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    Has anyone had and good results with creating "studio lighting" in Enscape? I've tried loading some HDRI files into the Skybox folder and haven't gotten anything that looks quite right.

    I do a lot of furniture design and product design. The best I've been able to do is just quick model a room and then cut holes in it and use rectangular lights to get something that sort of looks like studio lighting. But I would love to find a HDRI file and settings that look good so I can render and design as I go. The built room and rectangular lights tend to get in the way as I'm designing.

    Any thoughts. tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    I just tried installing 2.7.1 so I can use Enscape with Sketchup 2020. But I'm still not able to see that the extension is installed for 2020.
    I ran the installer, restarted my computer. But still not seeing Enscape in Sketchup 2020.

    After running the installer, and opening Sketchup 2020, I am not seeing Enscape under the extension drop down menu.

    This might be wishful thinking. i am working on a design for a lobby space where we want to have projections showing on a wall. i am planning on presenting the design to my client in VR, and would love to have a moving image playing on the projection screen instead of a static still image.

    is there any way to do that with Enscape? it would be amazing.

    PS, sorry about the lower case i's. For some reason, i am not able to type capitol i's right now.


    Hi there,

    Our office is looking to buy a laptop that we can use as a VR setup and render station.

    Currently, we are a Mac based office. All Mac Pros. But we need to have one setup that is VR capable, and one that can run Enscape with both Revit and Sketchup. We're looking at a laptop because there are many occasions where we need to work on-site remotely. So having a desktop setup isn't ideal.

    I am currently looking to buy an Asus ROG Zephyrus (GX501). But I'm not crazy about the look of a gaming laptop. Are there any other non gaming laptops out there that meet all of the specs required to run a decent VR setup? We will be using the HTC VIVE.

    Hi There,

    It looks like this topic has been thoroughly discussed in the thread above. But I just want to add my voice to the choir to beg and plea for a version of Enscape that runs natively on a Mac.

    I had the absolute pleasure of using Enscape at my last job, and I have to say that in all of my years of using various rendering engines, Enscape is hands down the BEST. You guys absolutely nailed it. THIS is the way design professionals should be working. You have managed to take something that, for us end users, used to be overly complicated and incredibly time consuming, and made it fast, easy and most importantly, reliable. With Enscape, I am able to use my time DESIGNING, and not endlessly fiddling with settings to get my scenes to look right. And then VR is just icing on the cake. I never really thought much of VR in the past, but now that I have used it in a professional setting, It's is hard to imagine how I am going to function without it.

    I'm hoping that there will be an announcement at the upcoming WWDC that will convince the Enscape team that Mac OS will work.

    If it does, and if you guys ARE developing a Mac version, I would love to be a tester.