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    I have lots of comments and things I wish it had.. but I just want to say thank you for doing it. It is a huge boost to our productivity to not have to spend design time searching for entourage. Keep up the good work Adrian it is appreciated.

    This is another place it would be great if the library was updated to already have accurate lighting in them..removing all this effort (which I have done as well but typically on an skp model) Of course that would complicate things as you would need a switch to turn them off. Or maybe there is a specific set of a few cars that have lights on. It would also be good if some of the asset cars were a bit nicer.. in other words as you get closer to them segmented arcs in wheel arches etc.. become apparent.. why I keep a library of skp cars as well

    I hesitate to "complain" about what is truly a wonderful asset library, however I would agree that they are both over-saturated and too dark in many cases.

    I often have to revert to sketchup trees so I can control the color. It seems no matter what tree I pick they are all the same saturated / dark color. Particularly for street trees around a building and for site drawings like attached they need to be much lighter which many are in reality. It seems no matter what tree in the asset library I pick it has the same dark almost kelly green. The front row of trees in this image are SKP trees. There are 6-7 varieties of the enscape tree beyond. I personally really need more variety (particularly lighter) so I have to revert to proxies / skp when I would prefer not to. I am working on a diagramatic site aerial where I placed all Enscape trees and now I regret it as they are too dark and I can not control short of p-shop I guess.

    I have had a few issues with my license both when wanting to go from a desktop temporarily to a laptop and when I had a computer crash where I lose a day or two submitting a request to release a license from a computer so I can use it on another. It would be great if you could make a switch on the customer portal that allowed us to turn off a computer releasing the license to be used elsewhere without having to go through support to do it .

    No. I like that I have a clean view of the model / rendering in Enscape. I like that I can put the windows wherever I want but would love for them to then dock together. In other words you never need more than one at anyone moment but if you could tab through them in one docked window. (free from the enscape view or not I suppose... in skp you have the option) .

    Currently they are all fixed sizes and all different. So I want them all open at once so I am not constantly opening and closing them, but sometimes I just have to do that because they litter up the whole screen and I cant easily keep track of them particularly while working in a lot of other programs at the same time. If I could dock them together and put them in one place it would significantly easier.

    It feels like the old days before browsers figured out tabs made life so much easier.

    I find it really frustrating to constantly be dealing with multiple enscape menus. General, Materials, Visual settings and Asset Library I often want them all open all the time. I need an extra monitor just to deal with them. I think the way you can set it up (not the default) in sketchup is much better where you can tab much like a browser. See attached images for what I mean. It would be great if Enscape implemented something like how it can be set up in sketchup.

    Tried all the solutions here including archived 3d Connexion drivers. I think I tried every combination and could not make it work. Works in Skp.. works in enscape then I go back to skp and it doesnt work. So frustrating, as this seems to happen every time. I had the same issue getting into 2.6 and 2019 I think.

    Sketchup can handle projects as large as you like with aplomb if you are smart about how is is modeled. Trees and people were the only proxies in these.. Section Enscape overall prior rendering software.

    No proxies in this one.. that said I do use their trees and cars quite a bit now. This was designed modeled and rendered pre-Enscape for me. I originally did the renderings in another software. I had a new use for the design a few years later so I tried enscape in it. Attached is the older rendering

    .. Not sure on the face count I usually dont worry about it if I stick to a few simple rules. A computer that has a clock speed over about 4.2 Ghz.. no large materials (material resizer extension is great for keeping this under control) and No exteremly high poly count objects (which you do not need in my opinion or if you do you can use a proxy in most rendering programs)

    When you apply a photo-matched texture to a surface, the actual image is still rectangular, but SU adds some information to the image/surface that tells it how to deform the rectangle so that it maps properly. (Probably the relative x,y of each corner).

    Enscape does not understand all of these transformations and so just does it's best. (Probably Enscape can't access this info through the SU API)

    When you "Make Unique", it converts the stretched image to a flat rectangle image of just the right size to fit the surface - Enscape likes this and can show it just like every other texture.

    Right and that was what I was trying but when I did that the image dissappeared completely in Enscape.