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    Hi all,

    I need to send off a Rhino file to a client who also uses Enscape - what is the best way to 'package' the file so that everything is included in the file(s)?

    When I receive models from other contractors that have been done in Enscape the textures normally come across and the mesh of the assets (people/trees etc) do come across but they are just white and missing the textures - makes me think what I'm asking for above isn't possible, if there is a work-around please let me know.



    Thanks for your reply.

    Where do I set the location of Enscape's textures/models?

    Is there no way to embed everything?- like if I save a Rhino file out for someone externally I just save textures and it creates a separate folder with them, the same for 3DS Max, in Lumion all textures/trees/models can be embedded into the file - I only experience this issue with Enscape which makes it difficult for a team to work on the same file as we are not all linking to the same location.

    If I worked directly from the server the file would be incredibly slow and the larger the file the worse the issue, it's just not possible. I do have access to those servers but like I said I need to download everything to my local drive in order for things to function smoothly.

    Hi all,

    I find the thumbnails for trees/plants too small and for purchased trees/plants there is no idea of scale - so I want to create a Rhino file with these trees in, then I can have a much clearer idea of the scale and form.

    However, I can't find an easy way to do this, the slow way is to use 'single placement' - the quicker way would be to use the multi-asset placement, my query is if there is a way to make the 'multi-asset placement' only place one of each tree?... I'm guessing NO is the answer but maybe someone has a clever method - at the moment I'm just placing loads of trees down, meaning lots of multiple blocks

    I presume NO is also the answer to this but I'll give it a go, is there a way to increase the library thumbnail size?



    Hi all,

    I work for a company where most people work from the shared office server, as I work from home I do not use that server. We've had problems in the past where someone works on an Enscape scene and saves it on the server, I then need to copy that scene to my own local drive in order to amend it - the problem is then I have missing Enscape materials and assets/trees+plants - I presume this is to do with the links not carrying across with the copied file. Is there a solution for this?... a way to embed all information into the file or else to relink the missing materials and assets?



    Hi Kaj,

    Thank you for the quick response and all the information.

    Just regarding 'VR Panoramas can't be navigated at all.', presumably you can navigate in terms of 360 degrees around the point you're standing in?... can you create scenes with multiple points, how would you move between points?

    Oh and I edited my initial post, it now has a question 6 if you could please answer -

    '6. Does Enscape require a copy of Rhino/Sketchup/revit to be running on the machine that you wish to use for a walkthrough or can you do export out something like an .exe file?'

    Hi all,

    There wasn't a general area to post this question, if there's somewhere better please move it.

    I'm researching VR solutions for the landscape architects I work for, I downloaded the Enscape trial and the speed and quality impressed me, I just have a some queries on the workflow:

    1. As I see it (correct me if I'm wrong) there are 2 different approaches to VR for arch-vis, one is a walk-through and the other is VR panoramas - am I correct in thinking that any kind of walkthrough, be it with Enscape or other software would require a PC, sensors etc and either a Vive or Rift?...

    2. What is the minimum equipment you can get away with for doing a walk-through, suppose you need to bring it to a clients office to set-up?

    2. Would the VR panorama approach only need the VR goggles, something like the Oculus Go or Samsung Gear - therefore being the portable option? - Is it not possible to use the Oculus Go or Samsung Gear for walk-throughs?

    3. Is the VR experience much the same with an Oculus 'Go' as it would be with the 'Samsung Gear'?

    4. What options do you have in terms of navigating a VR panorama or walk-through, presumably keyboard/control pad? - I know the Oculus rift has the touch controllers which you can use to navigate, I don't see those controllers with something like the 'Go'

    5. Are future Enscape releases likely to enable Rhino users to import Vray materials?

    6. Does Enscape require a copy of Rhino/Sketchup/revit to be running on the machine that you wish to use for a walkthrough or can you do export out something like an .exe file?

    Thanks all,