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    that really is a big difference :-) it looks good!! Glad you could use it. I'm also hoping for some kind of upgrade like this, in the next version, preferably with multiple types, as you said :-)

    Hi THOmasDK,

    We usually recommend to simply add a Enscape
    light where the lamp of the actual Asset is placed.

    This section in our Knowledgebase probably is what you are looking for:…gebase/sketchup_lighting/

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    I'm not sure this is exactly what is being asked :-) one thing is the light beam from the lights, another is the emissive part of the actual light :-) without that, the cars looks completely off on night renders. I always have to use custom car models for my dark evening shots, as the one in the enscape library simply does not work :-)

    Enscape library car:

    without light beam:

    with light beam:


    i've had the same issues with hdri's in the recent versions. i've seen it on a number of different hdri's from HDRIHaven.

    I like it a lot!

    especially the image with only the windmill, and the kite looks very well composed, and quite dramatic!

    That looks great Herbo! Can I ask you which grass color you use (which texture) and which tints added to make it look natural?

    awesome, can you share the grass texture color ?

    Thanks! the ground texture i tend to use is this one. it gives nice varied color to the grass. just make it really big (like 6x6 meters or more), so the colored patches are large enough to make sense :-)


    Can you explain how you have achieved this and what grass texture file you have changed

    Thank you! its really not that difficult. the original grass texture is placed here:

    C:\Program Files\Enscape\Renderer\SystemData\Textures\Enscape\Common

    (its called "grass.png")

    I've been fiddling with some different textures, and as far as i can tell the different colours of the grass has to do with how it UV-maps the underlaying texture onto it. You can just use a completely normal, green grass billboard texture, and it will still pick up the underlying texture colour. but it will not draw each straw in sligtly different nuances like the original... but this is a very subtle effect in most cases :-)

    what I did was take a better grass billboard texture than the original, and then cruedly paint in the colours from the original. I also doubled the resolution of the texture, to make it much more crisp. how this affects performance is not completely clear yet.

    Here the two grass textures look, compared to each other. You are welcome to use the new texture as described above, if You wish!:




    I've been playing around with the newest preview 2.8(7), and the new wind feature that affects the grass. I must admit that i was hoping for a total revamp of the grass look, but for now it seems like it is only an added animation to the old billboard style. and I've never felt like it looked good enough for most of my work, unfortunately.

    So, i decided to play around with the default grass texture found in the enscape installation folder, and replaced it with a more detailed texture, following the same rules as the original, and this is the result after a little tweaking. It works just like the original grass... that means it changes color and is animated by the wind.

    Original grass:


    Enscape developers: Let me know if you want to get a hold of the new texture. i really think it should be possible to increase the grass quality of enscape considerably without much work!

    it looks great. I like how your lighting and colors are consistent and well thought trough :-) The models seems to have a nice level of detail and quality. especially the mattress looks good :-) and design wise, it seems like a great use of limited space.

    The ceiling is haunted in red.this is my problem

    as mentioned before, that is because you have a red floor, red furniture and so on. That means that the bounced light hitting the ceiling will be tinted red. This is how the light will behave in real life, so if you do not wish to have the red light on the ceiling, you should probably choose a different color for the floor, or work very carefully with the lighting setup.

    if you want to remove the red light in the rendering, you could do it in photoshop, just be aware that this will probably NOT be how it would look for real.

    you can also try to reduce the shine on the ceiling material, to reflect a little bit less, and maybe even paint it in a colour that is slightly green. that might absorb some of the red tint, and make it look grey...

    well, it is quite hard to tell what the problem is (for me at least, hehe), but here are a couple of observations:

    total poly count:

    How detailed are the grass elements you are trying to scatter? if they are very heavy in geometry, and you scatter a couple of thousands around, that can be ALOT of triangles.

    I always try to optimize my proxies as much as possible, to keep the performance ok: Reduce polycount (in something like transmutr or skimp), reduce the texture size, and limit the amount of different assets to as few as possible.

    also, 50x50 meters is quite a big plane to do with skatter and grass. you might consider reducing it to only the foreground part of the image. with that said, i have done large areas before, and with the right optimizations it will run. But the framerate will suffer quite a bit!


    Have you tried to disable RTX in the settings? this has caused some crashed for me in the past... although that is mostly because RTX is really Vram intensive, and on large projects 8 gigs on a normal high end card simply is not enough.

    In the video you show this does not seem to be the problem, but if you experience crashes on large projects, try and disable it!

    general performace.

    In the beginning of the video (with the enscape grass) the framerate does not seem great. This might be because of the video encoding, but if the framerate is indeed low in real life, then there might be an issue with the machine. A scene like that, on a computer like that, should run very fast!

    here are some projects where i have used skatter to a great extend, but keep in mind that these scenes are NOT meant for realtime walkthroughs! the framerate is barely over 10-15 in these cases:

    Ruins in the forrest

    New Grass

    Philip Johnson's Glass House WIP

    I agree, this is one of the main areas where enscape is having a hard time competing with the old school offline renders like octane, vray and maxwell. And I too would love to be able to get full reflections in still images at the expense of more render time.

    BUT! we as users have to accept that this is much more difficult to achieve for the developers, than simply turning on a feature in the code. if it was that easy, they would have done it ages ago. And i'm completely sure they are fully aware of the demand for this!

    Enscape is build from the ground up as a realtime render engine, with all the optimizations and compromises that comes with that. it is NOT comparable to the way traditional renders are coded, and i'm sure that brings a lot of challenges. they have even build in their own realtime raytracing solutions to try to combat the issue, and for each iteration of enscape, the quality increases further.

    sure, there are some half-baked solutions like reflection probes that could be used, but it really isn't a long term viable way to go...

    for now, I think we have to accept that real time rendering at enscapes level is the bleeding edge of 3D technology, and we cant expect it to be a completely matured and fully featured solution already.

    but I AM sure, that everything is being done to get to that point as fast as possible :-)

    Those look great! especially the exteriors are extremely well done, oozing of atmosphere :-) And great to see the axonometric view being put to good use!

    The interiors are a tad too yellow for my taste, but I get that it is part of the lighting scheme :-)