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    Low Resolution Proxies are helpful, especially for trees, because they lighten up the model a make it easier to navigate. Another benefit is that you can scatter them with grasshopper and other automated workflows to get a more organic/randomized placement without having to place everything manually.

    Does Enscape for Rhino support RPC content? I just discovered my office has a license and I wanted to test and see how it looks. I can place the RPC content but Enscape appears to render it out as the preview geometry with a blank white material. V-ray did the same. It appears only with the default rhino scanline renderer. Am I missing something?

    Rhino Screen Grab:

    Rhino Scanline Render:



    Love the plugin, definitely a game changer.

    I'm wondering if there is a way, through scripting, to read the current enscape camera location so it can be saved back to rhino as a named view? In my office, we've been using enscape quite a lot and have found that it is easier to locate the camera in the enscape window than from syncing the viewports between rhino & Enscape. Having the ability to save the views back to rhino would be huge for us so we can have consistent view positions.