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    Something needs to be done to tackle the amount of spam appearing here, I must tag about 2 posts/users a day and I bet other users are seeing/tagging similar.

    How come it’s so easy for a bot/idiot to sign up here? Is there no email authenticator in the signup process?

    Come on Enscape, add a little security to this place.

    That spec looks fine to me, the term ‘gaming laptop’ is just marketing speak so don’t worry about it. Any fancy lighting it may have can be turned off in which case it’ll look just like a std laptop.

    Quite often gaming laptops have bigger heat sinks/cases as they expect gamers to use the machine in a more sustained manner so that’ll be a good thing for you/us as the machine won’t so readily thermal throttle when being used, it just means it’ll be a bit bigger than a std slim laptop. The screen is 1920*1080 which could feel a bit low res but you can always hook up an external monitor with a higher res and then you’ll have a nice dual screen setup.

    PS, Why start a new thread? Choosing a new laptop based on NVIDIA graphics card. (T500 vs. P620 vs. T2000)

    The size of the building is somewhat irrelevant, it’s the detail ‘in’ the model that you need to watch for. A super accurate door handle with multi segmented radius’s and screw heads could easily have more faces that a typical boring multi story building, also a really big consumer of video card memory is materials and their associated textures so for example a typical modern skyscraper could have just several materials (glass, metals, conc etc) where as a model of a furnished living room will easily have 30,40 or more.

    It may sound like I’m trying to scare you into buying more than you need, sorry about that, it’s not my intention and you’ll probably not experience any problems with a 6gb card, it’s just that I think an 8 should be the min.

    This is one of my pano tours, it’s all rendered from one model and as you can see it’s not short of complex geometry and multiple materials and I’ve never experienced a single problem with my 8gb 2070 when rendering it or any of the 20 or so I’ve done so far so as I say a 6gb card will probably be ok.

    I’ve also attached a 4000*3000 test image from my current project. The model has 12 unique houses, 18 in total, 18 high detail cars, 100’s if not 1000’s of hi-poly plants and 100’s of Enscape trees. It’s one of 45 test images I did on Friday afternoon to show the client, each one rendered in seconds and not one problem occurred so if as you say you’re going to be working on ‘smaller drawings’ then 6gb will be ok.

    6 won’t be a problem ….. unless you want to produce images at high res with a lot of content.

    Enscape will crash (run out of video mem) on me when a particular view has a lot of high detail plants in it, I’ve successfully rendered multiple images from the same model but as soon as I’d got a view with excessive plants it would go down. My solution was to change the view a little or reduce the planting in that particular view. I’ve only ever hit the 8GB limit once or twice so don’t go thinking it’s a regular occurrence.

    Whilst you can upgrade the RAM in any comp you can’t upgrade the video memory so If I was you I’d hunt around for a machine with a 2070 or 3070 or better. I’ve just setup a HP Omen 30L with a Ryzen 7 and a RTX3080 for a friend and it seems a very nice machine, There is a problem though; getting Nvidia video cards is a massive problem for anyone inc the likes of HP as Bitcoin miners are sucking up all the supply so good luck finding something suitable.

    Personally, I'd never go below 8Gb on the card, I've got an RTX2070 with 8Gb and even then I've run into problems when rendering some 8kx8k images. It's not every time and it's not every image from a model, it really depends on exactly what's in the view being rendered.
    You can think of the difference between a 2060/70/80 in the same way as cars, eg the BMW 3 series/5 series/7 series, you also see cards with 'Ti' in their names, such as RTX2080Ti ; they are like the M5 of the BMW 5 series.
    The current generation of Nvidia cards is the 30XX's ie 3060, 3070, 3080.

    The GTX(older 10XX cards) and RTX are consumer cards and the Quadro are pro but .... unless the software you're using is specifically optimized to make use of the Quadro features you're not going to see any realistic performance boot over the consumer RTX .... ie save your money and get an RTX instead of a Quadro.

    I did the survey but as I’m still on v2.9 I never got the questions about v3’s UI.

    Why am I still on v2.9? …….. The answer is v3’s UI, specifically the way settings are now handled.

    Only allowing v3 users to answer or not asking v2.9(or less) users why they’re not using v3 isn’t going to give you accurate results.

    Enscape uses absolute paths for its materials so if you have Google or OneDrive installed in their default locations YOUR path will be something like:


    but your colleague's will be


    Whilst you are syncing correctly between machines Enscape and any other app that references files will raise errors as in the case of your colleague it can't find 'C:\Users\nadjanda\GoogleDrive\MyTextures\whatever.jpg' even though it's on their system.

    There is an answer, though but it does involve reconfiguring GoogleDrive and can be a slightly scary process.

    BOTH of you (all team members in fact) need to setup GoogleDrive (Same for OneDrive, Dropbox, etc) so they are in the same folder on each machine.

    My OneDrive is D:/OneDrive on all my machines but if you or ANYONE in the team only have a C drive it MUST go there (C:)

    If you have an ounce of doubt about doing this then DONT, you're going to be mucking about with a lot of files and ALL existing projects will have broken texture links for everybody but ... moving forward it will be much better.

    I own 2 Mac’s, an iMac 27” and a MBP 15”.

    Based on what I’ve just said …… DONT buy a Mac if your planning on using SketchUp and Enscape (or most other rendering engines).

    Get a good gaming PC with an Nvidia 2070 or greater (most now come with 30xx gen cards) This will not only be a lot cheaper but massively more powerful when it comes to rendering.

    A computer is just a tool, and whilst Mac’s are beautiful bit of kit that are very good at what they do, they’re not in any way shape or form a good tool for 3D.

    If you want an image for print then dpi alone isn't enough, the image will also have to be CMYK and not RGB. Printing an RGB image for your own use is fine but if you're going to be professionally printing it in the likes of a brochure, book etc then it has to be CMYK.

    Additionally, the CMYK profile you choose will be dependant on your location/printer/paper stock, you can read more here:

    So no matter what, you'll be editing the images in Photoshop (or similar) in which case you'll be setting the dpi at the same time as you change its profile.

    This is a link to a 64Mb zip file that contains ALL the thumbnails of the Enscape assets.

    Each PDF is one of the Library categories (Accessories, Animals, Construction etc)

    The filenames listed in the PDF are the names within the Library so if you find one you/your colleagues like in the PDF you can easily type 'Desk Lamp 13' for example in the Asset Lib to get to it quickly.

    All Enscape asset thumbnails as of May 2021 - (Zip file on OneDrive):!AkhTpxcdiHsSsbFZ912fo_NkNVIzpA?e=zBG38d

    Sample Screenshot of the Lighting pdf:

    I worked out how to extract the thumbnails and then a friend of mine (thanks Joe) automated it so that it processed all of them. I'm not entirely comfortable sharing how I did it as it involves poking around a bit in the Enscape files so please don't ask :)

    I asked and got permission to post these.

    When the Library next gets updated I'll do the process again ... That is unless Enscape themselves come up with a better solution.