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    Agreed. I have a real hard time managing views and client expectations when the views are not the the same as the last render and it is so hard to keep track of everything that is not included in the scene settings and then you have so many of them to manage as well. All settings saved (including focal distance etc..) with a scene would be a huge timesaver rather than recreating a lot of that every time.

    Nope its just an annoyance. I can do a relatively easy workaround.. but it would be nice if it displayed any actual edge. The outline feature is great/useful just occasionally it does not work as expected as in this case.

    I am curious why enscape outlines will not display raised edges completely? In the images below this is a a few city blocks with topography but the blocks themselves are raised 6" I would like to do some white mode views to show the blocks but the back edges of the blocks will not appear in enscape. THe only work around I can think of is to export lines from Skp and drop them in but it seems like a lot of hassle.

    are you sure the problem is the "sensitivity"?

    Depending on your graphics card the bigger the model the more trouble the space mouse has with the displaying the skp model only. In others words a small model in skp will be smooth as butter and work as expected, however a larger model will be incredibly jumpy and hard to control. Whereas in enscape the size of the model does not matter. Then as your graphics card power gets better the less this is problematic in sketchup. Ie I just recently upgraded to a 2080 super and only experiencnce this problem in extremely large models. My point is skp is a lot more work for the video card (not sure why.. just is) and so the space mouse is really not the issue but your video cards horsepower.

    At least thats my experience in the 10 yrs I have been using a space mouse. At a certain point with my older machine the space mouse became less useful in skp.

    I have a problem with a ceiling reflecting too much floor. Its a tiny room golf simulator room. It has a fake grass floor and a white ceiling, but it is really affected by the floor. It does not seem to translate past the room, but that room is really affected. I dont see anything in the walls or ceiling settings that would make it worse

    ... and I was just to shop for a SpaceMouse for SKP & Enscape. So for now it's better to hold off?

    It takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it., you will never want to go back if you buy one.. particularly in Enscape. In sketchup your video card can get overwhelmed and it becomes less useful the larger the model. I just got a 1080 and now it is useful in almost every model. In Enscape you can move around like it is a preset video. I use it while working and while presenting. Currently you can make it work but you have to add some folders to your 2020 plugin folders and use the old driver outlined in earlier posts. This is a video I created for a sophisticated client of mine who wanted to be able to view enscape models in their office. They bought VR headsets but I was recommending they get one of these as the VR was more work then they often wanted to deal with.… One recommendation. The one I showed in this video is my travel space mouse. I greatly prefer the full one with all the programmable macros. I have it set up with dozens of functions undo redo select erase etc.. all of which I can do with my left hand. I originally bought one to reduce repetitive stress on my right hand (which it definitely works for) but even if my wrist was perfect would never go back to working without it. The "Space Mouse Pro" is the one I recommend unless you are traveling a lot.

    I would love it if you could have a way to just turn this on or off. Ie not "delete". When I am doing draft renderings I almost always want Logos on in case they get sent out.,. But when I do finals I typically put them in a package where I want the logo controlled by graphic software. So I am constantly deleting and or re-adding the same logo. it would be great if there was just a check box for active or inactive as well as delete and add, since 99% of the time I am not looking for a different logo.. just either want it active or not. Not a huge thing but would speed up workflow a bit.

    I am like 4interiors I don't want to spend more time trying to get my computer working again as I have already spent lots of hours on this and have it working with the old driver. That said I do have another computer now that I can experiment on. I will try this but would also reiterate what 4 interiors said that it seems like this is something that Enscape should tackle asap. I am not sure why this is such a low priority as I find using this 3d mouse with Enscape makes the experience infinitely better.

    fyi I was able to hack this to make it work based on some earlier threads. Using 10.5.15

    I agree completely that Enscape should work with 3d Connexion to fix this however. If you use a 3d mouse with Enscape you will never go back. However it is more than frustrating that this cant get fixed for the latest drivers.

    I feel like furniture choices are so personal that I almost always go find a skp model of it and I can then change it to my hearts content. I would argue enhancement of the tree / car / people libraries are far more important... as I they are not things that are typically in need of being specific to a project and constantly changing. In other words my clients typically want furniture that really looks like what is specified so I personally pretty much ignore the enscape furniture library as it is too generic. (probably not true with hospital beds and the like)

    Adrian, I was wondering if it was possible for the enscape assets to come in with a layer assigned. It would be great if when you placed an asset you did not have to then go and place it on a layer.. it was just already on one. If you wanted to move that to one you prefer it would also make that easier. I often make a group for instance and then try to place all my people in that group that is on a specfic say "people" layer.. but invariably I forget and place a few outside of it. It would be a lot easier if when you placed the asset it had a preset layer attached to it.