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    Hi Demien

    I have the same problem exporting to video. I am using the latest sketchup and enscape and all animates smoothly in sketchup and in enscape but the exported mp4 file which I view using VLC was incredibly slow and appeared to hang, jolt when it moves on and when it did move was so slow. Yes its a big file size but SU and Enscape handled it fine inside the programs. I was just wondering if you found a fix as yet please?
    Also I noticed whilst the exporting video process was happening, a fragmented line flashes across the screen every 4 seconds just before it moves on to the next position. Photo attached. Not sure if this is related or not. Sorry its blurry, had to take a video of it with my phone and stop it in the right place to capture the flash across the screen. Happens throughout each move. Only appears during the exporting video process.