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    Totally agree with Matthias, ComicSans is the worst possible font to use (along with papyrus) in any situation.

    Other than that:

    Door frame, door leaf and door handle need refining.

    Add a skirting board, it helps the visual transition between floor and wall.

    By all means have the additional ability to ‘activate’ the materials from the new bar but Please don’t have the materials dialog in or on the Enscape window, or any dialog for that matter.

    Talking about the materials dialog; in SketchUp if the colour controls had the same setup as SU’s then I’d never need to use both of them when making edits. What I’d like to see is the 3 sliders which can switch between RGB, HLS etc by default, not the grid picker. Often I have the colour nearly right and all I want to do is make it slightly darker/lighter etc.

    I was on 2.7 up until this morning, I’d installed 2.8 when it 1st came out and ran into a couple of problems that I believe were fixed in subsequent 2.8 releases, but as I was in the middle of a couple of important projects I decided to stick with 2.7.

    It’s only in the past week I got word that those projects are definitely absolutely (no more little changes) finished and non of my current projects were near final delivery so... I went for 2.9.

    Similarly, I’ll be watching SketchUp 2021 carefully but for now (and probably until a .1 release I’ll stick with 2020 .... my days of racing to be a 1st adopter are in my youth (along with my capacity to drink beer)

    I've just upgraded from 2.7 to 2.9 (missed 2.8 due to not wanting to upset active projects at the time) and did a pano render as a test to compare.

    I was a bit concerned as it seemed to be a slower render so I checked that RTX was off etc and then opened both the 2.7 and 2.9 renders in Afinity Photo to compare.....

    WOW! panos now render at 16k x 8k! instead of the 8x4, thats why it was a little slower. It maybe that the change happed in 2.8 and I missed it.

    Is there a complete change log for 2.9 (and other versions for that matter)?

    Here's a quick comparison between the 16k and 8k:

    “Our client then requested that we have animated people“

    Ha! Who would have thought that?

    Enscape’s speed constantly blows my mind, I had to make some minor edits (client request) to one of my houses recently, I made the edits, knocked out 7 panos and 8 video clips, re-compiled the video and pano tour .... all before lunch ..... damn magic in my eyes.

    My biggest bottleneck is SU’s sluggishness with big models; especially with copy/paste operations.

    There’s a thread of the forum requesting Enscape stories, you should post the above (or a version of) there, it’s a good one.

    Share your Success Stories with us!

    Nice! The way you’ve implied motion in the people is a very clever solution.

    Out of curiosity, how many people have worked on the model? Is it just yourself or were others involved. I ask because I’m ‘the 3D guy” and do everything and if you’re the same then that’s one hell of a big project (modelling, rendering, video)

    Watching task manager whilst I render has shown me that 99% of my crashes in Enscape is when I run out of video memory on my RTX2070 with its 8Gb. I've got 32Gb of system ram and never reach its upper limits.

    I was hoping the 30 series would up that but the 3070 is still 8Gb whilst the 3080 has 10 and the very pricy 3090 has 24.

    AMD announced the new Radeon cards this week (RX6800, 6800XT and 6900XT) which all have 16Gb of mem and undercut the RTX's price wise. I'd be interested to find out how Enscape performs with non Nvidia cards.

    I’ve no idea how you could produce an image (any image) ‘to scale’ but what you (as a user) could do is have a component of a known dim or even a simple ruler in your scene that you can subsequently use to scale your image in whatever page make up (indesign, SULayout etc) app you wish to use.