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    I'm surprised this bug hasn't caught more attention...

    Apparently this is a known issue that has been around for some time now.. See this post from 2021 with the exact same curved glass issue. If someone on the Enscape dev team could share some insight as to a solution or patch timeline that would be much appreciated! Clemens Musterle possibly?

    I have tried adjusting opacity, roughness, ior, toggling frosted, motion blur as well as painting backfaces vs. whole group, reducing to single plane geo vs. watertight/solid, removing close emissive & proximity light sources... nothing seems to work. Enscape proxies with curved glass don't seem to suffer the same issue, or at least not as noticeably(?).



    SketchUp Pro 2020

    Enscape 3.3.1 + 75071

    NVIDIA Quadro P2000

    100% agree that the Enscape lighting placement method is awful, it should be changed to a single click placement or atleast guided vs. free axis..

    I've noticed that when I start getting weird artifacts from lights sources if I just restart Enscape it tends to fix it. But this is not an acceptable workflow and needs to be addressed by the dev team.

    The ies lights are not the issue. The spheres inside are set to 4,200 cd at 0.00m radius and the reflections are being picked up through solid walls.

    Rectangle lights seem to rectify the reflection artifacts, however they come with their own set of issues. Namely any length over 1.58m is ignored.. So in an effort to reduce the number of light sources I originally opted for 2 lines vs. 6 rectangles per fixture. Should I just be using rectangle/area lights for all sources (other than ies cones)? What is the point of spheres and lines??

    I'm not an experienced user so take this advice with a grain of salt.

    1. Check your fog settings and either turn it to 0 or keep it very low.
    2. Try adding a ground plane with a texture, Enscape likes loves to disregard things that are not directly within the screenspace/camera view.
    3. Adjust the camera field of view(?) This is just a shot in the dark, not sure if it will affect anything to be honest.
    4. Minimize the reflectivity of the leaf material. Glossy leaves are nice but generally not noticeable at a distance.

    Good luck!

    I think it would be super useful to have a checkbox/slider within the 'Enscape Objects' window that would allow you to change the way that specific light objects interact with diffuse/specular/reflections separately.

    It's a bit annoying to see reflections of fill lights or spheres just floating in mid air..

    Also can someone please explain why some light reflections seem to bypass geometry? But then that same light won't exist if the camera doesn't have a direct line of sight to it. :/

    I've attached a few diagrams to help illustrate the issue.

    I understand the reason for capping reflection draw distance for rendering in real time but what about still images?? It's a little embarrassing having to explain to a client that the render engine just can't handle realistic mirrors... Enscape also appears to be cutting corners even on screenspace reflections??

    Both images I've attached were rendered using "ultra" settings.