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    I know there are some exisitng residential accessories assets that could be used to populate a retail scene. But it would be GREAT if there were things like haning apparel, folded apparel, shoes, etc.. for populating clothing retail scenes.


    Tim You could also ask, why arent software developers keeping up with Apple? Fact of the matter is, many people prefer working on a Mac, for both home use and for work. And Apple's user base is only growing. The days of working on behemoth workstations is in the past. If you are seeing computers that resemble iPads being used for work, its because that's where the technology is going. Autocad is moving some of their software to the cloud. It's not out of the question to expect software to work on hardware that is lighter and more mobile.

    That said, I am VERY happy to see that we might have a Mac versions of Enscape in 2022! Cant wait! I'm tired of keeping a clunky PC laptop around just to do renderings.

    But plenty of them are.

    Why no Enscape on a Mac?

    "The main reason is that Apple usually builds machines that don't meet the requirements for high quality real-time 3D applications such as Enscape."

    That's not exactly true, now is it. Blender works natively on a mac. Pixar's RenderMan works natively on a Mac. Cinema 4D works natively on Mac. Epic Games Unreal Engine works natively on a Mac.

    So it's not exactly fair or accurate to say that Apple doesn't build machines that meet the requirements for high quality real-time 3D applications, now is it? ;)


    Would be great to have some bed assets that are just the mattress and bedding, and no headboard or bed frame. I do a lot of design for hotels, and design a lot of custom bed frames and headboards. It would be nice to have a clean asset that I can use for the mattress and bedding, and use it with my custom bed design. King and Queen size please!

    Just updated to Enscape 3.0 for Sketchup. Having the render settings and screenshot controls in the render window are worth the update alone. SO much better! But it looks like object animation with Sketchup is still not possible. Only fly/walk-through animations. is that correct? I have a few projects where I would love to animate some moving parts, like sit/stand desks going up and down and assembly animations for product design. Is this possible with 3.0?

    My apologies if this has been asked many time by others. Consider this my +1 for any one of those threads.

    Hi! I'm a big fan of Enscape assets. I appreciate the fact that you have made assets of a lot of FF&E products I want to specify in a project. It saves me soooo much time. Thank you!

    But there is one thing I would love to see happen with the lighting assets. They look really great, but I need them to look like they are illuminated in order to really get the effect right. Is there a way to make the lights look like they are illuminated, and I'm just missing it? Take a look at the attached WIP rendering I am working on. There are two little surface mounted lights that I modeled and textured. I used a self illuminating material to give the lights the effect of being on. I also am using Enscape lighting objects to create all of the light in the room. But the Flos Aim pendant over the conference table is an asset, and I am not able to make it look like it is turned on. I would like it to have the same illumination effect like the two surface mounts.

    Any idea how I can do this? The asset is just a white cloud in my model, so I cant really model in a disc lens. If this is not possible, I'd like to make this a feature request for lighting assets.



    I mean.... if the Epic Games developers can release a Mac version of Twinmotion, I would hope that there could be a mac version of Enscape too??? ;)


    I am trying to render a scene that features a lamp that is made out of translucent plastic. I would like the body of the lamp to be rendering in a material that resembles what wax looks like when a candle is light. The material is sort of milky and translucent, and some of the light transmits through the material and creates a gradient. Has anyone been able to render a material like wax in Enscape? I've tried faking it with self illuminated gradient map. But it's not quite working.

    Here is a image of a candle to reference the effect I'm looking for.



    I am trying to render a lamp I designed. I spent a lot of time in Sketchup and the live render window tweaking the model and the materials to get the "glow" of the lamp looking like I want it. But when I go to output a final render, the effects that I spent a lot of time on are not there in the final rendered image. Attached is a screenshot of what the scene looks like in the live Enscape window while I'm working in SKetchup, and the other image is the rendered image. I am trying to give the lamp the look that it is made of translucent plastic, and there is an internal light source at the top that fades in brightness as it goes from top to bottom. I am able to get a nice gradient when working in Sketchup. But then the rendered image shows a much more abrupt transition.

    How can I go about getting the rendered image to look more like the working render screen? I have tried tweaking the model and materials so it looks right in the final rendered image. But I just can't seem to get it looking like it does in the Enscape live render window. It keeps coming out with the harsh transition no matter what I try.

    OR if you have any suggestions for how I should model it and the types of materials I should use, I'm all ears.

    Hi! I used to be able to render textures that have PNG transparencies (the PNG file created in photoshop has areas masked out, or gradients that go from transparent to opaque) in sketchup, and have them translate in Enscape. For some reason, the scene I am working on isn't doing it for some reason. It's been a while since I've had to do this. Am I missing something? See screenshots. Also attached is the PNG gradient I'm trying to render in Enscape.

    EGIE ooh! No. Those look good. I found a few a while ago that are just a bunch of white looking lights. It makes the scene look very flat and dull. I'll Give these a shot. Thanks!

    Herbo. Dang. That looks awesome. You know what, I should make my own photo studio model template. That's a good idea. Rather than building it from scratch everytime like I have been doing :D

    Also, I just figured out something I didn't know before. I was still getting super sharp shadows even when using HDRI files to light a scene. Didn't realize I had to turn the sun all the way down to zero. Getting nice diffuse light and soft shadows now.


    Has anyone had and good results with creating "studio lighting" in Enscape? I've tried loading some HDRI files into the Skybox folder and haven't gotten anything that looks quite right.

    I do a lot of furniture design and product design. The best I've been able to do is just quick model a room and then cut holes in it and use rectangular lights to get something that sort of looks like studio lighting. But I would love to find a HDRI file and settings that look good so I can render and design as I go. The built room and rectangular lights tend to get in the way as I'm designing.

    Any thoughts. tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    I just tried installing 2.7.1 so I can use Enscape with Sketchup 2020. But I'm still not able to see that the extension is installed for 2020.
    I ran the installer, restarted my computer. But still not seeing Enscape in Sketchup 2020.

    After running the installer, and opening Sketchup 2020, I am not seeing Enscape under the extension drop down menu.