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    This is the video that has been driving me crazy trying to replicate the effect.

    IT does not seem like he uses a video editor to create the effect. He does use it to slow it down but not to deal with the dof transitions.

    For the life of me I cant seem to figure this one out. I see it all the time on videos created in Enscape so I know it will do it but it escapes me. I want to transition from one focal point to another with the depth of field tool in Enscape. I set my first key frame with a certain focal point (something in foreground) then my next something in the background. However when I run the video it immediately snaps to the second focal point rather than transitioning between the two?? I cant figure it out.

    Why not just use the view presets? Thats how I do it for clients. They move between them if you set it up in order it can be very effective..and they still have the option to use fly mode.

    I have another issue with the assets. I love to use them they work really well, but I have noticed they all seem to be very consistent in color and darkness with the leaves. The light colored trees in the foreground are skp trees (See attached). There are 4 different enscape asset trees in the background but its hard to tell as they are all a very consistent color. Maybe a way to control this? or a bit more variation in the colors of the trees would be ideal. Obviously the fall trees are different but every time I place multiple tree assets they all look the same.

    I find the asset menu closing on me all the time to be a hassle.. I wish it would remain open. I know it will if I keep using it but a lot of times I want to make a minor adjustment to what I just placed.. then if I do that I need to go open the menu again and sort back to where I was.. I think it would be easier if it just stayed open and you could choose when to close it.

    I recently started getting this "invalid texture" problem. I had edited the roughness of the material.. all seemed fine.. then when I went back to the material I get this.. see screenshot. I think it has only been happening in 2.5.

    Ok I just sent you the model to the support email, so you can disregard that. Yes that is basically what I have been doing, however I have been putting the horizon in the middle by raising my eye half way up the building before I export.. and then I can export it with two point activated and have it centered in the view when it opens.. but I would prefer to be on the ground in two point. Thanks.

    I recently discovered the Loading screen Customization and I really like and it and use it on every project. I like using a rendering of the project that is opening. However because that setting sticks with sketchup in general and not with the specific model every time I go between projects I have to switch it back to the other image. Like all the other settings that I wish stayed with each scene, I wish this one stuck with each model as it is saved and defaults to generic if it is a new model. Sometimes I will work on two or three projects in one day and I have to constantly click to change that image since it does not stick with the model. In a perfect world you could control that, like the interface overlay I almost always want that the same (company logo) However I could see a scenario where you might want the logo on the loading screen in which case it always being there is a good thing. Or a logo of the company you are designing for in which case it is a bad thing (better to only stick with the model) If this was a toggle that would be the best scenario.

    This is not true in my mind for the larger issue of this thread about saving the settings with the scene. I do not foresee any reason you would want to toggle that. In my mind the settings should always just stick with the skp scenes ideally.

    Quick test it seemed to be working on the model I had open.

    I will also go back to the models I had issues with and see if it affects them positively as well when I get a minute.

    Actually I am on the preview version and admittedly have not tried it on that version. I can later today. I have not tried to do this in several months as I know It did not work for me. I will try it now on this version

    It does thank you.. basically the computer can not keep up its frame rate with all that geometry. I did not realize that would be "localized" In other words I thought it would affect the entire model. Regardless that feedback helps me know what to do to avoid in the future thank you.

    I was just trying to do this. I would love love love to be able to send a client an executable that has the one of the views set up as a floor plan (I usually model by floor so I can turn them off as floors without using section tool) So when I am presenting using sketchup I can just go to a scene that has the upper floors turned off and walk them through the plan.. then go back to 3d. I would love to be able to do this in an enscape exe. instead of in Sketchup. But it would mean those views have layer control based on how the scene in skp set up. I can do it inside of skp with enscape running but would love it if the exe could mimic that.

    I typically export my executables in Architectural Two point perspective mode so it stays in that when people are in the model. However I recently discovered that if you have a taller building and have the view set when you export looking up.. the executable opens looking at the bottom of the building like you had not been looking up.. It seems to put the horizon in the middle. Is there a way to avoid this and have the export open exactly where you left it in the enscape view? I attached screenshots of where it was when I exported it and where it opens in the executable with the horizon in the center.

    I figured that.. But whenever I set the emissive to something that seems real world and it works for a night shot.. its completely gone during the day (ie it looks like the light is off). It does not seem to work for me in practice?

    So then I bump it up so I can see it during the day (can light for example) and then it is way high in the night shot and needs to be turned down. Maybe I am doing something wrong with regards to the exposure? I always try to keep that as low as I can per the sun time of day etc..

    For example this glowing light. At night 8cd seems about right (and realistic "real world") but that is completely washed out during the day and more importantly at dusk when I know it would start to really glow. I had to turn that up to 635cd before I start to see it glow at all at dusk. Like 16080cd or something to see that it is at all illuminated during the day. Certainly the sun washes everything way out during the day but if I look right at a source I can see that is on or off (particularly something like a can light etc... maybe not this orb).

    See attached photo looks like late afternoon but it is clearly glowing and I feel like I need to turn it up so much that it is "un realistic" in order to get that appearance. Thedusk image that is set to about 636cd is similar

    I am wondering if it would be possible to have a slider control like the artificial light brightness for emissives as well? In order to get a glow from an object during the day they have to be turned up enough that if you go to a night view they are way overexposed. Then you have to go and touch each material to turn them down.. It would be great if there was an overall slider like the lights for emissives then it would be just a matter of re-adjusting them all at once. The two images attached had like 8 materials I have to adjust every time I go between day and night.