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    DPI is meaningless unless you are planning on professionally printing an image on paper.

    Setting or changing an images dpi has absolutely no effect on the image whatsoever other than to insert a tag within the images header storing the value of 72/300/etc.

    The DPI only becomes relevant if you insert an it into the likes of InDesign/Quark and only at the point of insertion as after that you're free to scale/crop the image and thus invalidate the stored dpi.

    You've set the quality to lossless/highest. There's no such thing as lossless video so to get it the answer is to render stills that then get processed into a video in Premiere/DaVinci Resolve.

    Reduce the video output quality and you'll get a video file output.

    In another thread we discussed something similar but the SketchUp API that provides developers with the commands to manipulate SketchUp doesn’t have any options when it comes to creating scenes, it’s all or nothing.

    The only way to change this is for Trimble to add additional functionality to the API.

    Right then, here's the next stage in development:

    ** This is a proof of concept and not a finished product in any way **

    You can now upload pano images and manually set things like autorotate speed etc.

    Click on the 'Admin List' button and then the 'Add a Pano' button. You can then upload an image and give it a name, if you want to edit any of the settings you can do so but be careful not to accidentally add or remove a comma etc.

    For some reason uploading a png is a bit hit or miss but jpg's are fine

    Click the Save button and you'll be returned to the admin List from where you can click on the 'Public List' button to see the panos.

    You can edit any of the panos by clicking on one in the 'Admin List' page

    If you view the page on iOS you'll be able to use the phone/tablet to look around (No idea about Android)

    I have a much better version but its using some beta web stuff so all I can show you is a screenshot of the upload page where its a lot easier to set things like the initial lookat point, autorotate sepeed etc.

    I'm waiting on a new beta to fix a small bug and then I'll be able to tackle hotspots and linking panos.

    520W is far too low, go for one in the 800 range

    If your using Revit then the Quadro might be worth it but a GeForce 1060/70/80 would give you more bang for buck as neither SketchUp or Enscape make use of the features a Quadro adds above a GeForce.

    Get an SSD and a HD, have the SSD as your boot drive with Windows/Apps etc and the HD for files, a 250GB SSD would do it

    Intel i7 no less than a 7700

    You want DDR4 not DDR3 memory, 16GB would be the minimum but more is always better.

    I've just had a play with the google vrview and its as bad as I thought so I'm not going to bother pursuing it, Pannellum doesn't support stereo and it works for what I want so I'll continue down the non stereo route.

    2nd test page:

    This one is testing configuration, I'm now able to set title, author, compass, compass, north, initial view, autorotate, autorotate delay.

    I'm putting this aside for now as I'm waiting on a new CMS system I'm helping to beta test. It'll give me the necessary tools to go further.

    The next step will be to be able to simply upload a pano image to a site via drag and drop, change its settings and then display it with those settings. After that ... linking multiple panos via hotspots.

    Couldn’t the executable and the data be separated into 2 files.

    Essentially a small launcher app, lets call it EnscapeViewer.exe and a datafile we’ll call project.ens.

    You could launch the project with a shortcut to EnscapeViewer.exe project.ens

    This way the executable could be tested and approved by IT departments.

    This just popped up in my YT time line

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    It answers all my questions and solves a lot of the problems I was experiencing

    in SketchUp material editor your only have the option to set a texture and it’s size, all the other maps (bump, normal, specular etc) are set in Enscape’s material dialog.

    In a previous post it was pointed out that if a normal maps file name ends in _n (underscore n) then it can be used in the bump map setting.

    I always felt the animated foliage in Lumion was cool but a little pointless, when I saw a video that made use of it, it was either too much (looked like a hurricane was moving through the scene) or too little (not noticeable unless you are a Lumion user).