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    I have written a Push Pull app to assist in managing the settings from a project perspective using AutoIT.

    The app pulls the xml setting from the C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Settings directory into the project directory enscape_settings at the conclusion a project session.

    When I revisit the project, I push these setting back into the C:\Users\Kerry\Documents\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Settings.

    Stating a new project - I put a set of defaults into C:\Users\Kerry\Documents\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Setting
    This allows me to store the Enscape settings on a project by project basis.

    Would be great to have the facility to something similar in Enscape - maybe in a similar approach to 3DS Max where its project settings are stored in the root of its generated subdirecotry structure.

    I have just installed Revit 2018 and, very surprisingly, the Enscape menu was available. Got the following message:

    When will Revit 2018 support be provided?