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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    To Simon Weinberger , I have sent the email to support team through the email you provided. And i explained in the mail why i put everything as it is because it is my workflow, proxy boxes make me confused and hard to imagine the total scene. I also mentioned the problem while uploading panorama scenes to cloud, i read on another thread about this and the solutions didnt help me solve this. But it is okay, i could upload it through another site or directly to facebook.

    I export a 7 minutes video from Enscape and it is amazing ! the exporting time is short (26 hours with my 1060TI) and the clients really love it !

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    Thank you for all your support and explain!

    Thank you Herbo and Hans-Sen Hoefer for your replies! Your design of the center is marvelous, Herbo, i must say, you and your team are true masters!

    Yes it is the case that i am modelling into very detailed for even a carpenter could understand everypart of the furniture i put in the design. Yeah, it is not necessary for some small objects like handles, and i think i will have to simplify them.

    And yes, thanks for all the suggestions, i am trying to use the proxy feature of enscape, sorry because of the hype after getting the license just 2 days and i just imported it directly, not through any cleaning process so the file was that heavy.

    To, Hans, you are a very kind and with many helpful instructions, it reminds me of that time when i visitted Singapore for the first time, everyone was so kind, i will never forget one boy when i ask him the way on the MRT, he decided to go with me to my destination and then say bye to me by giving me a snack bag he just bought from the supermarket ! I will return to Singapore in the future for many times because of those good impressions you are giving to people !

    Love from VietNam.

    Hi everyone !
    I have tried Enscape 2.2.3 and i really love the potential of it. I have a target to create standalone or video walkthrough for my clients to experience their future building. By that, i have to model everything fully, so it make the file huge (for example, a complete 2 stories townhouse is app 900mb). And the importing took too long, like 6 - 8 hours, sometimes it didnt work too.
    Can i have any suggestion on how to reduce the time importing, like seperate objects, because i have tried import enscape first, turned off live update but it still slow me down everytime i try to change something in the model. Thanks alot !