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    Oh I misunderstood your previous post, my bad!

    Indeed this should be fairly easy. We just need to see how to integrate it in the UI.

    That's a lot more complicated!

    We have plans to link 3D Bazaar and Transmutr somehow, maybe even merge them. We don't exactly how this will work, but it's definitely planned.

    Great to hear! And I'm completely aware that my second wish is a lot more complicated ;-) But if this is somehow possible in the future, it will be a real gamechanger, as we can then pull models into a scene much quicker with the visual references needed to place them correctly. At the moment we have to create dedicated custom assets in enscape, and this is a lot more time consuming and cumbersome :-)

    Thanks for your feedback!

    This is something we are going to explore with Transmutr. I guess it should be possible, but the models need to be in another file format (GLTF instead of SKP), so there is quite a lot of work to create this feature.

    When importing proxies downloaded from the marketplace, they should already be displayed as simplified (actually the same as "Skipped faces" from Transmutr) instead of wired boxes.

    Thank you for the reply!

    The first feature should not be that hard? Enscape already has an option to place other sketchup models as proxies (linked models). is it not possible to somehow "tap" into this functionality?

    And the second wish was actually ment in regard to this :-) ... Placing these local, linked models with simplified geometry instead of the wireboxes that enscape uses as standard for this... This is where transmutr comes into place ;-)

    Does this make sense?

    I've already seen the announcement on other platforms as well, and I think its a great supplement for the enscape library! its well designed, seems to have some great contributors on board already, and just widens the posibilities in an easy way! Great work :-)
    One small feature that I would really like to see is the ability to place local assets as Enscape proxies (linked models) instead of full geometry. If this is not an option it is really not a viable way to access our own libraries in most cases. a shame, as it could be my go-to tool for organising all my stuff!!
    And, if we are adding to the wish list, being able to place these proxies with simplified geometry (instead of wire boxes) would be really cool!! maybe a little transmutr magic code could do the trick?

    Again, thanks for releasing this! I cant wait to see what it can do in the future with Skatter v2 :-)

    Great to see the roadmap for 3.1! It looks very promising indeed!

    The material library has a HUGE potential for optimizing workflows, but without a custom material option, I suspect it will be quite limited. The requirements for a given material is often extremely specific, and even though i use qixel megascans (with around 14.000 different materials), I often have to tweak them or make my own from scratch. My hope is to be able to add our own materials to the library before long, and for the library to be available on a network, for a whole team to access.

    simplified assets sounds great too, especially if it is somehow possible to deside on what assets you want simplified! For instance, it would be lovely to have people show up as black (or white) silhuettes, but keep vegetation or furniture in high detail. Are you planning on giving the user some control over this?

    The panorama gallery sounds like a great addition. I've just started using the Vista 3d tour software (and it is really great and powerful!), but having just a basic version of this inside enscape would be very cool... and a lot quicker! I assume this means batch rendering for panoramas are scheduled as well? ... So we are able to update a whole tour in a simple way?

    again, great to see where Enscape is going in the next release! I'm looking forward to it :-)

    Interesting experiments,'s really impossible to tweak every object like that in a complex scene......

    Hope that Enscape can approximate the behaviour "automatically" in the (so to say near) future!

    Thank you! And I totally agree, this is not something you do everytime you need a glass in a scene ;-) Lighting and texturing needs to be on point for it to work as well :-) But yeah, lets hope that we can have some approximation of this out of the box, although it is probably not straight forward :-)

    for starters, supporting layered materials would make it a lot easier :-)

    Awesome Herbo , thanks a lot for sharing. Always lovely to see such projects and the process behind them!

    Thank you! I think it is fun to share some of the insights as well, and love when others do it too... this is a great way to learn new tricks :-)

    Großartig again!!! - thanks a lot Herbo for this look behind Your scene! (Even the bubbles are textured :) which I suspected to be scattered spheres)

    Thanks! Yep, my bubbles are just a simple texture on a cylinder shape... BUT! the texture actually has a little self illumination. without this, it has a hard time penetrating all the other layers :-)

    Really nice work!

    I've been playing with bottles and glass recently, maybe I'll post an experiment too!

    Thank you! please do share your experiments! Its fun to see what others can achieve :-)

    Pretty incredible! Is there any way to get rid of the moiré?

    Thank you :-) I actually tried a lot of things to get rid of it, but didn't find a solution. At some point it wasn't there, but when it first showed up (probably due to something I tweaked) it was there to stay ;-) Maybe the developers have some insights into this phenomenon?

    Großartig!! - I definitely prefer the beer (the filled glass! ;))

    thanks! And i totally agree, the last two images are just depressing ;-)

    Herbo, I hope it is ok for you that I add an older however similar study, back then done with Shaderlight - Yes you are right about the layers, independent of the used renderer: so the hull surface of the liquid should not be the same surface of the inner glass wall. As for the foam, I admire your achieved result :thumbup::thumbup:! in my case, the latte macchiato foam I had to surrender ;-) and used instead (as seen below) a cutout texture which I converted to a face-me component then. How did you achieve this so good foam detail?

    wow, great studies!! the scattering looks just right, and i really love your workaround for the coffee ;-) its a neat trick, and the illusion works :-)
    my foam is actually a solid form, made with a foliage type material with some shine and bumb... it is still not "airy" enough, but without real SSS it is probably as close as I can get :-)

    My beer is basically constructed like this:

    Great, great job herbo. Again! At this opportunity, congratulation for the Post on Enscape Blog for your "CyberPunk" Scene. Personally i think it´s the best work i saw here on enscape-forum!

    Do you have a tutorial to make HDRI by yourself? I never tried it and wonder how to make it and how you make the photos? With a panorama function or do you need a special camera.... Thanks!

    Many thanks from me too

    As always, your work is a great addition to the forum. :love:

    Similar question as the bro IB

    The 360 pictures you took for it. how to get to the photo of the roofs in the city where the streets are narrow.

    Thank you very much, both of You! And i'm reallt glad you liked the blogpost regarding the cyberpunk scene too :-)

    Regarding the HDRI, its actually really simple for the use case above. In this case my main focus was to get the reflections right, and I therefore didn't need a "real" hdri with dynamic range and defined light sources and so on. I simply needed a 360 photo to put into Enscapes "skybox" slot. And by far the easiest and cheapest way to make these are by using the "google street view" app on your phone. This is actually a fully fledged 360 camera app that lets you take images in an intuitive way, in hight resolution, and even add them to google maps, if you fancy :-)

    Be aware of the horizon line in the final image. You cant move the skybox up or down in enscape (which is something i really miss!!), so this must be placed right in the image itself :-) It should basically be right in the middle of the image in most cases. do this in photoshop by simply moving the image up or down, and add more sky/ground correspondingly.

    An even faster way is to extract 360 degrees imagery directly from google maps streetview. This is however at a much lower resolution than what you can capture yourself. A toturial on how to do this can be found here:…as-from-google-streetview

    - use option 2, which is free!

    If you want to get into real HDRI creation, this is a good tutorial. I've only tried this one or two times myself, with mixed results, so i will not call myself an expert in this art ;-)


    Some time ago I experimented alot with glass in enscape. I know this is one of the hardest things to get right in a real time rendering engine, due to optimizations for reflections, lack of subsurface scattering and a lack of shadows. but I still wanted to get as close to realism as possible, and the images below are the result of my testing. The glass is basically made up of a lot of different layers, with a tiny distance between them. the layers are (from the inside - out):
    1. beer bubbles

    2. beer

    3. glass (two panes)

    4. finger smudges

    5. droplets

    It takes a lot of tweaking, but you can actually get some real control over it!

    I hope you like it :-)

    Still no news on the stuff i've mentioned for all previous 3.x previews? Namely, the big issue of having to wait 10-15 minutes to do anything in the settings? I won't go into details, as I'm sure you have read all my previous posts (hopefully), and seen all the support from the rest of the community.

    again, without a solution to this, big firms like ours will have a very hard time justifying an upgrade, as our workflow will be worse than before, despite all the hard work that have gone into streamlining the UI.

    I think some great solutions were suggested already, especially this one from MatthiasL)


    Wouldn't it be beneficial to everyone to make exporting in one or two steps an option in the preferences and just disable it by default? This way users that are accustomed with the current workflow can use it the way they're used to (one click for Opening Enscape & starting the export) while users with larger projects such as Herbo can use the two step method (two clicks - open Enscape, start Export).

    Please, take this seriously. when most of the users here agree that this is not optimal, it is probably right ;-)

    Wouldn't it be beneficial to everyone to make exporting in one or two steps an option in the preferences and just disable it by default? This way users that are accustomed with the current workflow can use it the way they're used to (one click for Opening Enscape & starting the export) while users with larger projects such as Herbo can use the two step method (two clicks - open Enscape, start Export).

    Just sayin' ;)

    This!! This would be a perfect solution, with almost no impact on the overall vision You have for how the software works... but it still allows advanced users and big offices to use the software in an effective manner.

    Thank you so much for your statement! We appreciate your insights, we really do.

    This answer might not be satisfying, but even if the solution seems "simple", it must be well considered, planned and executed. Especially with all the big changes going on.

    The RTX (and all other settings that has an effect on performance) still can be turned on and off on the cad-sided UI - general settings > performance.

    Thank you for your answer :-) and I agree completely. large changes must indeed be well considered, and thought through. And that is exactly why I'm pointing out that the current system is not working. It has to be looked at again for the software to be usable for serious work.

    It is simply not a workflow that can be used at a big office like ours, where time is money, and the projects are large an complex. i understand that this is probably not an issue when you demo new releases on small files (one family homes etc), that loads almost instantly. But this is not how big architectural firms work. We do hospitals, airports, conference centers and other large, complex scenes that can be a hassle to work with. we do a lot of model optimizations and we are constantly monitoring hardware resources to make sure we stay within bounds. this means closing Enscape when it is not in use, and it means constantly changing settings.

    and please note that i find all the other new UI features to be awesome! The new look of the software is amazing, and getting features streamlined into enscape itself is really great, especially for new users. none of the hard work is lost on me, and i really appreciate the direction this is going. So again, the only issue is, that i have to wait for ages for my model to load, before i can do anything ;-)

    simple or not, a solution for this must be implemented if we (and other large offices) are to adopt the new version. Right now it is just too time consuming and cumbersome to work with, for that simple reason that there is stuff you cant do without waiting 10-15 minutes every time.

    one solution (as mentioned), is to start the export itself seperatly of opening the enscape window... another is to have access to visual settings on the sketchup side as well.

    PS. I know that RTX is located in general settings, but it was my understanding that this was moving as well? And the most important settings regarding quality is still in the visual settings (namely render quality).

    great to see the process moving forward!

    any news on the one major issue with the new version 3? namely that you cant do anything without exporting the whole model first? This is something that makes the software almost useless for all serious demanding work. A heavy model can sometimes take up to 10-15 minutes to load (if it loads at all). And often it is very difficult to keep working in the 3d software while all resouces are being spend on the enscape window... this means closing enscape often! if we cant do any tweaking to settings without constantly having to load/reload enscape, it will take forever to get thins done? And what if the model keeps crashing, and we want to lower render settings, turn off RTX or something else that is causing a problem? this is now impossible, making the model useless...

    i've mentioned this a lot of times before, and MANY users have backed the points... but it seems that it is all being ignored? How come?

    Especially because the fix is SO simple! Just let us open Enscape WITHOUT exporting the model. instead have e big export/play button in the window, that starts the export process when the user is ready. now we can do all the tweaking we want without having to wait for ages everytime.

    Please, this is really something that has to be fixed. our whole office will not update to the new version until it is solved. it is simply going to cost us way to much time to use it....

    Wow amazing job! :thumbup:

    I have a simple question, how do I cut the ''terrain'' at 1:01of your video when its in Sketchup? What plugin do I use to cut that part out.:)

    Thank you so much for this Herbo. I am just going through the process now. I wondered, how did you manage to cut the site area out of your model in sketchup @1.01 in your video?

    I have a residential site area I would like to cut and replace certain buildings with but not sure how to do it!

    Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the method.

    The cutting of the terrain is actually very basic. I simply make a plane in the shape of my site (in 2d), extrude it to a tall "box" form, and then group it. now, simply place it over the imported context model in the exact location, and make sure it intercepts with the geometry. Now, choose "intercept with model", and the box should draw lines in the context model in the shape of the site. This should make it easy to delete anything on the site itself, leaving a precise cut-out in the context model. now you can replace it with whatever you want.

    In the case of my video, i already had a 3d model of my site, with gradings and everything.

    I hope that helps!

    Hi all

    I just wanted to share some of the latest work i've done in Enscape. These are images that are part of a prospect ment to lure in a new tennant in this existing building.

    this time only the main building itself is rendered, and the surroundings are photoshopped in. The is not that common for me anymore, but sometimes time is limited, and the end result is good enough to get the job done :-)
    To make compositing a bit easier, and to make the images blend together better, i've captured 360 images from the site itself (from the same time as the images used as backgrounds), that is used as hdri's. this gives correct reflections and color cast. without much tweaking :-)

    i found lenovo all in one pc with Nvidia GetForce MX330 graphics and other option was AMD radeon 625

    It is still a quite slow card (the mx330). I would not recommend anything below a gtx 1650 ti mobile for enscape use, if you are planning on doing anything serious.

    Without a dedicated graphics card with some moderate power, your experience in Enscape is probably going to be quite limited (and bad).

    And although the AMD integrated graphics is a tad more powerful than the intel offering, it is still a very slow option, not suited for more serious tasks :-)

    This thread should probably be moved to the "Feature requests" section :-)
    But, Laubwerk support has been talked about alot before. I made this thread 3 years ago, but nothing has happened since:

    Laubwerk support?

    But, at that time we did not have the asset library, and for the most part i think the plan is, that the library should eliminate the need for Laubwerk.
    right now the number of available plant models are still too limited though, but hopefully this could be changed in the future :-)

    Great tutorial! Your youtube videos are a huge inspiration for many of us, and i really appreciate the thorough explanation of all the nerdy details :-) I've been using a studio setup based on your ideas (that you shared here on the forum long ago) for a long time, for many different purposes :-) Thanks!