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    I run a dual screen setup with all of my panels (Layers, Materials, Scenes etc) on my 2nd monitor, Now that I'm using Enscape they get in the way of the Enscape window so I've found a way to have 2 different layouts within SketchUp, lets call them profiles.

    When I'm building I use my 'Full' profile with all my toolbars and panels on both screens then when I get to the point where I'm ready to start knocking out renders I switch to my 'Skinny' profile where I have just the necessary toolbars/panels on the primary monitor thus leaving the 2nd one free for Enscape.

    It involves copying and inserting chunks of the Windows Registry for which I've written batch files so ..... I'm somewhat reluctant to post my process here as whilst I'm OK(ish) with potentially screwing up my own setup I'm reluctant to help other screw theirs. :/

    Is anyone interested in me posting what/where/how to do it or am I inviting a world of pain on myself and anyone stupid enough to think I know what I'm doing? 8o

    I think this is your Enscape window up in the top left:

    How it got that small I don't know but can you try resizing it, if that fails then double clicking on it (should make it full screen)

    As you seem to be the only one suffering this problem I'm guessing its something on your end and not Enscape.

    In the past I've had apps do something similar, what happens is that the position and size of a window is stored in the registry and the values can get corrupted. This results in Windows positioning the window at 0,0 and with a size of 0,0 (or as small as it can get) .... This looks like exactly what's happing to you going by your screen shot.

    If you're comfortable exploring the registry you'll probably be able to find and adjust the settings.

    As I said I've seen this before with other apps so I'd happily put money on it being a Windows and not an Enscape problem.

    I have 2 Macs (iMac and MBP) and my MBP spends more time as a Windows machine than Mac. I couldn't afford 2 machines so went for an i7 MBP so I could both.

    I'd love a better graphics card as thats the only thing lacking, everything else (processor, memory etc) beats any PC I've used in the past.

    Plus ...... The MacOS version of SketchUp is just horrible compared with the Windows one.

    Anything 3D could be in trouble with future versions of MacOS, Apple are starting to deprecate OpenGL in favour of their own Metal engine.

    I'm sure Metal will be very good but any existing app such as SketchUp will have to be rewitten (at least partially) and that will not be cheap and may cause some smaller 3D devs to abandon MacOS.

    Would SketchUp be able to maintain cross platform compatibility if Windows is OpenGL and MacOS is Metal?

    Is the MacOS SketchUp userbase big enough to warrant the rewrite costs?

    Would a Metal SketchUp attract more users than the current version?…al-2-in-macos-1014-mojave

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, If I've got multiple scenes that have different times of day the Enscape Window will not reflect that time, I have to manually adjust the time but then that now becomes the active time.

    How do I batch render multiple scenes with diffrent times of day/shadows?

    SketchUp 2017Pro/Enscape