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    I was rendering an interior scene with global HDRI(skybox) as from the attached document below. I used depth of field in this scene for a particular area. But engine doesn't detect the glass jar in focal plane since furniture and glass jar are on the same focal plane. I tried changing focal point, but no result. So changed the material into solid albedo and get detected the focal plane. Shot was rendered on Ultra settings with Enscape 3.0.

    So I think there is a bug in detecting focal point in specular materials (Glass) which are farther from the camera source. Please look into the problem ASAP.

    Find the attachments below.

    Hello. I'm new to this Enscape family. I've been using Enscape for while. Happened to have better results. I've some request in terms of Material editing flexibility.

    1. Separate Normal map and Displacement map function. It is technically and visually different what a normal map and displacement map does to a material. Now enscape offers either displacement or normal map to a material. I suggest you to add both functions to a single material. It is helpful for PBR materials.

    2. Displacement maps - Expecting more refined process for displacing bitmap elements. It is also very convenient when high quality textures like RDT(Real displacement Texture) is using in scene. Suggest the developers to work with RDT and obtain realistic displacement.

    3. Imperfections & Dirt - for increasing realism, an option for adding imperfection map or any other additional map that doesn't interrupt roughness quality of material. Now enscape offer only roughness map which is essential for a material reflection quality.

    4. Mix map - Addition of mix map can be a solution for above problems. Also mix map is very helpful for PBR materials where AO maps are provided. So in each Parameter like Albedo, Reflection, Opacity, Displacement. option for mix map will be a great feature.

    5. Subsurface Scattering - an option for SSS will be great for skin materials. :) if it is possible Enscape will be the first real-time render that will use SSS on screen.

    6. Caustic setting - it is technically complex in process. When light hits on complex glass geometry, it should reflect scatter lights in shadows. But it would be a great addition for photorealistic renders.

    these suggestions are of long term development I think ^^. But that will standout this engine from the competition. Expecting a big announcements..

    Hope you look forward on this points. Thank You.