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    Appreciate your efforts to help Phil but in this case, I can tell you I built this workstation with a 2080 ti RTX and 64 gigs of ram to be able to handle scenes like I have been building. I also use it with Unity and Unreal in larger landcapes without issue. Things worked fine in 3.4 Enscape but you do bring up a valid point. I have some meters that run in the background to let me know various readings on the computer such a vram used, ram used, heat, processor use, etc and none of these have been impact that much. I will get some serious spikes when using Unreal and Unity though.

    I should try this on another scene to see if there is something occurring here that could be somehow related to some cache type thing being full or whatever.

    Just an FYI but this is still an issue while using the latest preview I just downloaded for 3.5. The only way to fix is to generate a new view which is a PITA. In fact, I noticed that if I close revit, then start and open the scene again in enscape where I hid the object in that scene previously, the scene still does not show it updated. It is like it saved the "moment" I created the scene. But if I add assets to this scene, it updates in real time.

    Make sure the view active view driving Enscape is the view you're hiding / unhiding objects in Revit. Switching between active views will also refresh the scene in Enscape.

    Hello Phil,

    The scenes are identical so it is an issue with Enscape in this build. This is a preview build so maybe I will try another version but for now, I cut and past the objects of concern between the scenes. It is just a pain.

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    I am using Revit 2022.1 with Enscape 3.5 preview 6 and when i hide/ unhide objects in revit, the enscape scene does not update. Super annoying and now, making a new scene with the hidden assets is NOT the solution. I spend time setting up the scene visual and do not want to do that every time I hide or unhide an object. I have worked with Enscape on and off for the last 4 years or so and do not remember this doing this previously. I saw on other posts that this has occurred in Sketchup but I did not find any posts where it was occurring with Revit. Any thoughts? Thank you!

    Hello Phil. Thank you for responding. I think I remember you talking to me about Enscape back in the early days when I was using Unreal for all of my interactive experiences. Surprised to see you here but appreciated.

    I found a way to make this work but just to let you know, I do not see the same menus you show in my current version. Probably because I have not upgraded lately. Important thing is I was able to figure it out.

    Why do certain things need to become more difficult in newer versions? I exported a mono panorama but there is no button for "my panoramas" as it was previously handled. The xml file is in the folder but I need easy access to an operable panorama to show the client. Where is the cloud option? I have noting on the interface that allows me to access these files. I did a search on the forums and I keep seeing how there should be some sort of preview option with "My Panoramas" but I see nothing.

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    Okay, that is great if you can render that viewport. Does it allow me the option to name the view prior to print? I don't have enscape in front of me but I am thinking it may but I wanted to confirm. The fact that the dialogue makes you pick a folder is most likely because if you select any viewport, it is thinking you want to batch print

    Thank you Demian. I figured that was the case. I understand but it would be nice to not use Revit's convoluted way to set up lighting for good enscape lighting for rendering. When I work in Unreal, Unity or Vray I often have to bring in supplementary fill lights to get desired results. I was doing the same thing in Enscape with Sketchup which was easy enough. Thank you for the reply though.

    I actually submitted feedback on this new printing method. I get it for the batch printing but it makes single frame painting not nearly as easy anymore. It is actually frustrating since now when I hit render, it wants me to select a view from the dropdown even thought I just want to render what I have on the enscape screen view. I also have to select the folder to render to for the selected drop down view folder. I get no option to name the file and I can't make edits to the Enscape screen image and render that image. I have to make my edits in Revit view and then reopen in Enscape. I may be missing some function or not understand but I just rendered 7 views from revit and I saw no options to change this behavior.

    Okay, I can make this happen anytime now with Revit. All I do is deactivate Enscape on Revit at work, go home and then try to activate on my home machine. It Always fails and I get the 262144 message saying the license cannot be activated, contact support. Can you please address this? I am going to submit via feedback as well but this really needs to be remedied as to why this seems to be happening.


    I sent you a PM again. My home machine and work machine will not allow me to activate enscape in revit again. I logged off my work machine last night and came home and worked on my home machine for awhile, then tried to activate enscape for revit with no success.

    Hello Demian, I think I just sent you a message via PM. Also, it now activates. I will try it on my laptop yet today to make sure it works there as well once I log off of this machine. Thank you.

    I did send through feedback this morning. I am getting error 64 on my work machine. I do have internet connection and I tested the proxy settings and the connection says it is fine. It was working all day January 20 on my work machine when you reset it. I deactivated it so I could use it on my laptop for a meeting but got the message 64 when I went to activate on that laptop.