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    I have a Quadro RTX 4000 latest driver 442.50. I am working in enscape 2.7 and I cannot capture anything bigger than a 4K resolution. Our IT department said this is a issue with the RTX card where we cannot capture large images yet. It is a Vulkan error using a vulkan render? for larger capture as opposed to GL where there's no RTX. I also turned off the RTX raytracing and still an issue. seems in 2.7 still not fixed, see attached. Is there a work around from enscape? Or any fix coming up?

    Demian, if you look closer at se.jpg, the shadow gives off some blocky square. I found that by increasing the intensity of the light clear this up as in se3.jpg I further found that by closing the enscape window and reopen it clear it up too. Also when I try to capture at max 8000x4500, it does it again. so is it a memory issue?

    povoom - I am afraid animated objects in a panorama would not be possible, a panorama is just a still image essentially.

    I've up-voted the related story for you though.

    I'm sorry, I mean by just panning/navigating around in Enscape, possible in the future to see animated objects, like panning around the water animate by itself currently.

    Demian Gutberlet Every time if users ask for getting better effects, for example solid glass or continuous mapped transparency or mixing material effects, than the answer was that it's not possible, since Enscape isn't a render engine, it's made for VR. So, I think, recommending Enscape as render engine should be done carefully, the limits are very tight.

    Within the tight limits really nice results are possible like can be seen at the showcase. But often people forget that more than in the nice images is shown is not possible. So, if you client would ask your for a little enhancement like a shadow for wine bottles on the table than Enscape fails. Or let us talk about noisy rendered blurry metals - it's a VR engine, don't expect to get the noise fixed by longer render times. So, to be a glorious winner or a loser at your projects is dangerous near together. I wished the range could be wider.

    not sure why you are asking this, if you already know what real time engine and computated engine can do. just use the best of both.

    Sorry, that is just how it is now. pretty sure Enscape is working on it, but don't expect anything soon. if you are familiar with other real time engine(unreal, oculus, etc) the reflection thing is a balancing act, power of machine = quality level. And the Enscape engine is just not there yet for this. It is good for what it is, intuitive, speed and good enough quality.

    I have to say if you start a project prior to Enscape, good luck matching. If however, you start a project with enscape, what I would use is the enscape views. Get your vantage point from enscape, save it as an enscape view(safe frame). Then you have it. Just fire up and go to that view everytime. it's the same, just make sure your output resolution is the same proportion all the time. I usually go with the 16:9 default format for output. another person on another machine can just fire up the same file, go to the saved enscape view, capture it with their tweaks, done deal.

    The only downside to having a gaming card is that you cannot remote in to run Enscape on an OpenGL system. The standard Quadro card that is recommend/tested with most architectural programs will allow you to remote in and run Enscape. And of course it will only run as fast as your pipeline. If this is not an issue, the gaming card is the way to go.

    They're great for certain CAD applications, but you need to go quite high up the range to get big performance in most 3D/rendering applications. And then the higher you go, the more expensive they get. The Quadro RTX 5000 mentioned above is around £2,000. The RTX 2080TI is almost half that, the price/performance ratio is a lot better with the Nvidia GTX cards.

    And if running AutoCAD/Revit etc is a concern, the RTX 2080Ti is great is those applications too, certainly I've not noticed any downsides to having one.

    I upvote for max and enscape as well. From my experience though, a lot of the realtime engine plugins do not fully support all the tweaks we do in max to really efficiently use it especially lighting and how the shadow pass through translucency. understood the realtime engine issue speed vs quality, but if you can make it work, I'm all for it.

    yes that is correct. The current percentage slider is just not enough to get the look of prairie grass. please do submit a feature request to allow for much higher height, thanks.