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    Enscape Team:

    I know you get this a lot. I want to add my voice to this one. Enscape needs full reflections. If there was an option that would enable full reflections during a still render, but revert back to the current reflection settings during real-time... that would be amazing. As it stands, I'm starting to look into other render solutions due to this. When rendering the exterior spaces of a building, the windows need to reflect the surroundings (e.g. an exterior patio... the windows need to reflect the trellis above the patio).

    Thanks for all your work and I look forward to seeing future iterations of the software.

    There is a known issue where this may happen, after you've made some changes in your scene that affects the number of lights. Could you please try to close the render window and start Enscape and try again if that happens?

    This is happening to me as well. However, it's not always after making any changes. I'm currently looking at a black screen that I encountered after opening a fresh SU model, starting Enscape, setting my preferences and hitting "render".

    I also get a "screen door" effect with my lights, very often. This is generally solved by turning off their layer and turning it back on, but it happens ALL THE TIME.

    Enscape has become UNUSABLE to me after the update. What should take an hour is now taking ALL DAY.

    Many of the updates are welcome, especially saving presets to the file... but this glitch that gives me a black screen is a deal breaker.

    I look forward to the BETA version so I can get this fixed.