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    i've been forced to revert to the old 2.6.0 version, as i've not had any luck with rendering large images (above roughly 3000x2000) from large scenes (airport project) with the newest official release, 2.6.1. It will, however, export the exact same view in a lower resolution. when i try to do a render with the latest version, sketchup (and the enscape window) simply freezes up, and i have to close it all down.

    I hope this will be fixed soon, as i really enjoyed the speed of RTX enabled on my rtx2080.

    I wish Enscape Team can incorporate these grass models to the default grass rendering so everyone can have good looking grass by default.

    I agree that the default enscape grass could use an overhaul, but i'm not sure that my solution is a good match for everyone :-) performance is SEVERAL times slower than normal grass, and it wont be useful for people with low end hardware, VR, or for models with huge grass areas :-) But for cases like min (highest possible realism), they are great! I have no idea how Lumion is doing their new grass system, but it looks great (for what it is), and i'm hoping something similar could be achieved with the default grass in Enscape :-)

    Very interesting, haven't checked out Vizpark in depth before, but they appear to have quite the library of content. Have you had success using them for anything besides the grass with Sketchup? Other plants, materials, or HDRIs perhaps?

    actually i've had the models from them for a LONG time, as they were originally purchased for use with Maxwell render. I have the real grass, real trees and real plants, and all models are high quality! just keep in mind, that they are NOT optimized for real time rendering, and will therefore hamper performance on most systems :-) I havent tried their materials or HDRI's but i would imagine that the quality is good!

    Thanks for the info.

    When combining textures, did you have to do mapping manually for those parts?
    And I think I will have to learn how to create Skatter templates.

    i used a sketchup plugin to combine some materials, and that kept the UV mapping :-) The model comes with 10 different maps for a strand of grass, and I reduced that to around 3 :-)

    Skatter is a GREAT system! ver. 2 is on its way, and the new features look very promising. I'm hoping Enscape will continue to support it as much as possible!

    Looks great. Can we see a wireframe view as well?
    Is it made by you or optimised from a bought collection?
    How do you use a patch that is 60x60 m?
    Only for flat ground?

    Hi :-)

    Unfortunately i can't share a wireframe, as it is all scattered using Skatter, with the render only feature :-)

    all the models are from Vizpark - Real Grass collection, but quite optimized for use in enscape. That has been done by using Transmutr to take the OBJ's into sketchup with a poly count reduction. Then all the textures was streamlined (some combined, and textures resized and compressed)

    well, the 60x60 meter patch is just to indicate how large my model is. as it is done by Skatter, and saved as a template, it can be applied to any size surface... and shape! my model has hills, with all the grass acting as it should :-)

    i've recently been looking at some new grass models, and have been trying to optimize them (as much as possible) for use in enscape :-) They will eventually be part of my "philip johnsons glass house" project :-)

    the patch of grass rendered here is around 60x60 meters, and performance is pretty good on my RTX 2080.

    hope you like it :-)

    yes but I feel that I need some extra fingers to do this. It's not ergonomic.

    I think it is just a matter of practise :-) Being able to adjust your speed on the fly like that is very useful! i could not use Enscape without that ability :-)

    pressing the shift or control button while moving (or both at the same time!) increases the movement speed in different ways. by doing this, you are able to fly very far, very fast :-)

    Hi Lasse

    Save your money and upgrade to the Rift S, better inside out tracking (no external sensors like the cosmos), better fit, better optics, marginally lower resolution, half the price. you are welcome to come by Gottlieb Paludan Architects and try it out (just above Cobe at Orientkaj)

    Hi Tobias!

    Thanks for the advice! The rift S has been on our radar as well, and for the money it seems unbeatable! But as we are looking at the biggest upgrade over our current 1st gen vive, the cosmos just has the edge for now :-) But I would still love to come by and try the Rift S sometime! we are practically neighbours ;-)

    +1 from here.

    We are planning to upgrade our vr setups, and the vive cosmos seems like a perfect fit, given its high end quality and portability (no base stations)... but without enscape support its not really an option :-)

    looks great! the lighting and DOF effects are done perfectly :-)

    And nice to see Clothworks being put to good use as well, it is a really fun plugin to play with!

    There's an article just for your case: As for me I can say that Oculus Touch motion controllers feel much more comfortable to hold and therefore I can achieve remarkable accuracy.

    be aware that this article is quite old, and talks about the old generation headsets. it is not very relevant anymore :-)
    The new battle of the high-end VR-market for now, is between the Oculus Rift S, the HTC Vive Cosmos and the Valve Index (mainly)... and they all have new, different controllers :-)


    we have a big problem here at the office with the new installer (msi). We cant install enscape for more than the current user, meaning that our It support is unable to set it up for multiple users on our machines.

    The old installer used to ask if you wanted to install for "only current user" or "all users", but that option seems to be gone? or are we missing something?

    this must be an issue for other big companies as well i imagine?

    until this is fixed we are forced to stay with the old version.


    I am trying to render a quick exterior scene. The building has extensive glazing, but I would like the glass to be a solid when getting the Material ID output - currently it displays the materials behind instead. Is it possible to achieve this?

    my trick is to just do a seperate render in which i've turned the transparency of my glass material off. That way i get a material ID where i can select the glass :-)

    I think the indirect lighting might be filtered too heavy and needs more sharpness + the glass has a strange silhouette. This is to be expected because we draw transparent objects different than the two on the right, but I assume we can get better here.

    Great :-) its the same stuff i noticed :-) but again, overall its very impressive what You have achieved!

    i've been wanting to do something like this for ages! So it's fantastic to see you beat me to it, and it looks great! It is the perfect scene for the job, with both reflections, indirect lighting and color cast... great job!

    it really puts into perspective how far Enscape has come... for a realtime engine the results are no less than mind blowing!