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    I really wish I could make custom Asset folders. "Favorites" is not enough. I am tired of scrolling through page after page looking for a particular Asset I need. The search function is not very thorough.

    Got the night sky to come back! Had to fiddle with the exposure & lighting controls. Its difficult to get the VW interior lights to balance with the sun & exposure controls to get both interior & exterior to look good in VR. Still not perfect, but getting there.

    Thanks for the input.

    I am sorry to hear about that JFGorny , even if resetting the Visual Settings did not help, does it help if you increase the night sky brightness manually:

    Please get back to me if that doesn't do the trick at all.

    Yes I tried that. Does not help, either does eliminating clouds or any other slider. I tried them all...

    Finally got Vectorworks lighting to work well in Enscape, both by fiddling with the VW controls & Visual Settings. However, now the nighttime sky does not have stars or moon. I have tried restarting & resetting ALL the Visual Settings with no success. I have seen other forum users posting this same issue and the answer has been to reset the Visual Settings. Does not work.

    Anyone have any ideas?