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    Good to know. I will update Enscape but not skp

    Agreed. This is very important to the workflow at my company. Navigating enscape is a breeze with a space mouse. I definitely would like to see it not breaking every time a new update comes.

    I just want to bring this up again as I feel like I spend half my life chasing Enscape Menus. Particularly the Visual settings which I use the most but get hidden by other windows. But if it could have visual settings/Materials/General settings etc.. all in one tabbed menu I feel like I would get back hours in my work-life. Oh and I don't know how others feel about the new video editor/views etc that pop into your view or out and you can not undock them but I am not a fan.. again if those could all be in one menu that you could dock or undock with tabs... That would be really great.

    I am really not a fan of the new menu.. first that it pops into the screen.. then to favorite something what used to be one click is now like 4 within an edit menu. The create view used to be one click as well and you could rename it if you wanted. I am probably missing some value but anything that takes more clicks for the same result seems like going backward not forward.

    This is a niggly point but I don't understand why the asset menu and the material menu stay in front of your skp window but the one you use the most.. the Visual settings hides as soon as you touch anything in skp. I am constantly looking for that menu as it's hidden but the others that are less important stay in front? See video here for what I mean.

    I still wish all these menus were just tabbed but that's another issue. Tabbed Menus

    I am also experiencing a very unusual large amount of crashing. 2080 Super with drivers updated two days ago. Enscape version 3. 0

    Its happening on stills and videos. My colleague is experiencing the same thing.

    fwiw I don't think it is necessarily a NearMap issue. I had a project like this; every time I opened it, Enscape would find a grass texture map used elsewhere in the scene and apply it to the mullion material. I would change it back, and the next time I opened the file the grass map would be there again. It was especially odd since the mullion material didn't have a map associated with it, and had never had one applied.

    I never pursued the issue since I was pretty much done with the project. Maybe I'll open it and see if it is still happening.

    yeah, this is the second or third time it has happened to me. For me, it has always been associated with imported Skp sites but it's interesting to hear it's not necessarily related to that.

    This is really resolved now with the offline assets..…edgebase/asset-library-2/

    Just saw the 10.7.1 drivers that provide support for SKP2021 have gone to stable version, the folks over at the SketchUp forums mostly are positive, these drivers should work fine.

    So these drivers had me all excited.. They work perfectly in skp 2020. Then I started using 2021 skp and back to the same old problem. Using it in encape stops it from working properly in skp. You cant go back and forth. So disappointing.

    Waiting for the new drivers 10.7.1 I post the link of this beta driver that I tried and that works for me. We need to uninstall the old 10.5.15 or older ones and install new drivers (it works for me with 10.6.7) and then install the beta driver for SketchUp 2021. This solves the problems we had from 10.6.0 onwards. I've tried and I'm working on it, SketchUp pro 2021- Enscape 2.9.1 - Space mouse Enterprise. Hope version 3.0 preview 3 is compatible with SketchUp 2021!

    Support for SketchUp 2021 on Windows - 3Dconnexion SE

    Hey 4Interiors I am not completely sure I followed you.. Can you confirm below?

    1. Uninstall 3d connexiion 10.5.15

    2. Install (latest?) 3d connexion driver?

    3. What beta driver for skp 2021? Or were you just doing this before 2021 skp was official?

    Not 100% sure I followed your description? Is this with copying anything into the 2021 plugins folder or just with the driver updates?

    I too hope that this issue will be resolved.

    Personally I am still using Sketchup 2018 since I didn't find a good reason to upgrade yet, but if Enscape drops support for SU2018 and my Space Mouse does not work with the latest Sketchup + Enscape, then it will be a big problem for me.

    you can make it work on 19 and 20... just takes the workaround

    This is the same issue that has been ongoing for several releases without a good solution. If you look back in this chat there are workarounds but I am not sure if that works with 2021 as I have not tried it. Really hoping for an actual fix