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    It would be nice if you can import camera tracks from real movies.

    Now I create a camera track path in Aftereffects and export it to 3dsmax. Then I can match the 3dmodel with the video.

    But... I want the render from enscape, with the nice materials. So please, add the possibility to import camera tracks in Enscape.

    Is it possible to make the right thumb for rotate the view? Before the need to use SteamVr, only the oculus software and airlink, the right tumb was for rotating the view. Now the user must rotate his body/head to turn around.

    With steam+steamVr and virtual desktop the movements are smooth now.

    I can walk with my left thumbstick, but can't rotate my view with the right thumbstick. I have to rotate my head.

    On a (xbox look-a-like) gamecontroller is works perfect.

    Is that a bug, or can i override the thumbfunctions? In the virtual desktop on the oculus the settings looks ok.

    Same problem here with reverse video. Navigate to a point, make a keyframe, walk to another point, make a keyframe again. Then press play, and the video is reverse.

    Revit 2022 with Enscape 3.2.0 preview 2 (53376)

    Hé Demian,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Export as a standalone is not an option, because it's then impossible to remove some elements when the client ask for it.

    So if the developers could bring the option back, i'm happy

    Before version 3.0 it was possible to tab tru my favorites with a bluetooth remote controller.

    Now with version 3 it's impossible to do and do i have to sit behind my computer by a demonstration.

    Is this functionality coming back?

    For now i go back to version 2.9. Works better whit presentations on a second screen.

    New UI very cool, but i just need old button position of visual setting and take screenshot function !!

    Its not handy when using 2 big monitors, where the left monitor is the workscreen and the right monitor for Enscape.

    For presentations i cast the second screen to a big 55" television. It was better when enscape was fullscreen. Now there are buttons and i have to go with the mouse over 2 monitors.