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    There has been a huge demand for this ever since the asset library was introduced. But even though the feature request has had massive support, it has not been adressed. Instead we can look forward to "awesome" stuff, like a new site contex feature that is so full of errors that no one will use it ;-) and last time around we got a slower, more difficult way to add assets to a scene (at least if you use sketchup og rhino)...

    As mentioned before. PLEASE focus on making existing features great before moving on to new stuff... So many parts of enscape is just half baked right now:

    - a material library that is missing the most basic features.

    - an asset library with no customization options at all (and very slow)

    - an asset generator that is way too cumbersome to use

    - a video editor that is not working as intended.

    - linked models. this feature could be so much more powerful with just a couple of tweaks.

    but, for some reason none of it is prioritized.


    The new Material library is a great addition to Enscape! It has the potential to be a really handy tool to keep materials organized and easy to access.

    BUT, as it is now, many of the materials are not up to the standards that serious archviz requires. Many textures have low res heightmaps, very visible repetitions, and a very "cgi" look to them.

    And, as i've mentioned before, the library will have to be MUCH larger to cover just some of the needs we have, when choosing materials. an example: Quixel megascans has around 10.000 textures, and I STILL struggle to find just what i'm looking for very often. so, my biggest wish is still for a custom material option as well. It would be SO powerful if the material library could be a place where we could save and organize our own materials, and keep them ready whenever we need them.

    Without this option, I will still have to shuffle around for my materials, and thereby it is only fragmenting my workflow even more than before... now i have to look for materials in quixel bridge, poliigon, my own local custom library, my various collections (arroway and others) the internet, and now also the enscape library.

    Please, let the new library be a tool to streamline our workflow, and build a complete, consolidated material library that we can control ourselves.

    Here are some examples of Enscape materials vs my own materials, just to showcase that quality could be improved a lot in places:

    Roof - Enscape material library:

    Roof - custom material:

    Road - Enscape material library:

    Roof - custom material:

    pavement - Enscape material library:

    pavement - custom material (megascans):

    Travis D - are you finding the new update challenging to achieve this now? This was my go to but it seems that with the new update changing the aspect to a square crops from the width rather than adding to the scene vertically.

    Again, just do as i've describet above. Change the enscape window to the aspect ratio you want (and select a resolution that roughly matches this), Select two point perspective and pan the image up as you please. No need to do multiple renders or anything else :-)

    Oh I misunderstood your previous post, my bad!

    Indeed this should be fairly easy. We just need to see how to integrate it in the UI.

    That's a lot more complicated!

    We have plans to link 3D Bazaar and Transmutr somehow, maybe even merge them. We don't exactly how this will work, but it's definitely planned.

    Great to hear! And I'm completely aware that my second wish is a lot more complicated ;-) But if this is somehow possible in the future, it will be a real gamechanger, as we can then pull models into a scene much quicker with the visual references needed to place them correctly. At the moment we have to create dedicated custom assets in enscape, and this is a lot more time consuming and cumbersome :-)

    Thanks for your feedback!

    This is something we are going to explore with Transmutr. I guess it should be possible, but the models need to be in another file format (GLTF instead of SKP), so there is quite a lot of work to create this feature.

    When importing proxies downloaded from the marketplace, they should already be displayed as simplified (actually the same as "Skipped faces" from Transmutr) instead of wired boxes.

    Thank you for the reply!

    The first feature should not be that hard? Enscape already has an option to place other sketchup models as proxies (linked models). is it not possible to somehow "tap" into this functionality?

    And the second wish was actually ment in regard to this :-) ... Placing these local, linked models with simplified geometry instead of the wireboxes that enscape uses as standard for this... This is where transmutr comes into place ;-)

    Does this make sense?

    I've already seen the announcement on other platforms as well, and I think its a great supplement for the enscape library! its well designed, seems to have some great contributors on board already, and just widens the posibilities in an easy way! Great work :-)
    One small feature that I would really like to see is the ability to place local assets as Enscape proxies (linked models) instead of full geometry. If this is not an option it is really not a viable way to access our own libraries in most cases. a shame, as it could be my go-to tool for organising all my stuff!!
    And, if we are adding to the wish list, being able to place these proxies with simplified geometry (instead of wire boxes) would be really cool!! maybe a little transmutr magic code could do the trick?

    Again, thanks for releasing this! I cant wait to see what it can do in the future with Skatter v2 :-)

    i found lenovo all in one pc with Nvidia GetForce MX330 graphics and other option was AMD radeon 625

    It is still a quite slow card (the mx330). I would not recommend anything below a gtx 1650 ti mobile for enscape use, if you are planning on doing anything serious.

    Without a dedicated graphics card with some moderate power, your experience in Enscape is probably going to be quite limited (and bad).

    And although the AMD integrated graphics is a tad more powerful than the intel offering, it is still a very slow option, not suited for more serious tasks :-)

    This thread should probably be moved to the "Feature requests" section :-)
    But, Laubwerk support has been talked about alot before. I made this thread 3 years ago, but nothing has happened since:

    Laubwerk support?

    But, at that time we did not have the asset library, and for the most part i think the plan is, that the library should eliminate the need for Laubwerk.
    right now the number of available plant models are still too limited though, but hopefully this could be changed in the future :-)

    This one is the best

    well, from at technical standpoint its really not that great ;-) its very low resolution, and bump/normal maps and, more importantly, a reflection map are missing.

    but it might work okay from a distance :-)

    Agree! This would be extremely useful! :-)

    One simple thing that I really miss on an almost everyday basis, is the ability to adjust the brightness of textures to BOTH darker and lighter. Right now the textures are set to 100% brightness as default, making it impossible to lighten the textures further. Especially for reflection textures this is really annoying, as this would be a very effective way ro adjust reflection strength when a map is applied. Would it be possible to start the slider in the middle, so textures can be adjusted in both directions?

    You do actually have a lot of control over that :-) You could look at the "sun brightness" setting under the atmosphere tap, along with the shadow sharpness. another good trick i often use is to increase the cloud density, and move the clouds to a position where they partly blocks out the sun. this actually gives you quite fine control over the amount of shadows in the scene!
    You could also take full control, and turn the sun off completely and rebuilding the lighting artificially. here is a great tutorial for interior lighting, made by Vlad Moldovan:

    I completely get that the entire person is 3d scanned, and everything is baked in the same mesh :-) But I too would love to see some more "generic" models. if the doctors did not have those special Equipments, they would also easily fit in scenes with laboratories and production :-) but i know, this is not necessarily something you control, as your models a probably from axyz or renderpeople (or somewhere else?), right? :-)

    I'm Still not sure I see the problem. Isn't the whole point that you want your horizon line to go down in the final image, as you add more sky? i've done tonnes of images with the same goal. This is exactly what two point perspective allows, as it keeps all perspective lines the same as you pan your image up and down... also the horisontals ;-) it is basically a tilt shift lens :-) You can then just change the shape of your enscape window to get a different aspect ratio if you desire that. see attached examples:

    horisontal image, no shift:

    horisontal image, shifted up:

    Vertical image, no shift:

    Vertical image, shifted up:

    Overlay of the last two images to show perspective lines are exactly the same!: