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    Hello! This is not really a problem, but could be an improvement.

    When I'm presenting a scene in VR, the person starts on the VR center position, and this is the position that enscape uses to make the bounding box for colision. If the person phisically move in the ambient and goes away from the VR center, they will not be where enscape makes colision. So sometimes people try to move with the controller thumbstick, where it seems to be an open space, but enscape is detecting a colision, os they wont be able to move.

    Example in the picture

    Moving the colision together with the camera would be perfect, but if that impossible, or hard to implement, a "center VR position" button on the computer would solve my problem (I know its possible to recenter using the controlles, but people who never used VR tend to have some difficulty navigating trough the menu in VR).


    I do have 2 examples of this. First one is not ideal, but as an example you can look for any 360 video in youtube and use a VR player to watch it in your headset. The problem is that youtube doese'nt support depht or stereoscopic videos, so you will just have a lame 2D VR experience.

    Another example are some videos that I have in my computer that were made specifcally for VR, so they do have depth to a certain extent, mostly because of recording method limitation (2 cameras, not always perpendicular to your pov, etc etc)

    But the stereo panoramas that we get from enscape are incredibly good to see in a vr headset, at any angle you look, so I was hoping to be able to do those panoramas following a video path.

    Today i got another job request that would make a real good use of this feature

    Hello Demian, thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately the mirror placement is part of the designer project, I have no authority to change them, and sadly the next release preview didn't make the reflections any better, in this case at least.

    Now for the solution i used, if anyone is having the same problem

    Put a completely clear glass plane in front of every mirror that could have this issue. Dont forget to put a 2mm space between them to avoid those coplanar artifacts.

    Only mirrors, strange effect

    Mirrors + glass. Not quite the result irl, but still better than those strange mirror angles.

    Hope this is helpfull for anyone withthis issue.

    Hello guys.

    There was a time when Enscape would not render multiple reflections, and this was changed at some point, so i.e. a mirror would show a second mirror reflection as well. is there a way to disable this via some config files? I would rather have the old method as the multiple reflections are giving me some strange results. I can get the result I want by rendering the mirrors from behind a glass panel, but it is extra work and I would apreciate if I could just turn this off.

    This is what i get with multiple reflections. I cant use this king of image

    This is what I would like to have, just a single reflection from the mirror. This is possible by rendering from behind a glass pane, but as I said, its an extra step to do.

    Thanks for any help

    Hi everyone!

    I could'nt find any post about this topic, hopefully is not repeated..

    Do you have any plans to add video panorama to enscape? For example, to follow the same path in the vido editor, but on each frame we get a 360° image as we already have in normal panorama. Would be great to showcase some walkarounds with the person holding theys phones and looking anywhere.

    Thanks for the answer guys, it seems to be exactly that.

    I did some tests here as follows.

    camera settings are saved into the scene in sketchup. "Synchronise views" is selected in the enscape panel. When I change scene in skp, enscape will correctly follow that scene, changing FOV accordingly.

    If i change scenes one by one and make the renderings manually, the come out perfect, but that negates the whole purpose of batch rendering.

    If I do a batch render, enscape will follow everything from the saved scenes, EXCEPT the FOV. It will just use the "visual settings" FOV instead. My personal problem is that I do a lot of interiors and the FOV changes a lot, otherwise i would just set it and batch pictures with same FOV at a time, but this workaround is impractical for me.

    If you could explain what you mean by "unusable", low framerate? blurred image? motion sickness?

    Maybe describe your full hardware, including VR headset...

    It is well known that enscape is very system intensive and depending on your VR headset you could loose up to 3/4 of your framerate comparing to the monitor, plus enscape is tuned down a step in "render quality" setting when in VR, so dont expect to have the same results as you have in a screen.

    Hi everyone

    I'm aware that this is an old topic, but I think I read somewhere that it was resolver for the last enscape version.

    Well, it's still happening to me.

    Single image render works just fine, but batch render changes the viewport and gives me "extra image" on the sides. Attached image to compare, top one is single render, all fine, and bottom one is batched. Am I doing something wrong or is this still a issue?


    Hi everyone!

    I am experiencing some strange bahaviours about Ram usage.

    When working at my rig at home, program seems to run fine and it does go trough all the video ram before using the shared memory.

    got an R53400g RTX 2080ti 11gb and 16gb RAM.

    When working at the office, the computes doesent uses more than 5gb from the vram, and starts using all the shared ram.

    its a i7-6700 RTX3060 12gb and 16gb RAM.

    so when using enscape, the computer uses 5gb from the 12 available, and tops 16gb from the ram, making the system freeze.

    Drivers are up to date.

    Is there any way to force use all the vram before the shared memory?


    Hi everyone!

    I'm working on a project where shadow position is very important, and I was trying to do a timelapse throughout the day without moving the camera.

    I have tried to create 2 timestamps in the same location, and then using the keyframes to alter the lenght of the video. The problem is, when 2 keyframes occupy the same position in space, as soon as you click on the timestamp checkbox, it gets unchecked automatically. Seems like the editor uses the camera displacement to advance time.
    Is there any workaround for this?