. The lighting looks so much better in Ultra but I have never used it in the past because the menus crash.

    Regardless I would be happy to send this model if you want to try it yourself.. inside the "clubhouse" space the jitterbug is back.. everywhere else it is fine.. yes I realize that makes no sense.

    I have this same issue with it crashing on narrow fov. I would upvote this as well that having a way to do parallel views is important.

    Nvidia Drivers installed from 3/5/2019. Its a 1070 MaxQ. I tried all the rendering settings Ultra to Draft same result. Get the shakiness in all of them (only in that model) the blurriness / wateriness is in all my VR models. Sent this model to a friend and he gets the "shakes" as well.

    I tried making screenshots of the blurriness to no avail. The screenshots look fine. My latest model also has a terrible "shakiness" to it. When I move my head it shakes. It only seems to do that with one model the others are fine other than the strange "wateriness" particularly when moving.…_0310_HankinWSCH.exe?dl=0

    Occasionally the model becomes unruly and purging unused components and materials.. Ie things you have had in the model at one time but have subsequently deleted helps reduce file size etc.. So it would be great if you could still do that and not lose your enscape proxies as it seems to see them as unused when you purge and deletes them all.

    I work remotely from my office and need to move files back and forth between servers. It would be great if there was a way to do something similar to an autocadd "pack and go" zip file. Also it would be great if a project has lost its object file location you could point it to a folder where it could grab them rather than having to reload each one individually. Additionally once you turn an object into an enscape object it would be great if somehow the layers in that object were still controllable. I have tree components on a "Site_Trees" layer but any of them I turn into enscape objects I can no longer turn off unless I then go and select them again and put them on that layer. Not a big deal but it is one more step. I have run across other instances where it would be good to turn off layers inside an object component. One more idea for objects.. When you purge your model you lose all your objects, it would be great if that did not happen.

    Thanks for the feedback dvsone1440 and Lemarchal , I can understand your concern. I'll add this feedback to the topic as well so that our developers will be aware that there should be an option to only save settings per model, not per view. :)

    Sort of.. it should be per model AND per view. In other words you it would ideally have each scene's settings, but that stays with that particular model. I don't want them in the next model as they will likey be completely different and having those just make for a very long list of settings to try to manage after creating many models. Might be nice to save them out and bring them into a new model occasionally but for the most part they in my mind would ideally only be associated with one model by default

    I may be missing something but these saved settings seem to stick with Enscape not with the model? I started trying to use these as I have a client who is very particular that every element of the lighting etc.. be exactly the same with each revision of the rendering.. However when you save these settings per view they come with you to your next model? I could have hundreds of these by the time I am done as I am adjusting them per scene per model. I really need a way to save each scenes specific settings and have that stick only with the model.

    Thanks Demian, I am still not even sure it is Enscape that is my problem. After the latest windows update and a rash of others.. enscape / nvidia / etc.. all hell has broken loose on my computer and it is really hard to pin down the problem. I may be looking at a windows reinstall to weed out most of the culprits.

    Understood.. I found that post after I posted this. Its only an annoyance once you udnerstand the behavior.. It was just not understanding it that really caused issues.. would be good if there was a way to highlight it for new users.. pop up maybe or something that warns people. I was crashing for days not noticing the shadows were on.

    I just recently discovered that when you use the Enscape "create view" it turns on skp shadows in the view. I did not realized this and so I am trying to edit things with enscape running and shadows in skp. I thought my video card was crashing but it was just trying to do too much. Now that I know this it likely solves many of my crashing / ridiculously slow problems that I could not understand prior to realizing this is how enscape views are created. I never have shadows turned on in my skp scenes so it did not occur to me that this could be the issue.

    I am wondering why it does this? I can't see what the value of it would be? Regardless I hope it is something Enscape considers changing in the future, but it is an easy fix now that I realize the problem.

    I think.. think it was a combination of enscape and 3d connexxion not playing nice together. I uninstalled everything, reinstalled skp and enscape and the problem went away.. two days ago I noticed 3d connex.. had a new driver so I installed that and things were good for a day.. now enscape crashes skp when I open it .. :) I sent a model through the feedback a while ago and it seemed your guys thought it was the 3d drivers as well. I will send a feedback for my new one if I can get enscape to open. Keeps crashing.