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    I have not updated my system to the version 1803 because of the rumors that say yet it was full of problems.
    But I still have your exact problems with glass.


    in .exe (and much more in VR) mode the amount of objects, lights and other things are very influential for the fluidity of navigation. Often working with large building (with interior and exterior) is frustrating by the necessity of have huge details and lite models.

    Another problem is to work with an entire building in a single file (I work with sketchup and I reach often the program limits).

    My idea is to have some separate models that I can load by clicking an hotspot in the main model.

    I think about an apartments building that I can see in exterior and clicking on the door of the single apartment I can load the exe experience of the apartment itself.

    (this thing is more useful with buildings with some identical apartments in different positions).

    I know this is obviuvsly limited to a .exe or VR experience and I couldn't have the same flexibility when i work with in sketchup. But for final presentation I think this is a killer feature for increase the user base who can use the realtime or VR experience.




    I was used to weekly beta, but it's a month that I do not see anything new.

    (It's not a big problem.) The software works well despite the problem of reflection on the windows).

    I was wondering if the beta policy had changed or if you were working on a big news.


    Hi Demian

    Excuse me. I tried again to render the same project and I could not reproduce the issue I had mentioned.
    (maybe I did not have restart Sketchup after upgrade installation).

    Anyway, the "thing" about render time if I use time variation between two keyframes is still remained.

    It is not necessarely a bug, but I hope you'll obtnain a drastic diminiution of render time. For now in my test scene the ratio between the two version (no time variation / time variation) is 1:20.

    Thank you and sorry for the first mistake


    Support for an option to choose whether or not shadows should update according to section cuts is a topic on our agenda though which just received a further upvote through your voice. ;)

    I think an option is the better way to upgrade this feature.

    I personally like the fact that the section doesn't affect the lighting of the rooms

    (I hate when the sun come in the room by the ceiling)


    happymilk ... are you familiar with the plugin UV Toolkit 2 ? It will automatically apply "frontface material to backface" etc.... to selected objects. From your description, this may be useful to you.

    Also, just curious... If Enscape provided a global option to "Ignore Backfaces with Default Material", would this satisfy your needs?

    Hi renderwiz

    Yes. I heard about UV toolkit, but for now i never used it. Your advice is interesting. I will investigate on it.

    And, about your second question: YES! Definitely! :thumbsup: