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    Thanks for doing this, Lena. I left a comment in the survey, but:

    Enscape's asset library badly needs an improvement in the diversity of people. It seems that 90%+ of the people in the asset library are thin, white, and able-bodied. The bicyclists are all men, the only woman with a bicycle is not even riding the bike, but standing next to it holding it.

    I also agree with alejandromartin , a lot of the current transportation is like a shit ton of cars and then like 3 jet skis...some city buses, trains, subways, trams, etc. would all be very useful. We are trying to design for a non-car-centric future!

    Could you go into detail a bit further about what exactly you're looking for? I'll forward everything accordingly then, thanks!

    What everyone else has said.

    How are 90%+ of the humanoid assets white? It's frankly embarrassing to use Enscape and be working in neighborhoods that are majority Black and I am literally struggling to find people who represent the folks I am designing for. Enscape is great, but this issue is making me very strongly considering to use other rendering software.

    Even the bicyclists -- all the cyclists are men, except for one woman who is not even biking, she is STANDING, holding a bike.

    This is an immediate need, I think you all can go an update without a new chair or plant or jet ski, but to almost solely have thin white people is ridiculous and like....just not reality.

    It would be great to see some public transit!

    Speaking as an urban designer, there are no city buses, trains or subway cars, or trolleys-- we would use these sort of assets all the time! The fact that there are two jet skis but no city bus kills me.

    It would also be great if there were more people of color in the "People" category. Thank you devs for your hard work!