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    Luca Troian, While I think Paul comes off a little aggressive, he is correct. DPI is meaningless when creating a computer generated image. What does matter is the output resolution and your field of view. The math is fairly simple as long as you know what you are setting up in advance.

    I'm going to use small numbers for simplicity's sake, but the math is still the same for larger numbers. If you want to render a image of a box in 300 dpi and you want a image size to be 2x1 you must make the output resolution 600 pixels x 300 pixels and using your position in frame and the field of view slider you can create a image that fits your parameters. There might be some image size scaling in Photoshop that will be required but that's one step at most. A DPI selector will only be necessary from Enscapes point of view if they add a new output option that lets you base the image size on a in/cm width and height.

    The only reason the blue box exists in Photoshop is because of the information in red box. Enscape doe not have image parameters based in real world dimensions(red box) so the blue box is not necessary.

    Thank you Tearch for your kind answer, so appreciated, I'm not arguing about the fact that dpi is a unit of measures about density of point in a printed area, so, on a screen, has limited sense, cause it's a screen not a printed piece of paper, but many of us need to print, and the difference is preatty clear, and when you go bigger is very clear... (in one case needed a 3x4 meters (9,8x13,12foot) and need to answer to client about limits of this plug-in) or in other case needed a thypographic print.

    I said limited sense, I imagine we all heard about same dimension monitor with different resolution, like 2k and 4k monitor for same dimension 27" screen.
    Are you saying that there's no difference about density of point on it? So why did exist this monitor? it's a difference preatty clear even with smartphone.
    All screens quality has both expression in resolution and density so dpi, maybe dpi isn't that precise as meter of comparison but isn't meaning less even on screen.

    For this reason I renew the request for a 300dpi option, that is an oportunity more, for all user of our beloved plugin.

    Agree with previous post, you hitted the targets that needed a low price licesne

    most of all you increased price without increasing function and still have issues about changing light in batch rendering and a limit of 72dpi

    get dangerously close to price of other render solutions

    best regards

    Hi evrybody, as I needed a bigger dpi image I changed the height and lenght of the image, with a bigger img area but unexpectedly the results change drastically in bad.

    as increase dimension increase proportionally unwill results, first some dark burned area, then unrequested illumination, surface create strange geometry, antialiasing dosen't work.

    at the attached image the same render with *4 scale factor on hieght and lenght, too different to belive, but it is.
    I also experimented sun change position while batch rendering, still can't save sun positon for each view should be a base feature.
    dpi setting also should be a standard, not wanna argue about it's reasonable or not, it's just asked by paying costumers.

    Am I experiencing a bug, or is this a feature? Presets don't seem to "remember" sun orientation, whenever I change it in one view with one preset and switch to some other preset, the sun orientation has changed.

    It's odd because I'm pretty sure that at some point, the sun did change it's orientation due to the picked preset, but it's now a bit confusing.. how is it meant to be by the devs?

    same problem, height and orientation of the sun can't be saved by each view and change automatically by each view by batch rendering as if passing time after each render (is a bug originated by a video render settings?)

    Using the new Enscape 3.0 version in Rhino 7, I don't seem to be able to get the sun positions saved with the views. When I restore a view, only the position of the camera is updated.

    Also, I like that the view management is now in Enscape. However, it seems strange that the only way to delete or edit the viewpoint in an already saved view is to go back to Rhino and adjust or delete the corresponding Named View. Are there plans to have this function within Enscape in the future?

    Rhino 6 and Enscape 3.0 in my case

    Can't save sun angle and eight is frustrating cause you can't garantee the same resoults after time.

    Should be able to save angle and eight of the sun for each view

    Best regards

    4,1666666 should be the factor, wich you have to multiply the size of the render to have real 300dpi image then scaled

    DPI is completely meaningless.

    If you/your client etc are going to professionally print an image 6" across and they are asking for it at 300dpi then simply multiply 6x300 (it's 1800px by the way)

    I did a quick google for 'dpi is meaningless' and got pages of results, here's the 1st that came up

    99% of my stuff is for brochures and I render at 4000x3000 png, occasionally I'll do an 8000x6000 for billboards etc, I then batch convert then to 100% jpg and let my colleagues do the CMYK conversions as they know what they require for that particular job.

    Hi, I aprpeciated your post because it try to go deeper, I tryed to analyze the image of the example, you can also download it in the website you linked, sorry to say the image look the same because the dpi are the same.
    between the two there's no 300dpi image, even the second image the post describe 300dpi have, at the end 72 dpi. (See the img attached).

    If density of information in a fixed area is required by my customer and they pay for it, it's not meaningless simply because it means money, and I need to fix this 72dpi problem or I'll lose some works because costumers ask 300dpi.

    I understand I can render a bigger image and then scale it in Ps, but how much bigger it has to be to reach the real standard of 300dpi? what's the matematic rule?
    Second, and not less important, I think that for a program that pretend to be smart and quick put me in the situation to calculate each time I have a different area how biggger I need to render the image to have the same amount of pixel isnt that quick and imemdiate.

    I kindly ask a dpi options

    Hi guys, I'm writing kindly to ask to rise the dpi settings from 72 to 300, anybody knows it's a standard for pictures most of all if you need to print it big.
    I found this as a big limitation and some costumers rejected my work with your plug-in because cant reach this standard.

    If you admit an ironic end of the post, I guess the montly fee isn't the only thing you can rise, (recently changed form 40 to 60€, 50% increment).

    Best regards