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    Hi Enscape Team,

    Maybe there is a solution to this already but stay with me.

    At our Architecture Firm we use Enscape for multiple deliverables (VR, renderings, videos etc etc) and the QR Code is what I want to focus on today.

    We place QR codes on our documents throughout the life of our projects from the very beginning to the very end and we are running into something very cumbersome. when you place a qr code on a physical sheet of paper that is a snapshot in time - then we send it to the job site, if we make changes to the 3D model (which we do constantly) we then have to re-export a new image to the cloud to receive a new QR code, print a new sheet of paper with updated QR codes. Is there a way to keep the same QR code (essentially this view is taken from the view from before - maybe a piece of furniture moved a little or added a window or something) so when someone on site or a client uses their QR Code reader they get an updated image from an old printed document?

    Thank you!

    CampCots As noted on the other thread, we currently need SteamVR to support Windows Mixed Reality. The technical reason is that we support the Oculus through their API and the Vive through OpenVR, which comes as SteamVR. Windows Mixed Reality API does not expose an easy way to for Enscape to render to the Windows Mixed Reality devices. With Oculus and Vive marking about > 90% of the market share, we would rather make Enscape better in other locations and have you tolerate SteamVR, that to invest a good chunk of time in re-implementing something that kind of already works.

    I have recorded a feature request and we will elaborate on it, since Windows Mixed Reality devices are slowly gaining market share.

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for your response I understand - It can be difficult to corral all the hardware and software that drives such a massive technology

    Keep me posted if you hear otherwise


    I see that you have 2 HP Reverbs, can you please let me know your thoughts on these, is the visual quality as good as they are saying?

    Yes, I like the comfort of the headset and visual quality is really awesome - we had purchased 12 of the 'original' and enjoyed not being bound by the lighthouses/sensors so we are used to the setup (same on reverb) the quality is unmatched ( we also have a HTC Vive - not pro cant speak to that ) but that is now collecting dust - they do draw more power than the original MR headsets so our laptops do not work too well with the Reverb so we spec'd two new towers to run Enscape in ULTRAHD on a couple projects and its really fantastic - clients were floored. I have done extensive research for our company - traveled around to different conferences and haven't found a better headset

    At my architectural firm we use enscape with clients and designers as a one stop shop for all visualization and space planning. We have been using virtual reality (VR) alot over the past 8 months and really have a hard time getting people on Steam accounts and simplifying the process with our clients

    Headset preferred choice (currently have 12 units): HP Windows Mixed Reality (1st Gen) and 2 HP Reverbs

    Enscape... is there a way to override the need for Steam and all its utilities? Ideal situation would be when you hit VR on enscape it launches in the headset without launching steamVR

    We use Enscape for clients as well as a design tool at our firm, could you implement a 3D redlining/drawing tool and a annotation/comment box? Usable in VR would be handy as well, not sure if this is possible but exporting the comments with screen captures or something would be the ideal situation so I can send these back to my desk or drafters to pick up notes

    Really enjoying the new version!

    Thanks Enscape!