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    The image quality is fine - you're seeing the pixels on the screens. The resolution of the Valve Index is 1440 x 1600 per eye.

    Check out the HTC Vive Pro. 2880 x 1600 at 615 pixels per inch.

    How come whenever I run anything else (e.g. some games) on that same headset it looks crystal clear, but when I try to use Enscape it's horrible? It's surely something to do with how Enscape itself handles the rendering, rather than the resolution of the headset itself, which should definitely be better than the image I am currently getting.

    I am reaching out with a question regarding poor image quality in VR. We are currently using the Valve Index headset, which is supposedly one of the best resolutions available on the market. However, when I export an .exe file and run it, the quality is quite poor. It almost doesn't matter if I set it to Ultra HD resolution - it still definitely doesn't feel like HD. It goes smooth so I assume it's not a hardware issue, but just blurry and pixelated. I don't have this issue with the same headset on other software or games. Any ideas what might be wrong?

    I completely agree.

    The context is a huge part of helping clients and contractors to make rapid and informed decisions. But developing that context takes time - which is better spent developing the proposals. Point clouds offer a huge advantage in that respect. If people aren't requesting it now - they surely will be.

    Twinmotion is looking great when you consider point cloud support - along with the speed of developing site context, animated objects, and the weather system.

    I am with you on this one. I have been asking for point cloud support for over 2 years now. My company is actually having the discussion to pursue other software solutions because point clouds are becoming a valuable part of our architectural practice. It's just so much easier and faster.

    Another vote here for point clouds, although I'm sure I've thrown votes towards this years back.

    Even a limited version of points might suffice if required. I see other game engine powered solutions like autodesks own recap and infraworks showing point clouds. They might use limits but have some adjustability.

    Unreal Engine supports point clouds since version 4.25 and even some degree of editing them. So the tech is definitely there and it's possible to have it running smoothly, so let's hope the Enscape team takes notice of it.

    [Blocked Image:]

    The well known platform Sketchfab has ways of visualizing point clouds in 3D environment too:

    And just to be cheeky there - Enscape's largest competitor already has it on their "critical" roadmap for implementation. (-:

    Ah - I restarted my PC. And now I can use air link.

    It's simply amazing standing in the living room using gravity sketch, running on the pc in the office. But I still have a black screen in Enscape.


    Hi there Jorgensen,

    Am I understanding this correctly - you are using the computing power of the PC in the office while away from it and connected to a different WiFi network?
    If that is in fact the case - this gives a great incentive on using the Air Link now - I can bring it to clients with a decent WiFi connection.
    Alternatively, I suppose bringing along a powerful laptop to the client will also do the job (given that connection to the same WiFi is required?)

    Do you reckon I can contact you to hear about your experience with the whole system setup? Please let me know.


    medmonds & Demian Gutberlet

    I am here to confirm the need for this smoother workflow between the Oculus Quest 2 and Enscape. This will be a major game-changer for a whole lot of us in the architecture industry.

    We are already using Enscape VR with HTC Vive but it's always a hassle and almost always impractical to bring out of the office to clients due to the set up and all the cables.

    Any work on this will be greatly appreciated and will add a whole lot of value to Enscape, surely.