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    I am noticing some odd lighting artifacts when switching to Polystyrol.

    Attached is the same model, just switched modes from White to Polystyrol. I don't believe this was an issue last release. It occurs at several other places, and in several other models. I've made sure there are not gaps or apparent joins (two elements butting up to each other).

    What it "looks" like to me, is the ambient light behaving differently. In these early models, we don't have any lighting yet, so Enscape's ambient light is used heavily.

    On a side note, the ambient lighting is MUCH better in this release. I'd rather have to keep our early models on White (instead of the typical Polystyrol we've been doing) than go back to the old ambient lighting.

    Thanks Micha , I'll look for skyboxes taken from a higher vantage point. I wish there was a virtual way to elevate your eye hieght after creating the skybox "room." But maybe that would distort the image too much?

    some1new Maybe I misunderstood the original problem, or maybe I didn't explain my idea enough. But as I understood it kowen1208 was looking for a quick way to override all of the materials in the linked Structural model and the materials in his Architectural model so that they can be coordinated the same way he has set up in his coordination view.

    By using the same method in the linked Blog, your can very quickly switch the phase of the linked model, and then just change the Material properties for Exist & New so that you get a similar result to his view. You can play with the Exist & New materials to alter the look, but below is a very quick example.

    I'm finding the same issues. I really like the ability to use Skyboxes and especially to use their light source and rotate it. But any skybox file I've used just does not look as good as using Enscape's clouds.

    On a related note, I'm fining that the free skyboxes that Enspcae provides as samples seem to be scaled wrong? I'm not seeing anywhere to edit them.

    For the price point, I've had a surprisingly great experience using the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets. At any point, one of them are on sale for around $200. They're defiantly better than the earlier versions of Oculus/Vive and they keep up decently well with the newer versions. So far I've done walk-throughs with the Lenovo and HP.

    I'd say their biggest flaw is the hand tracking. If your hands are out of sight from your head (where the cameras are) for more than 5-10 seconds, the tracking feels off. Once they come back in view, it's snaps back, but it's still an issue.

    The big positive is that there is little to no set-up.

    We love that we can allow clients to walk through our designs in VR. However, we're unable to "see" what they're seeing and commenting on.

    Right now, when you enable VR, we are not able to see what the client is seeing. It would be great if the VR view was mimicked on screen like SteamVR games do.