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    Hi Clemens, but even with that tweak, it's still to slow.... maybe 5-6 max would be good. :)

    i often (all the time actually) use shift+ctrl to speed up extra :-) i think the current solution is nice because we have easy access to 4 levels of speed, just by pressing either w, shift+w, ctrl+w or shift+ctrl+w :-) it does take some practise though...

    Great work! When you say Simlab Composer are you talking about the Pro version 9? Or do you use an old version of simlab? Because the Free Composer 9 does not support Direct export :p

    i'm using the older Simlab composer 8, and I did spend some money on it, back when i bought it :-) cant remember how much...

    Herbo looks awesome!!

    How you downloaded the Transmutr plugin? Looks like the website is not accepting new downloads and subscriptions. I really need to export some blocks from max to sketchup. Thanks

    It is still in Beta. I was lucky/fast enough to get one of the 100 early access licenses :-) It should soon be available in an official release.

    Until then, you could also take a look at Simlap Composer. It can read almost any format (more than transmutr), and can convert them to sketchup. It is not as straight forward as transmutr, but i works, and i've used it alot.

    Fun stuff! :) You could try to give those spikes on the back a vegetation type material so they might show some translucency. With our upcoming Preview you'll also be able to give that eye material some additional a clear coat on top *hinthint* ;)

    Some translucency (sub surface scattering in the future? ;) ) would indeed look cool! Unfortunately the model is uv mapped in a few large chunks, so its not so straight forward to change material type on the spikes alone... unless i spend a lot more time ;-)

    I'm really looking forward to the next preview with the coating option! are there any plans to support displacement in the future? it could be awesome with the quixel megascans for example!

    Amazing! Looks very nice! 8)

    thanks ;-)

    Hi All :-)

    I wanted to play with a couple of different tools, and created this scene with a dino model i found online :-) It is converted to Sketchup with the new Transmutr plugin, and it works great!! the textures a(especially on the ground) is made with the new Quixel Mixer, and it plays perfectly with Enscapes new support for 8k textures!... the surface is modelled completely flat, so its all textures :-)

    I hope you like it! :-)

    I am using the latest release (preview). I have not tested with the last official release.

    the problem was the same on nvidia driver 417.34. I updated the driver to 417.71 to see if the problem was fixed, but no luck :-)

    Hi :-)

    I'm using the latest preview (, and the latest drivers from nvidia (417.71) for my Titan X (maxwell), and the artifacts in glass from the past has returned:

    Any good suggestions?

    Hi Herbo , ArchAce , Gadget and others having performance issues in the last Preview:

    Is it possible you've set the capturing resolution rather high (e.g. 4k)? Unfortunately the last Preview was released with a bug that caused Enscape to start with the capturing resolution. So if you've set this to something like 4K Enscape will always render in that resolution, which is of course quite demanding compared to your usual 1080p or so resolution. If you're experiencing this issue you might want to set the capture resolution to "Window resolution" temporarily until you actually do a rendering.

    Hope that helps! Of course we're busy fixing the issue for the next Preview!

    This sounds right! Mine was set to a rather extreme 7000x5000. It runs perfectly when i set the capture resolution to "window" instead. great :-)

    Great tip, but unfortunately it did not work for me here :-) hopefully others will have better luck

    the new shadow controls in the latest preview seems great! but I too am experiencing performance problems, and it seems that I get VERY low framerates (below 5-10) even in completely simple scenes (a white plane with a single model from the asset library). This happens on both medium, high and ultra settings, with all settings tabs set to default. i'm running a Titan X (non p) with newest drivers.

    I hope you can find the cause of this soon :-)

    Best regards

    agree, it looks like a great tool!! just what has been missing for sketchup. Hopefully the plugin will be just as polished and feature rich as skatter :-) i hope to get my hands on one of the beta keys :-)

    These look outstanding.

    Any chance you could share you're easy trick for the wet street?

    Stunning work, specially water reflection on Asfalt , wondering how did you do it....

    Thank you both :-)

    As Jonathan Knoefel points out, it all has to do with controlling reflections using bump and reflection maps for the road material:

    first, we need a good diffuse (albedo) texture to get us started:

    Then we need to make the bump and reflection maps, to indicate where on the surface we want the puddles (reflections). it is important that these two maps are coordinated in order to get the effect. the bump indicated where the surface has structure, and the reflection indicates... well, reflections :-)

    that means we want the bump map to be smooth in the same areas that the reflection map is most reflective.

    i made my bump by turning the diffuce in to greyscale, and then painting the puddles of water with a white brush, like this:

    The reflection map is a bit more tricky, as the effect of water can quickly become "fake" looking if we just plug in the same texture here. Instead i made my reflection map by inverting the diffuse texture and the softly lightening the areas of the puddles in the bump:

    now it is just a matter of plugging the textures into the material editor, and playing with the strength of the bump to get the right effect... in my case i had to use a value at around 0,6.

    Good luck :-)

    Hey Herbo,

    What settings did you use to export from speed tree and import to sketchup? I'm using the simlab FBX importer but the materials and opacity are not coming with.

    Love your work.

    Hi Travis

    I'm using the standalone "simlab composer 8" software to import the FBX/OBJ, and re-apply the textures if needed (all UV mapping is preserved). I then just save the model straight to skp-format, and it works flawlessly in sketchup :-)

    I have tried the fbx and obj importer plugins from simlab too, but i've had very mixed results... using composer seems to be very consistent and stable.