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    Okay, that is great if you can render that viewport. Does it allow me the option to name the view prior to print? I don't have enscape in front of me but I am thinking it may but I wanted to confirm. The fact that the dialogue makes you pick a folder is most likely because if you select any viewport, it is thinking you want to batch print

    Thank you Demian. I figured that was the case. I understand but it would be nice to not use Revit's convoluted way to set up lighting for good enscape lighting for rendering. When I work in Unreal, Unity or Vray I often have to bring in supplementary fill lights to get desired results. I was doing the same thing in Enscape with Sketchup which was easy enough. Thank you for the reply though.

    I actually submitted feedback on this new printing method. I get it for the batch printing but it makes single frame painting not nearly as easy anymore. It is actually frustrating since now when I hit render, it wants me to select a view from the dropdown even thought I just want to render what I have on the enscape screen view. I also have to select the folder to render to for the selected drop down view folder. I get no option to name the file and I can't make edits to the Enscape screen image and render that image. I have to make my edits in Revit view and then reopen in Enscape. I may be missing some function or not understand but I just rendered 7 views from revit and I saw no options to change this behavior.

    Okay, I can make this happen anytime now with Revit. All I do is deactivate Enscape on Revit at work, go home and then try to activate on my home machine. It Always fails and I get the 262144 message saying the license cannot be activated, contact support. Can you please address this? I am going to submit via feedback as well but this really needs to be remedied as to why this seems to be happening.


    I sent you a PM again. My home machine and work machine will not allow me to activate enscape in revit again. I logged off my work machine last night and came home and worked on my home machine for awhile, then tried to activate enscape for revit with no success.

    Hello Demian, I think I just sent you a message via PM. Also, it now activates. I will try it on my laptop yet today to make sure it works there as well once I log off of this machine. Thank you.

    I did send through feedback this morning. I am getting error 64 on my work machine. I do have internet connection and I tested the proxy settings and the connection says it is fine. It was working all day January 20 on my work machine when you reset it. I deactivated it so I could use it on my laptop for a meeting but got the message 64 when I went to activate on that laptop.

    Getting ready for a meeting and now this does not work again on my laptop. What is the deal with Enscape licensing and Revit? Can you please address. Before you send me the default answer again regarding port settings and such, I have already checked and confirmed things are appropriately set.

    To be fair, I do not think I have had enscape running on this laptop with revit yet but still, this should not be an issue? Maybe it is relative to upgrading to latest version?

    You guys had this fixed and now it does not work again. Tired using it on my home computer. I logged into work computer remotely and double checked. None of my machines has a license of enscape running. I am dead in the water....again. I am getting message 64 saying there are too many seats opened or something like that.

    Sorry, did not want to post this here but i am in the middle of a project in revit 2019 and I cannot get enscape activated. I sent a message via feedback as mentioned, I emailed support and I PM'd someone. Not trying to be a pain or redundant but trying to generate some initial renderings for a client to send out yet today. Thank you ahead of time.

    Try logging your temperatures to see if you can confirm those temperature problems. If so then dial back the overclock on your cpu or even try disabling Intel TurboBoost to shave off some of that thermal load.

    Mathias, greatly appreciate your insight and suggestions. So I installed Core Temp on the computer and ran the Enscape VR on my scene. Temps never hit above 73 which was shocking. I find it hard to believe they would be thermal throttling at that temp. I did dial back the CPU speed. So, I tried pulling out the auxiliary large monitor form the mini display port thinking maybe there was a conflict between running the VR and the auxiliary screen at the same time but no difference. No change.

    The bad resolution now happens immediately as soon as the VR starts. The best description is that I am looking at a scene where there is massive heat coming off of the floor surface and distorting everything. Previous to this things seemed to run fine but now it is very noticeable. I even dialed back the resolution in Enscape to no avail.

    My next step is to try the "stable" version to see if there is a difference. Disappointing since We spent some money on this new laptop setup. However, I am realizing the RTX tech is pretty (is it?) so I am thinking some need to catch up so to speak.

    I also want to try this in Revit to see if the same thing is occurring there. We were hoping to buy the Vive Pro because of the resolution but we are now waiting on the new headset from Vive due later this year.

    Hello arcitek

    I think the best way you can go now is to try the latest stable release 2.5 to see if it works more stable. Preview versions are work in progress, especially now with RTX.

    Thank you Alexander. I will definitely provide feedback. The only issue with 2.5 is that I do not think it had support for the RTX. I thought that support was added in the subsequent Previews if I am not mistaken.

    Also, has anyone ever seen any reduction in temps by using a laptop cooler pad? I have always been sort of skeptical of these.

    Have you checked/logged your temperatures with sth like openhardwaremonitor? Laptop plus overclocked i7 screams for some serious thermal throttling.

    Hello Matthias,

    Thank you for the reply. It is an interesting thought. The only thing I will tell you is I do not have the downgrade in resolution issue when I run my custom high ploy scenes in Unreal Engine. Granted, the Enscape is not trying to be Unreal so I expect there to be some differences (good and bad) in some things but the loss of resolution is not desirable. It gets to the point where begin to see significant blotchiness on the surfaces. I can throttle back the overclocked processor but I thought real time rendering was mostly stressing the GPU which in this case, is designed to be used int his scenario.

    I don;t think I mentioned this but we are using the latest test version of Enscape. I tend to use these releases since I have not really experineced any real issues with them while I get to play around and experience the latest goodies.

    We were demonstrating some VR is a pretty simple 3D model and noticed that the resolution witin the scene downgraded noticeably as time went on. We were using the Occulus Rift on a new laptop with updated drivers for the RTX2080, 16 gigs of ram and an overclocked 9th generation I7 processor all running on an M type SSD hardrive. I have not experienced this when running Unreal, even with some very heavy scenes. I love Enscape but that loss of resolution is a concern.



    I have not used Enscape in VR at all yet but I was curious if there is collision detection in Enscape so that objects have some sort of collision recognition. I would think this needs to occur through revit families such as the walls but I was not sure if that was something that did occur in the translation to Enscape.

    Kaj, since I am also a user of Unreal, I think the lighting/ shadow challenge is always a challenge with real time rending. In Unreal Engine, the shadows and lighting can become out of sorts as one changes and updates the scene. You have to recalculate at some point to bring everything back into the correct projection. My point is that Enscape is doing pretty well in this department without the user having to really do much which is pretty impressive. What I think Enscape is going to run into is the same situation that Sketchup and the one renderer, Podium, ran into and that is trying to develop into a program that can be everything for everybody. In order to get many of the possibilities and effects of program like Unreal would mean that Enscape would need to become more complicated. The interesting challenge from the perspective of an outsider is seeing how far Enscape can keep things simple and straight forward in its flexibility of adjustments.