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    I've tons of objects with material applied directly on front face (none on back) but not grouped.

    (this has no effect on TheaRender that no considers backface)

    In Enscape I've big problems with transparent objects. Default material in backface results visible and often ugly.

    I can re-open all of my objects, group them by material and re-save them. But it is an hard work and I hope it will not necessarely

    My +1 to "no rendering" on back faces with default material



    I'm approaching to build a large model for a VR demo walkthrough

    The model is a public building with 3 floors, an external area and many rooms.

    I would like to know how can optimise the model for a fluid VR experience.

    (I will show this with a 1080ti card + Windows Mixerd Reality Headset)

    Do I should optimise the amount of polygons? Or I need to reduce the dimensions of textures? Or I need to reduce the amount of artificial lights?

    What mainly affects on the graphics resources?

    Are there fixed limits to considerate?



    Even I have some problems with last beta (but I don't know if this issue afflicts other previous releases).

    Lights in the corridor flickering. I tried with different quality settings but with no effect. I also tried to save animation in 4K and downscale it to FHD but the problem was only a bit better.

    Some info:


    Quality set to high

    Video: 1080p, 60fps, bluray