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    I don't use the thumbnails at all, I name my scenes and view them as a list.

    I find it very annoying when I open a model and SketchUp insists on going through the process of making the thumbnails, with a complex model and lots of scenes it can take ages for it to process them.

    Prior to Enscape when I enabled the 'Do not create thumbnails' option it would stay off for any subsequently created scenes in the model but now if I create a scene with the Enscape button it turns the thumbnail option back on.

    I'd like the Enscape button to respect the setting, if the thumbnail option is on .. create them, if its off ... don't create them.

    But .... I fully understand that if the Ruby command to create scenes doesn't have that option you can't do anything about it.

    There’s an option in the ‘Creating scene thumbnails’ dialog to stop the creation of themes in the future but Enscape seems to ignore it, even after it’s selected any new scene Enscape adds will automatically try to generate thumbnails.

    I’m assuming that you employ a ruby CMD to create a scene, I wonder if there’s an option along the lines of ‘-nothumb‘

    Actually the problems persisted this morning, I downloaded the current Enscape Preview and was able to complete the renders but I still experienced problems.

    I had Task Manager open to watch the GPU % and with the current release of Enscape it would render 3,4,5 images of the batch and then the % would drop to 0 and both SU and Enscape would require to be killed via Tasks manager.

    With the Preview version it still stops rendering after a few images in the batch but I can stop Enscape's batch process with the std [Esc] key and try again. I noticed that even though it stopped rendering the GPU retained a high % in Task Manager. I think its mentioned as one of the preview build's updates.

    I can send the model, just tell me where.

    I’ve just spent a frustrating afternoon trying to fix a problem where Enscape/SketchUp would lockup whenever it finished a render, it started after a Windows update so I uninstalled it, when that didn’t work I played with the drivers, when that didn’t work I started deleting parts of the model and when that didn’t work ...... etc etc etc

    What I did do that worked was start a new SU file and import the existing one and .... SU popped up its “there are errors, do you want to fix them” .... hey presto normality restored.

    I’ve lost my scenes but that’s ok, I can easily recreate them, I might even be able to import them with a plugin.

    It’s a shame I didn’t try that before the 10,000 reboots but lesson learned.

    Have a look at the DELL G series, we’re looking getting at a G3 17”, there’s also G5’s and G7’s.

    The 7’s aren’t available in the UK so I don’t know the spec’s but the G3 I’m looking at is i7, 16Gb, 1060 etc.

    Their Alienware range go upto 1080’s but look very ‘gamey’

    We're going to be getting a new laptop specifically for SketchUp/Enscape and based on what I think we need (i7, 16Gb GTX1060, 256GB+ SSD) I've settled on one of the following:

    DELL G3 17"

    Asus ROG 17"

    95% of its time will be spent on my on my desk hooked up to Monitor/KB/Mouse but the other 5% will find it out doing presentations so physical durability is a low consideration.

    Do any of you have any other recommendations or experience with the above?

    Having done a couple of websites I've learned that the Surface and potentially other touch PC's don't report their UserAgent correctly.

    UserAgent is how a webpage determines what kind of device its open on, when a page sees its on a Phone/Tablet it will make use of the gyro and when its on a desktop/tablet (PC) it wont.

    The Surface maintains that its a PC even when it's being used as a tablet and therefore the webpage doesn't activate the gyro. The problem actually goes a lot further as it also doesn't identify itself as Touch to web pages either.

    The gyro function works perfectly on iPhones and iPads, I assume the same is true for Android devices.