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    I Think that Clemens is right, before the normal map was interpreted as a basic bump map, and "turned" it into greyscale in order to make it work... that means you was not adjusting the normal map, but only the greyscale version of it :-) in other words, you were missing all the great stuff that makes a normal map better than a bump map :-)

    the way normal maps works is quite different from bump maps, and they are not meant to be adjusted, as all the height information is stored in the very specific RGB colors of the texture... In a normal map not only height is stored, but also the direction of each pixel, which is why they are quite superior to bump maps :-)

    So having a slider for adjusting normal maps was very misleading :-)

    well so if i want what i am paying for i need to buy another thing ??

    Well, i guess you cant expect realtime raytracing on a photorealistic level, without having the hardware to back it up ;-) I would have loved to be able to play Crysis on my old commodore, but thats unfortunately not how it works ;-)

    in my opinion Enscape has already provided much more quality (and raytracing to some degree) than one could expect from an easy-to-use realtime software :-)

    I think we need to give the developers a break. They are by far the fastest developers i've experienced, and it is my understanding that they do take the community very seriously. i'm missing a lot of features too, when i look at my wish list, but i know its all down to priority. I wasn't the biggest fan of the asset library as well, and my fear was that it would take way to much focus... But i'll have to admit that i can see the benefit of it here at the office. It has enabled our MANY revit users to easily increase the level of renders they can produce directly. so even though i dont use it alot myself, i'm glad it is there :-)

    Hopefully the development of the asset system itself is more or less done by now, so new features can get some focus as well :-)

    I think the new RTX support will sort out many of my current issues (reflections and GI), and i cant wait to try it out, and the only REALLY big wish i have left is support for parallel Projection, so we architects can make real elevations, sections and plans :-)

    Hi :-)

    I just saw Your teaser on facebook, regarding nVidia's GTC presentation, and also a picture from enscape with an awesome "RTX on" title at the bottom ;-) That made me very happy. Thumbs up for trying to implement this so soon!

    Can you share some more info on this? what is the timeline for us to try it out? i'm sure we are many curious users here ;-)

    Best regards

    Any news on how to work with this in the future? At the moment we have had to roll all our machines back to versions before 8k support.

    We often work on very large projects (airports, hospitals, city planning and so on...), and not having control over this is quite troublesome :-)

    Hi :-) I should have clarified that a bit more of course :-)

    I cannot unfortunately change directories like that... all textures a placed on different servers, and MANY of the textures comes from linked models...

    The model starts up after around 15 minutes, first with a lot of missing textures, and then it turns into some sort of dark, pixelated image, which cannot be navigated. I can see my system memory hovers somewhere around the 50gb mark at this point...

    There is no errors or crashes, but enscape (and the rest of the machine..) is not usable :-)

    in the old version, it still takes around 15 minutes for the model to start, but then it works, and we can navigate and export renders without any issues :-)

    Hi :-)

    We have run into some problems with the latest versions of enscape here at the office. I think it has to do with the new support for 8k textures.

    we have an extremely heavy project (an airport with enourmous detail), and have been able to work with enscape in the models before. Now though, we cant get enscape to start up, and we think this has to do with all the texture data now being too big of a mouth full. since we use hundreds of linked models it is almost impossible to resize textures en each of them (plus we would like to keep the hight quality ones for other projects).

    In other projects we have no problems at all, and LOVE the support for large textures, but we miss some sort of control over it. Could it be possible to introduce some sort of texture-size slider, that lets enscape crop textures at certain resolutions, to cope with different projects... Right now we are forced to downgrade to version 2.4.1 to get the work done...

    our machines are i9, RTX 2080, and 64 gb ram, so they should be punchy enough! :-)

    I was able to export a stand alone image after rendering but how am I supposed to turn it into a saved jpeg image so I can use it for a project? Thanks

    be aware that enscape (at least in the past?), does some pretty heavy compressing when saving to jpeg directly, and that means lower image quality. I would recommend sticking with the standard png format, with much higher fidelity. If you should need lower file size, then use a program like photoshop or gimp to save it to Jpeg with more control. for most print cases, stick with png ;-)

    Hi Clemens, but even with that tweak, it's still to slow.... maybe 5-6 max would be good. :)

    i often (all the time actually) use shift+ctrl to speed up extra :-) i think the current solution is nice because we have easy access to 4 levels of speed, just by pressing either w, shift+w, ctrl+w or shift+ctrl+w :-) it does take some practise though...

    Great work! When you say Simlab Composer are you talking about the Pro version 9? Or do you use an old version of simlab? Because the Free Composer 9 does not support Direct export :p

    i'm using the older Simlab composer 8, and I did spend some money on it, back when i bought it :-) cant remember how much...

    Herbo looks awesome!!

    How you downloaded the Transmutr plugin? Looks like the website is not accepting new downloads and subscriptions. I really need to export some blocks from max to sketchup. Thanks

    It is still in Beta. I was lucky/fast enough to get one of the 100 early access licenses :-) It should soon be available in an official release.

    Until then, you could also take a look at Simlap Composer. It can read almost any format (more than transmutr), and can convert them to sketchup. It is not as straight forward as transmutr, but i works, and i've used it alot.