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    Hi Demian,

    i dont quit remember i was just playing around but i remember i connect it through air link to the same wifi im using on my PC and then Enscape hot Launcher started and i can see it on my oculus app library and then i saw the standalone file there too.

    is there a way to convert the stand alone enscape file as .APK extension and then use VR side converter and then upload it on the oculus quest 2 headset and then view it? because i have the VR side converter but it doesnt recongnise enscape stnd alone .exe extention.

    another question..can i upload the Panorama view from enscape on th Oculus app to be viwed without connecting the oculus to PC?

    thank you and sorry for dropping questions on you... if it is possible to make a video call that would be great

    thank you


    so i exported enscape as a standalone file while i was in the VR mode so i can view it with my Oculus quest 2! it worked but moving around in the space was not smooth and when i turn my hide to another side it starts rendering it! and if i view it in draft quality,, it looks horrible, all materials are gone!.. is there a solution for this.. i actually convinced my boss to buy enscape for the VR reason and the idea is that we send the client the oculus so they can view the model using the oculus! i dont want to tell the client to download enscape and sketchup and open the file and then view it in VR.. please help i am desperate :( thanks?(