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    Herbo , I'm curios about that as well! Is there even any (or a lot) of post processing done to the renderings?

    Also bsfranza , the host application is SketchUp, in case you're not referring to the post-production application. :) On the first page where Herbo shared the renderings you'll see a little icon next to the date on the corresponding post which indicates the CAD solution.

    Thank you very much :-) There is some post processing involved, but not much. Everything is modelled in 3d, and nothing is added in post production. what have been done is color correction, some lighting effects (god rays, flares and small stuff like that), and some filters applied with Nik collection.

    Overall the before and after are very similar :-)

    Trav72 , generally, depending your budget (and in case you don't specifically have to acquire a Quadro), I can recommend a NVIDIA GTX 1060, GTX 1070/GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1080 or up to a GTX 1080 Ti. While the GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 are already capable of rendering Enscape on high settings fluently, the GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1080 / GTX 1080 Ti are recommended if you plan to use Enscape on its highest settings in VR.

    As mentioned by snowyweston , you could indeed pick up a 1060, 1070 or even a used 1080 probably for the same money you'd spend on the P2000. :)

    any specific reason as to why you recommend the old generation of gtx cards, and not the new RTX breed, with support for hardware rtx that enscape soon supports? personally i would recommend a 2070, 2080 or 2080ti :-) These are MUCH newer cards!

    Thank You all for the great feedback! I am very glad You liked it. A lot of work went into the modelling and rendering, and it is of course a team effort :-)

    I'm sorry we're not able to share all of the material from the project yet :-)

    Wow, amazing design and render result !!

    Herbo can you tell me why you choose enscape version 2.4 ?

    Thank you!

    The project was done before new years, and version 2.4 was the most recent at this time :-)

    Hi all

    Better late than never :-) Here is a couple of renders from a very big project we won around new years.

    It is an airside expansion of terminal 3 in copenhagen airport, and the project is around 110.000 m2, containing mainly retail space, baggage reclaim, and a host of secondary functions.

    Unfortunately I can not share all the material we have done (12 high quality renders, and a 3,5 minute animation), but here is the few shots that i CAN share at this moment :-)

    The project has been made by Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter, in collaboration with Aarsleff, Cowi, and Zeso architects.

    Everything is modelled in sketchup, and rendered with enscape (2.4)

    I too would love to know how work on custom assets are comming along :-) The new assets are great, but no matter how many You provide, You will never be able to provide everything people need. Projects, firms and clients are vastly different, and we need to be able to differentiate what we do :-)

    You guys already know the transmutr plugin for sketchup (that supports Enscape). Could a collaboration with them be a stepping stone in achieving custom imports?

    At our office we are about to start work on an all new render library, and knowing how proxies will work for enscape in the future would be extremely helpful for us in that work! :-)

    The project is not forgotten :-) I'm still fine tuning stuff, and lately i've re-made a couple of my furniture models, including the bed, and the barcelona furniture. Using artisan and the clothworks plugins for sketchup, and a couple of base models from online, they now look much better :-) this is the new chair model...

    Ah, thank you very much. Those are fantastic resources, and the free ones are surprisingly high quality.

    Your works are what convinced me to switch over from max/corona to 100% enscape and it has improved office workflow tremendously!

    Thank you and please keep posting your amazing works :)

    i'm glad you could use it!! and thank you very much :-) great to hear that you have also found a lot of value and improved workflow in enscape. i've made the swich from vray and maxwell myself, and never looked back :-) Good luck!

    Thanks a ton, this was helpful

    No problem, i'm glad it could help you in the right direction :-)


    Would you be willing to sell some of your models? Would be very interested in purchasing them for texture references :)

    Thanks for the interest! I would really like to be able to send you some of my models for references. And I would not charge you anything :-) Unfortunately i rely heavily on purchased stuff for my models/scenes. That means arroway textures, models i've bought online and things like that, and it would be illegal for me to redistribute it :-)

    But, let me at least point you in the direction of some awesome resources you could check out! :

    for free:

    paid (and some demos for free):

    Be sure to check out quixel. They make som AWESOME stuff. especially the new quixel Mixer software (that is free for now), is a whole new way of making textures :-)

    Good luck!

    yes i like it

    is this scene made with "new" enscape with rtx support ?

    No, this is without RTX. When that version becomes available I'll do some images from the same scene, just for comparison :-) ... but i'm pretty impressed with the lighting/reflection as it is in this scene already :-)

    Hi All :-)

    I've been experimenting alot with materials and lights lately, and this car scene has been the platform for it :-) I've tried to push the new clearcoat all the way, and i think it looks great!

    Most of the models are found various places, but i've edited them alot, and made all materials manually. Everything is 3D, and all effects are straight from Enscape. I hope you like it :-)

    If you use the assets from evermotion (with lables in the asset browser), they should be plenty high quality for most cases. they are close to photorealistic from 5 meters or further away :-)

    I Think that Clemens is right, before the normal map was interpreted as a basic bump map, and "turned" it into greyscale in order to make it work... that means you was not adjusting the normal map, but only the greyscale version of it :-) in other words, you were missing all the great stuff that makes a normal map better than a bump map :-)

    the way normal maps works is quite different from bump maps, and they are not meant to be adjusted, as all the height information is stored in the very specific RGB colors of the texture... In a normal map not only height is stored, but also the direction of each pixel, which is why they are quite superior to bump maps :-)

    So having a slider for adjusting normal maps was very misleading :-)

    well so if i want what i am paying for i need to buy another thing ??

    Well, i guess you cant expect realtime raytracing on a photorealistic level, without having the hardware to back it up ;-) I would have loved to be able to play Crysis on my old commodore, but thats unfortunately not how it works ;-)

    in my opinion Enscape has already provided much more quality (and raytracing to some degree) than one could expect from an easy-to-use realtime software :-)

    I think we need to give the developers a break. They are by far the fastest developers i've experienced, and it is my understanding that they do take the community very seriously. i'm missing a lot of features too, when i look at my wish list, but i know its all down to priority. I wasn't the biggest fan of the asset library as well, and my fear was that it would take way to much focus... But i'll have to admit that i can see the benefit of it here at the office. It has enabled our MANY revit users to easily increase the level of renders they can produce directly. so even though i dont use it alot myself, i'm glad it is there :-)

    Hopefully the development of the asset system itself is more or less done by now, so new features can get some focus as well :-)

    I think the new RTX support will sort out many of my current issues (reflections and GI), and i cant wait to try it out, and the only REALLY big wish i have left is support for parallel Projection, so we architects can make real elevations, sections and plans :-)