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    If the files are in .max format then you'll need a full copy of 3DStudio Max to open them, Autodesk prevent any other app/converter from opening them. If you have max then you could export the parts as .fbx and run them through Transmutr to compress/convert them to SketchUp files.

    As 90% of what I do is for print, by default I render at 4000x3000px png and then convert the png's to jpg's after. I use a script to convert but any image app (Photoshop, Affinity Photo etc) will do the same.

    The reason I render to png 1st is because they're lossless, I can then control the jpg compression (if there is any) after. I leave converting the profile (cmyk) to my colegues as they know which one they'll be using for any given project.

    I've written an AutoHotKey (AHK) script to process my rendered images, here what it does:

    • I use SketchUp
    • I render png's to a folder on my desktop called Output
    • I render by default at 4000x3000px

    My AHK script:

    • Prompts me to select a desination Project
    • Renames the files to Projectname-Scenename.png
    • Creates a dated folder in the selected project
    • Created 3 subfolders in the new dated folder
    • Using ImageMagik it copies each png as a full size (4000x3000) jpg to one of the 3 folders
    • Using ImageMagik it copies each png as a 1600x1200 jpg (same aspect as original) to one of the 3 folders
    • Using ImageMagik it copies each png as a 1600x988 jpg (Phi aspect) to one of the 3 folders
    • (The last two are for emailing)
    • It then prompts me to delete the original png's in the Output folder

    AHK is easy enough to undertand if you've done any coding/scripting but its no 'walk in the park'.

    I'm willing to share my script BUT ... I WONT BE RESONSIBLE IF YOU USE IT AND IT SCREWS WITH YOUR FILES. Its a simple text file and not encripted so you can read each line and make adjustments to suit your needs (you'll have to anyway to make it work with your filing system)

    I've attached a screenshot of its dialog and a bit of the code, if the code looks in any way scary then THIS ISNT FOR YOU

    My process:

    Set my exposure to a fixed value, this prevents Enscape recalculating the exposure for each of the 16 views it takes (This may not be needed anymore)

    Render as mono panos

    Save them as jpgs to my comp

    In 3DVista:

    Add Media>Import Panorama (see screenshot)

    Then select Standard Panorama (see screenshot)

    You'll then be able to pick one or many Panos to import.

    I havent tried stereo pano yet as I have no need for them but that 2nd dialog is where you'd specify that thats what your importing.

    Normally my models are quite small as I (boastfully) pride myself on efficent modeling but .... now we're doing more and more realistic interiors my file sizes have gone through the roof, I cant even get away with furnishing just a corner of a room for a still as all my interiors are for 360 pano tours.

    1 nice realistic sofa can be 3x the size of a whole house ...aggghh

    Materials wise I think I have got a few that are over size (probably more than a few), I'll have a play, thanks.

    Thanks, I got round my problems by cutting the model into 2 and doing selective renderings in each, this is only a stopgap solution as now I know I can run out of memory I’m sure I’ll do it again.

    I’ll wait on the 3000 series as you say and see what they offer.

    We’re using 3DVista to make the tours, it’s simple but quite powerful, I’m only scratching the surface at the mo.

    My next tour should be much better, it’s a 13 house development with 2 of them fully fitted out, I’m guessing it’ll be about 50ish panos in the end.

    My boss want to be able to browse the assets to select the ones he want me to use. The only way to currently view them (as far as I know) is through the app.

    Wouldn’t a page of all the thumbnails on the Enscape site be useful? And theoretically easy to do as the thumbnails already exist.

    To be clear, I’m not asking for access to the library itself, just the thumbnails.

    Hi all,

    I'm currently rocking a RTX2070 8gb but my models are becoming increasingly complex and today I think I tipped over the graphics card capabilities.

    I do everything I can to minimise my models weight; anything I download I VERY carefully reprocess to remove any unnecessary geometry/materials etc before I use it but now that I'm doing a lot of interiors the complexity/model size have gone through the roof.

    I 'think' its the 8Gb on the 2070 that I'm running into so what I'm asking is "what Nvidia card would be better?" I know we can get 12Gb in the GeForce series but what about the Quadros? I've normally dismissed them as being unnecessary for SketchUp/Enscape but maybe I wrong, maybe a Quadro is what I need .... Maybe its not


    Current PCSpec: Intel i9-9900k, RTX2070, 32GB DDR4-3200

    Detailed Spec:

    Thank you! I hate doing interiors as I have absolutly no eye for interior design so for you to say 'taken with a real camera' really gives me confidence.