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    I’ve mentioned it his a while ago but I wrote an AHK script that:

    • Pops up a dialog to select the project and some options
    • Renames the png’s to [project name]-[scene name].png
    • Makes a dated folder in the project folder
    • Copies the renders as jpg’s at full res to a sub folder
    • Copies the renders as low-res jpg’s (for emailing) to a subfolder
    • Deletes the originals.

    My old post RE: Stop Adding Enscape/Date in Batch Render File Names.

    The panos ‘are’ saved locally, but….

    They are saved as xml files with the jpg pano as a base64 string within the structure of the xml.

    You can open an xml file in a txt editor without any problems but a code editor such as MS’s VisualStudio Code editor would be best as it’ll display the xml formatting.

    I don’t know about MacOS but in Windows the panos(xml files) are in your Documents folder (I can’t remember the exact subfolder name but it’s got ‘Enscape’ in it so it should be easy to find)

    Saving them as xml isn’t a necessary silly idea as the xml file can (and does) contain a lot more than just the rendered pano, it also contains the project name, camera position, thumbnail image etc.

    I’m trying (unsuccessfully sadly) to write my own little utility to batch save the panos, I know what I want it to do and I know it can be done but I don’t have the coding skills to execute it.

    What we need is a better pano manager that’ll make saving panos AS JPG’s much easier. I’ve made the request in the Portal but more of us need to ask for it to bring it up the priority list.

    Over the past few days I’ve finished 4 pano tours, 2 with 22 panos each and the other 2 with 30, that’s 104 panos manually saved and named not counting the re-renders due to errors and edits….. that’s on top of the 40+ tours I’ve previously completed……I really really REALLY want a better pano management interface.

    Had something similar, it’s a reflection of a reflection of a reflection of a reflection etc.

    If you turn the reflection value of the marble material down it should go away or alternatively if you really need the marble to be super reflective you could have a 2nd marble material for the smaller side panels that doesn’t /has a low reflective value.

    Do you have raytracing on?

    Try turning it off along with DLSS etc and see if the batch process will then work.

    I’ve an 8Gb 2070 and regularly batch render 30ish 4k x3k with no problems at what I regard as amazing speed …… unless …… I try raytracing, at which point it’s crash city.

    Personally I think we’ve all drank a bit too much of Nvidia’s RTX coolaid. It’s barely used by gamers (it’s intended audience) and is regularly the source of problems here and I assume with others render engines.

    I’ve always built my own so can’t really recommend a built one, sorry.

    There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with your current spec apart from the memory, why don’t you speak to Maingear and get a 32GB upgrade kit and see if that’ll fix things for you before you spend $$$$$.

    Is that the specs of your current PC or one you are planning on buying?

    • 8GB of memory is woefully small, in my opinion in 2023 you need no less than 32, I’ve recently upgraded mine to 64.
    • I don’t know if VW is multi core (SketchUp isn’t) but if it is then it would benefit from a better processor, maybe a Ryzen 7. Intel are still the better single core performers.
    • 512gb of storage will get consumed quicker than you think, think about a 250GB SSD for you boot/os/software (C drive) and a 1 or 2TB HD to store your files(D drive). Separating your stuff from everything else is never a bad idea.
    • The 3080 is about a good as you can get, the 40series are better but not yet on a bang for buck basis.

    Did you initially install SU22 correctly?

    You need to right click on the installer and select ‘run as administrator’ (being an administrator isn’t the same)

    SU needs certain permissions to be able to copy/install files such as plugins into folders that Windows may regard as protected.

    You can run the installer again using the above method and select the ‘repair’ option in the installer to fix the permissions without damaging your current SU setup.

    Gave it a quick try and I'm impressed.

    I recently did a bunch of exterior stills for a couple of detached houses, The houses were nothing special and I knocked them up nice and quickly, but ... I then had to populate the rooms enough to make them 'not empty' it probably took as long to do that as it did to build the house(s).

    I'm 100% convinced that RoomBox would have been more than suitable and would have only taken a couple of mins to do several unique rooms.

    I show my boss and I'm sure we'll be getting RB soon.

    I’ve got 2 monitors, a 27” 4K by HP and a 24” 1920x1080 by Dell. They natively have quite different colours out of the box but….

    I’ve got me one of these and I can make them (to my perception) not only colour accurate to anything I hold up against the screen but exactly the same as each other.

    They can be got for around £150 but are often discounted (currently £110 on uk Amazon)….for me it was one of the best small tech investments I’ve made.

    I have a 2070 with 8gb and I’d happily trade lower speed for more memory.

    You mention video games, they’ll have a team of people working for months to optimise textures, we don’t have that time/team luxury and as a result much of our geometry/textures are over complex/over size.

    Raytracing uses memory like crazy and as a result the times I’ve tried it resulted in Enscape/SU crashing out when the video memory filled up. I can render with it off but on would be better.

    If I was offered a 3070 or 3060 as an upgrade I wouldn’t even have to think about it, it’d be the 3060 with its 12gb

    Have a look at this pano tour -

    If you go into the living room you’ll see a view of Dublin out the window.

    • I did this by using Google Earth (the app not the website).
    • Positioning the camera at the approx proper location/height
    • Capturing a load of stills WITHOUT moving the origin, I looked up/down/left/right etc.
    • Stitching the stills into a panorama using pano2vr (got a friend to do this as I don’t have the software myself)

    It was a delicate process as GE really really want to move the camera but once I got a process going it was quite quick.

    Additionally a pano tour, be it via Enscape’s own viewer or 3rd party like mine can be viewed in a vr headset. To me there are a couple of big advantages with this:

    The load is much much lighter as the panos are only jpg’s

    You have total control of where the viewer can stand/what they can see. There is no possibility of ‘falling’ outside of the model/getting stuck in a wall etc.

    The rendering quality is always 100% irrespective of the device (desktop, mobile, headset) it’s being viewed on.

    I haven’t tried to upload a 3DVista pano tour as standalone to a quest but I know it can be done.

    Couple more of my tours:

    Info on 3DVista’s vr support:

    It’s been explained to you multiple times.

    You can download the panos

    You can then upload those panos to a server

    You can use a viewer that either me or rifkin mentioned to see the image projected on a sphere

    You can use a QR generator to create a code that links to a pano’s url

    There’s nothing special about a pano file, it’s just a jpg

    There’s nothing special about a QR code, it’s just a shortcut that a camera can understand.

    Enscape provide a very basic pano viewer as an ‘Addon’ to their service,

    Prior to me using 3DVista I knocked up a website that stored the panos in a database and used the pannellum js library to present them. Adding a QR generator would be a trivial exercise. I’m no coder so if I can do it, it can’t be that hard.

    Download them as JPG's from the Upload manager and then save/host them wherever you wish. You could easily either create QR Codes for each with something like or better still have a web gallery with a visual index of all of them.

    The gallery would mean you'd only have to share the one link to the gallery and simply adding a new pano will (should) automatically update the index.

    Viewing them online as panos would be a bit of work but there's a number of solutions from JS libraries like to commercial packages such as

    It’s easier than that as the images ARE there locally, they’re just in base64 format (text), all that’s needed is to batch extract them from the xml files.

    I’m no coder but I’ll have a poke around next week …. Unlessssss I’m waisting if my time “Rick”? Hint hint