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    Matterport are famous for keeping outsides out, it used to be that only their cameras could be used for capture and even now (as I understand it) they only approve a couple of 3rd party models.

    You cannot host their tours anywhere other than their servers, we currently have over 20gb of tours for which we pay less than $50/month for a VPS server with unlimited bandwidth, Matterport hosting would be multiples of that.

    The only thing MP has that others don’t is their dollhouse toy and it requires depth info to be generated, panos from Enscape (and I assume VRay etc) do not have that info so can not be used to generate the dollhouse.

    I’ve heard of things like the Android app you describe that sneaks external data into MP tours before but they get shutdown relatively quickly. If MP ever officially provide 3rd parties with an API I’ll pick a nice hat and eat it. (You might guess I’m no fan of them… at all)

    Does the MacOS user type affect things?

    I've only ever given myself admin level on my Mac's but if I remember there is a reduced Standard level, could that affect things?

    I use GigaPixel Ai, if I have it open and try to run Enscape, Enscape will crash and visa versa if I have Enscape open, GPAi will crash.

    They both make use of the GPU and can’t run at the same time on my 2070

    Do you have any other ‘heavy’ app open when you’re using Enscape? I don’t mean the likes of a browser etc.

    Right then...

    1st off I've edited my previous posts on this thread striking through my comments and referring to this one.

    I've now rendered 28 8k x 4k panos with RT on and with no crashes!, whats more its much faster!

    There IS a visual quality improvement but it take comparing the 2 RT and non-RT images to see it.

    It was never like this when I'd previously tried RT so, 1, hats off to the Enscape team for making such improvements and 2, the dunce hat for me for assuming it was STILL a memory hog and not trying it out sooner,

    I still stand by my recommendation to 'temporarily' turn off RT as a testing method for failing renders but as a permanent fix it's now unnecessary.

    Thanks xonpt for your comment that prompted me to test.

    And I never turn off RT

    I haven't looked at the RT settings in a while so whilst they 'didn't' work for me that's not to say they won't now. There's been a fair number of changes to Enscape since I turned RT off.

    I'm just setting up a test using your settings, I'm going to re-render my most recent set of panos, if it works then great!


    28 Panos queued up, 2 done, I'll compare them to the already rendered set when done. The shear fact the Ens hasn't crashed out already is a good sign


    do I not lose all the benefits of ray tracing?

    See my later post

    Yes but rendering will then work on an 8Gb card.

    RT takes a heck of a lot of video memory, my next card (eventually) will have absolutely no less than 16Gb and ideally 20 or more, until then I run with RT off.

    I don't think the results are in any way bad:

    Try it, turn off RT do some tests on the model that crashes, if it doesn't crash then you'll know it's RT, if it does crash then you'll know it's something else and can turn RT back on.

    The Enscape grass model is a group of several clumps of grass with some spacing between clumps.

    In a regular situation, the individual groups overlap thus visually eliminating the spaces.


    When we get to the edge of the surface there isn’t an adjacent group to overlap the nearest placed group (my brain can’t invent a better way of wording this) and we see the spacing between the clumps.


    Enscape reinvent the built-in grass model/method or….

    You use the Skatter plugin (assuming you’re using SketchUp) which will do proper grass right up to the edge of anything but…. It’ll cost you in processing time/capacity.

    What I do is use ProfileBuilder to run a 50mm wide pincurb around every surface transition to hide the gaps between the clumps:

    Alternative Skatter grass:

    I’ve asked this some time ago but I’ll try again.

    I (and others here) regularly save 30+ pano’s to jpg’s, this is a royal pita as it’s a laborious process that has to be done very very carefully as there are no scene names in the pano section of the upload management dialog.

    What’s more I (and I assume others) have to do this repeatedly as edits are made to the model and individual/groups/all panos are re-rendered and re-saved.

    I’ve already worked out how to batch extract the base64 image from 1 or all panos but without being able to ref the scene name within the xml structure this is next to useless


    Please please please include the SU scene name (or whatever they’re called in other apps) in the xml file structure.