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    I think.. think it was a combination of enscape and 3d connexxion not playing nice together. I uninstalled everything, reinstalled skp and enscape and the problem went away.. two days ago I noticed 3d connex.. had a new driver so I installed that and things were good for a day.. now enscape crashes skp when I open it .. :) I sent a model through the feedback a while ago and it seemed your guys thought it was the 3d drivers as well. I will send a feedback for my new one if I can get enscape to open. Keeps crashing.

    I mentioned this in another post, but I have been having significant issues with Sketchup starting when I have enscape enabled (10-15 minutes for a file to load that normally loads in 30 seconds). I uninstalled Enscape, updated windows, did a clean install of Nvidia drivers then uninstalled skp and reinstalled. The issue went away for a day. Then I needed to use Enscape so I reinstalled it only I reinstalled thinking it might be the latest version and I knew that one was fine.. However the problem immediately came back. Enscape / skp function normally once loaded but I can't wait for 15 minutes for every file to load. When the file is loading I noticed that the core trying to load skp pegs to 100%. This is not normal and not what was happening all day until I reinstalled enscape. I feel like it is some combination of things I have done to my computer that is causing this.. windows update drivers etc.. but I can not find the pattern. The only thing I know for sure is that it goes away if I uninstall enscape. All my other computers function normally with the same skp file so I know it is not the file itself. I am at a loss and am guessing short of wiping my computer and starting clean I will never find the culprit.. but I really don't want to do that if anyone has any ideas. I can't pinpoint exactly when this started if it was when I installed 2.4 or before that as it has also not been consistent. I may try rolling my computer back if I have an old setpoint that makes sense. I should also add that just uninstalling enscape does not do the trick.. I have to then un / reinstall skp and then it goes back to normal. And the problem does not seem to re occur until I re-install enscape. I need to test this longer however to confirm it is the consistent trigger for the behavior.

    I have been having a different issue but may be related. When I open sketchup it hangs opening. If I look at my cpu the core that skp is using maxes out at 100% and it takes 10-15 minutes to load (opening a medium sized file that would normally open in 30 seconds). If I disable my enscape plugin it seems to go away but it is NOT consistent. I really don't know this is an enscape problem but I have uninstalled it and reinstalled skp and it seems to be working now... but as I said it has been so inconsistent I am not sure enscape even has anything to do with it but I thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone else has the issue.