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    I recently had some problems with my PC that resulted in me adding an additional 32Gb Ram (Now 64) and replacing my SSD/HD combo with 2x Samsung 980 SSD's, as a result, I've reinstalled everything from Windows 11 up.

    So far everything has worked perfectly without any hiccups, I've been rendering multiple stills, videos and panos in 332 without even the fans kicking in.

    I installed 3.4.1 +87719 yesterday afternoon and did a test using a model I'm working on and whilst it was a lot slower than 332 to initialize it worked. The model HAS NO PROXIES YET, it's just a couple of empty rooms.

    The model this morning isn't complex but it does have a fair number of proxies, most are Enscape trees, hedges etc but some are my own, such as sofa's, beds, plants etc. As I mentioned above I don't use custom assets. Once I reinstalled 332 and reset the asset library everything worked perfectly.

    Attached is one of the renders from the model.

    I finally installed 3.4.1+87719 yesterday and I'm trying to render a model I've rendered a number of times before.

    For over 10mins (approx) its been sat like so:

    I cant wait any longer, I'm going to have to reinstall 3.3.2+82281.

    I could close the Enscape Window but I had to terminate SketchUp.

    I'll send feedback and link to this thread once I've reinstalled 332 and got the renders done.


    Rebooted, Installed 332, rebooted.

    Agggh, in 332 the model is giving me a '35 missing asset render data' error .... Time to reset the asset lib before I can render this proj.


    3m38s for the progress bar to disappear in SketchUp and another 49s for the render to appear in the Enscape Window.

    Rendering 17 4k x 3k stills now without any problems.


    Renders done and feedback sent with link to this post

    A thought: All my 'own' proxies are external, I do not use the custom assets (nor do I intend to), could they be a cause of the problem to 3.4?

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    If you suspect a post is spam then you can report it using the 'Report Concern' button (Triangle with an ! in it)

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    We (the Enscape Forum) are not the target, we're just a tool, reporting them and then the Enscape Team banning them 'should' go some way to reducing their credibility.

    With D5 and, I think, TM, you do almost all the work in the renderer, materials, lights and most importantly assets.

    I personally do not like that at all, I want to do as much as possible within SketchUp and then view the results …. Ie, the Enscape way.

    I’ve looked at/played with both and after a couple of hours I ended up uninstalling both of them, whilst the result can be good I found the interfaces awkward or down right cumbersome. Let’s be honest their biggest appeal is their cost … ie .. free,

    inspect your models and try to lower the vertex count as much as possible

    I'm curious, do you mean the overall vertex count of the model or do you mean the vertex count of the objects being reflected?.

    I usually experience the reflection problem in the likes of vanity mirrors in bedrooms where for example, the proxy/high poly bed is reflected (or not).

    Things like a bed are naturally high poly, as to make them look 'real' requires creases and folds. Reducing them to simpler forms would defeat their purpose.

    I crunch things down as much as possible in Transmutr but there is only so far you can go before they start to look like they'd be suitable for Minecraft.

    341.85781 installed and I’m attempting to render exactly what I successfully did this morning in 332.82281

    1st attempt:

    It stopped at 99% exporting materials for over 1min and then both Enscape and SU crashed to desktop, I’m now rebooting and trying again.

    2nd attempt:

    Very long time sat at ‘starting Enscape 5%’ then jumped to ‘export materials 99%’ when I looked away to type this.

    Still at 99%

    Still at 99%

    It seems it’s writing all the textures used in the model to a new folder in the AppData folder mentioned by Rick above.

    Annnd we’re up, now to render a single pano and then batch render a few.

    Single done, batch next…

    Both E and SU Crashed to desktop before it could get the 1st one even started, I’ll restart SU and send a report with a link to here and a OneDrive link for the model.

    I sadly can’t afford any more time on this so I’m reinstalling 332

    Feedback sent

    I’m just rendering 20ish panos in 33x, once I’ve got them into a tour I’ll install 341 this afternoon and try rendering them again.

    Hi Rick,

    It was not long after 3.4 initially released and I was under deadlines, I only had it installed for an about 3 days.

    The logs will have long been overwritten by now; wouldn’t they?