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    dvsone1440, Gadget - the developers are aware of this issue and it is being looked at. All I can do for the time being is to up-vote the related story in our developer agenda regarding and offline Asset Library, as currently that is the considered solution, although it may not end up being the actual solution implemented

    Thanks for the upvote. Its not a huge issue but one that would be nice if it was faster. I have done a bit of a workaround with an skp file with all my favorites already placed in it and I just copy from one file to the next.

    Thank you! Simon Weinberger That must be a default. I never changed / noticed it before but in the old version it seems to be set to "invert space mouse" by default (ie I had just reinstalled the old version and it was already set to "invert".) So then I tried reinstalling the new and it was NOT automatically checked. Just checked the box and that Solved that problem thank you. 2.6 also seems to be switching fine between skp and enscape with the old 3d conn drivers.

    dvsone1440 Because we changed how settings work it was impossible for us to convert all settings to the new format. You might have changed "Invert SpaceMouse" in 2.5 and now it's back to default. Open "General Settings" and look under the "Input" section.

    So I tried 10.5.15. It works perfectly with Enscape 2,5 So I tried 2.6 and while it now works in both SU and enscape it flips and kills many of the 3d mouse controls. Rotate is backwards up and down does not work orbit is backwards. Forward and back seems correct (note the controls work correctly in Skp). Using 3d Connexion 10.5.15 and Enscape 2.5 is the only combo I can find that works both in SU and ENscape and the controls work as expected in Enscape.

    So I spoke too soon. I have tried every combination I can of old and new drivers and now I can not get the 3d mouse to work in Skp. See image. When I am in Skp even without starting enscape it says I am using enscape. Even if I disable it in the Extension manager. Short of uninstalling Enscape I am not sure how to get it working again in skp. Way too much time wasted just trying to make tools work that were working fine until things were "upgraded." Windows is I think partly to blame as well as it breaks my computer every time it forces an update.

    3DxWare64_v10-5-11_r2875 is the driver that works for me. Anything after that I can't use skp and enscape at the same time. Enscape works but skp does not. Then I have to back enscape up to 2.5.3 in order to get the 3d mouse to work as expected (anything after that reverses orbits and does not seem to pan or go up and down)

    I hope this gets addressed asap as it is critical to my workflow however its seems to me both Enscape and 3d connexion have things causing this.

    I also spoke with 3d connexion and they said they do not support / test with enscape.

    Up until the last release I was always able to use mine in both skp and enscape depending on which window I click into. Since the last release I can only use it in Enscape unless I close Enscape and then I get functionality back in Skp. Both are the lastest versions.

    ok.. However I am often working on multiple models during a day as well. And it does take quite some time for all of them to download the first time. Not a huge deal but it seems like those thumbnails could be local.

    I was wondering if the asset library thumbnails could be downloaded with the program. I dont have the fastest internet and I have to wait for them to download every time I open the window. I get why the actual models are not downloaded but it seems the thumbnails could be. That way you can quickly scan all the objects and once you select the one you want it goes to the internet and gets the file.

    Honestly Revit to skp is always going to be a big compromise. I find it faster to remodel something in a way you can control than to try to work with a Revit Import. We work in Sketchup until the design is relatively settled then switch to Revit. To me its the same as working in with Trace (Skp is digital trace) and the switching to Mylar (Revit being digital Mylar) once you are at that level.

    Sketchup allows you to be so much more facile and quick to develop the design.

    Understood. I currently have a GTX 2070. Performance really has not been a major issue but every time there is an update I start having "issues". I can't always say its on Nvidia Gaming drivers (which seems to come out every other week) but I think some of them have been. 1 or 2K$ extra for a graphics card is peanuts if it means my machine is actually running when I need it. My hope is that with the new "studio" drivers that are tested for my applications (not Games) that also are supposed to be updated a lot less often with more testing and a graphics card that is designed more for stability I might have more luck. Agreed on paper the performance to cost ratio does not make sense.. but if it saves me one or two days a year fighting to get my computer running again, it will more than pay for itself. Of course that is completely intangible but at this point I will try anything. (Windows is often the culprit for these gremlins as well)

    They're great for certain CAD applications, but you need to go quite high up the range to get big performance in most 3D/rendering applications. And then the higher you go, the more expensive they get. The Quadro RTX 5000 mentioned above is around £2,000. The RTX 2080TI is almost half that, the price/performance ratio is a lot better with the Nvidia GTX cards.

    And if running AutoCAD/Revit etc is a concern, the RTX 2080Ti is great is those applications too, certainly I've not noticed any downsides to having one.

    Understood about the comparisons however you were comparing to the 2016 quadro 5000 to the 2019 RTX 2080 not the new 2019 RTX quadro 5000

    Results differ significantly comparing apples to apples…ro-RTX-5000/4026vsm712800

    Regardless I think you answered my question.. its literally just comparing Graphics horsepower. Ie there is not necessarily any advantage to a gaming card over a quadro card for enscape short of specific power.

    I was wondering if there is any downside to quadro vs 2080 etc.. if price is NOT the main consideration. (Understood that GeForce cards and drivers are the most cost effective power to $)

    Nvidia just announced a number of "studio" laptops with quadro cards that should deal with updates better and be better optimized to many of the other programs I use.…ization/creators/laptops/

    So a machine with a quadro 5000 and a "studio" Nvidia driver is there any downside in Enscape?

    When I get a minute I will try to recreate the crashing I was having so I can submit it. No issues until I tried to export a movie. It would get halfway through and crash on several attempts. I eventually gave up on the movie I was doing. Exteriors worked fine but for some reasons all the interior ones were crashing (which makes no sense to me?)

    I've also received this error in SketchUp. It is an old model but uses the asset library from the most recent update. I've found that deleting the assets and undoing the deletion works, but I wouldn't really call it a solution.

    The model I am using has a lot of assets and I can't seem to find the ones it did not load? Was that obvious to you? Ie did you see the ones that did not load?

    Just installed the latest version and I am getting this error message on an old model

    "enscape render data for 5 assets could not be downloaded during the export. the afflicted assets may not be displayed in the rendered model"

    My mistake was thinking that when I saved the keyframe it saved it based on where it was in the general settings when I saved the keyframe. I did not realize I had to then go and click on the keyframe itself and reset it. Its working for me now that I realized that. I was setting it in general settings clicking add keyframe..then going to my next view adjusting dof etc.. in the general settings and then clicking add keyframe again. Not then doubleclicking on the actual keyframe to adjust. I did not realize they were disconnected. Thanks all for your help working swimmingly now.

    I create all the keys I want, then select the ones I will learn dof individually by clicking on the timeline triangle ...
    I did it now and got a nice result ...
    Hope this helps.

    That seems to work better than what i was doing setting it before I create the keyframe. It does now transition however it so quickly adjusts the foreground element is still not in focus. Better than what I had thank you cezar mathias