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    Poll question: for those using the 3D Connection Spacemouse, do you prefer to have "Invert Spacemouse" checked or unchecked?

    I learned to use this spacemouse "unchecked"- meaning push right and you move right, pull up and you elevate. Then I bought about 10 more for the rest of my office and the out-of-the-box is the opposite? What's the preferred method? I hate to re-learn this thing but I don't want to sit at somebody else's desk and suddenly be unable to navigate the model...

    The idea of having potentially hundreds or thousands of links out there of outdated Enscape views (panoramas, Web standalones,etc.) kind of worries me. I'm toying with the idea of using a link manager ( and/or QR code managers) or something like that to manage the distributed links that our clients or contractors use to access the Enscape views. In the near future, I figure more of our construction drawings will reference these Enscape views with QR codes on the drawings themselves. Being able to update where those point to will be important.

    In the "Manage Uploads" dialog, you should:

    • offer a way to delete any content older than "x" days
    • be able to see content that your co-workers have posted. For instance, our firm has several floating licenses. I'd like to be able to manage content that another co-worker may have posted in the past.

    Thanks for the great software!!!!!

    I think Enscape should have a standing 1 year expiration date for all hosted content, unless the user specifically requests that it remain longer.

    I also think there should be a setting to allow users to set their own expiration default. For us, our content changes so fast, we don't always want the panoramas to stay available in perpetuity.

    Also, in the "Manage Uploads" dialog, you should have a way to delete any content older than "x" days.

    We use the Interface overlay to add a logo to our images and exports. But it seems to conflict with the panoramas. See this example.

    It would be great if this overlay image could still be displayed in the panorama, but if that is too difficult, then Enscape should automatically ignore it when it creates panoramas. As it stands, we have to remember to disable the overlay before creating panoramas.