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    Opps, I never scrolled up beyond your last post ... stupid me.

    Nice solution ... or was until they changed everything.

    I'm back on 3.3 but when I had 3,4 installed I looked at the new structure, It's still all there, the categories have their own json file with each cat getting a unique id.

    The main json.gzip (could be json.gz, I cant remember) file has all the assets data each with their own unique id which references the category id and the corresponding jpg thumbnail.

    You'll need to unpack the compressed json file to see its contents, I think I used winrar but I can't remember.

    Arno I noticed that too, they've changed the entire structure of the library:

    • The thumbnails are no longer base64's within the json files, they are in a separate folder within the library structure as jpg's BUT with the long json names as their file names.
    • The Library categories are in their own json file.
    • The main body of the library is in a compressed (gzip) json file.

    It's made it near impossible for me to do my PDF library for my boss to select from.

    I'm not sure how you/why you assess the raw library Arno but from my point of view why is it so hard to simply have a visual index of all the assets on the Enscape site? Demian Gutberlet

    Raytracing on will burn a lot more Graphics card memory when rendering than off, I have an 8Gb RTX2070 and can repeatedly batch render 20+ 4k x 3k without problems 'if' RT is off but with it on it will crash out. Obviously, if I had a card with 12/16/24Gb I'd have it on (or at least try it out).

    I also have DLSS off as it caused pinkish blooms in the Enscape window (not in final render), I'm also starting to think that DLSS is partially responsible for the slowdown in 3.4 that some (inc me) are experiencing.

    I'm currently using SU22/E3.3 on a Windows 11 Desktop.

    I have no probs rendering ultra 4k x 3k with a 2070 so your 3080 should be more than fine.

    (I do have raytracing off as it burned through my 2070’s 8gb)

    Is your power supply upto the task? For a 3080 I wouldn’t have anything below an 850w

    Do your model(s) have a lot of heavy geometry such as detailed foliage or furniture?

    Do you use a lot of very large texture files (greater than 3000px)?

    What version of Enscape are you running? What version of SketchUp are you running? What version of Windows are you running?

    I had a failing SSD that DIDNT crash the system but did cause my SU/Enscape to fail under load, it wasn’t obvious and took some time to diagnose, or more specifically it was the only thing left after repeatedly testing everything else. Since replacing the SSD (and taking the opportunity to reinstall everything from Windows up) I haven’t experienced any problems whatsoever with SU 2022 / Enscape 3.3


    Lines like “I refuse to lower the settings or turn off raytracing ….. leads me to believe it's an error with enscape.“ [truncated by me] reads like “me, my computer and my work is perfect, it must be you that’s wrong” and won’t engender others who have no problems whatsoever to help you.

    I’m on 3.3 but I did try 3.4.icantremember.

    I mentioned this before (maybe even in this thread)

    In 3.4.x everything was working/rendering fine UNTIL I used some of my own proxied objects (beds, sofa etc) at which point loading and rendering times turned to molasses, using any Enscape’s own proxied stuff (trees, hedges etc) didn’t affect things.

    I also think that enabling DLSS changes how Enscape manages texture files quite dramatically … I noticed some unusual folders full of used texture files when I was cleaning 3.4.x from my system that I don’t think exist in 3.3.

    Now …. A bit of amateur guessing makes me think that ‘maybe’ materials with textures, bumps, displacements etc maps WITHIN a proxied object are not being processed properly/in a timely manner ‘if’ DLSS is on.

    Maybe AN answer is to use Enscape’s ’make your own assets’ feature but I have 100+ sofas, beds, flowers etc, a lot of which are edited versions of each others and I almost definitely do not have the original obj’s any more. So …. I have absolutely no intention of starting again.

    Everything above is guess work but if anyone else want to test my guesswork go ahead.

    Affinity Photo is Photoshop equiv and Designer is Illustrator equiv. They're as good as or better (subjective) and only cost £50ish each! ... no subscription. They do an InDesign competitor called Publisher which is supposedly very good.

    I used Photo to create the black png masks for each element and then Designer to apply the masks to the multiple panos reqd for the overlays and do the exporting of the resultant pngs.

    The tour above is very limited as its simply for picking finishes for the hall/kitchen/bathroom/ensuite, this is a far more extensive fully furnished all-room tour of the same house

    SketchUp/Enscape > Panos.

    A load of masking and extraction of individual parts using Affinity Photo and Designer.

    3DVista to make the pano tour/virtual staging.

    3DVista are about to release an update that enables you to use 3D models within a tour and .... Interact with them!

    Here's a demo:

    They will only support .GLB files and I haven't looked at the SketchUp > glb process yet.

    jlo totally agree, Enscape is all I need, or more accurately it produces results that our clients are more than happy about. I could spend another day tweaking this and that in VRay to produce something 5-10% better (assuming I’m skilled enough to do so) but unless our clients had seen the original(s) it’s not better it’s still just the final renders to them.

    I’d gladly see my renders go upto ½ hour each on a ‘super’ setting for final output if it meant the reflections worked properly.

    I recently had some problems with my PC that resulted in me adding an additional 32Gb Ram (Now 64) and replacing my SSD/HD combo with 2x Samsung 980 SSD's, as a result, I've reinstalled everything from Windows 11 up.

    So far everything has worked perfectly without any hiccups, I've been rendering multiple stills, videos and panos in 332 without even the fans kicking in.

    I installed 3.4.1 +87719 yesterday afternoon and did a test using a model I'm working on and whilst it was a lot slower than 332 to initialize it worked. The model HAS NO PROXIES YET, it's just a couple of empty rooms.

    The model this morning isn't complex but it does have a fair number of proxies, most are Enscape trees, hedges etc but some are my own, such as sofa's, beds, plants etc. As I mentioned above I don't use custom assets. Once I reinstalled 332 and reset the asset library everything worked perfectly.

    Attached is one of the renders from the model.

    I finally installed 3.4.1+87719 yesterday and I'm trying to render a model I've rendered a number of times before.

    For over 10mins (approx) its been sat like so:

    I cant wait any longer, I'm going to have to reinstall 3.3.2+82281.

    I could close the Enscape Window but I had to terminate SketchUp.

    I'll send feedback and link to this thread once I've reinstalled 332 and got the renders done.


    Rebooted, Installed 332, rebooted.

    Agggh, in 332 the model is giving me a '35 missing asset render data' error .... Time to reset the asset lib before I can render this proj.


    3m38s for the progress bar to disappear in SketchUp and another 49s for the render to appear in the Enscape Window.

    Rendering 17 4k x 3k stills now without any problems.


    Renders done and feedback sent with link to this post

    A thought: All my 'own' proxies are external, I do not use the custom assets (nor do I intend to), could they be a cause of the problem to 3.4?

    EGIE I think you're responding to a spam message.

    The things to look for:

    • The reply is on a post months old
    • The wording of the reply is non-sensical or in this case very generic
    • The user is brand new

    If you suspect a post is spam then you can report it using the 'Report Concern' button (Triangle with an ! in it)

    Why do we get spam users? These are accounts attempting to establish credibility across the net, this email account has probably been used to create users on 100's of forums which up's its credibility, it's then used for more malicious intent as it's now 'trusted' by the likes of Google/Twitter/FB etc.

    We (the Enscape Forum) are not the target, we're just a tool, reporting them and then the Enscape Team banning them 'should' go some way to reducing their credibility.