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    Where is a better place to discuss this?

    You can send me a detailed list of ideas via PM and I will gladly pin them to the UX bug I will create for this topic. There is no guarantee that this will be exactly the final outcome of us iterating the UI, which in turn is not currently planned either due to the team working on different things but at least your thoughts and ideas don't get lost that way :)

    Agree with @Pieter. Enlarge the slider icon. IMO Get rid of the other icon.

    I won't really engage in a design discussion about these items in this thread guys ;) a different can of worms and tbh. and as Pieter also already said "highly subjective" changing UI with this resolution (on this micro layer I mean) is best done using quantitative analysis. Don't worry we have filed this feedback and have received Phil's feedback regarding this several times already.

    Bottom line for the actual topic of this thread: I'll let you know here once I have an ETA sorry for the wait :)

    Pieter; mahammed; Voxel

    Okay so in general the toggle works as expected (for me at least with the default Revit project) running 3.2 I can just batch render all views without a re-export:

    It appears though as if as soon as you add another linked project we run into a scenario where we actually re-export the linked projects:

    I will file this as a bug and we'll look into how this can be fixed and packaged into a 3.2 service pack, for now you could (I know that this is inconvenient) try to merge the linked projects together by binding the link or something similar. Sorry for the inconvenience we'll add this as a test case internally to prevent stuff like this from happening in the future once we have found how to prevent this.

    I can add this to our internal UX bug backlog but tbh. I personally disagree with point 3 because that toggle button follows all usual conventions.

    The problem was described precisely over and over again. I got in contact with one of the customer support team on a meeting a few months ago where I described the issue LIVE, and they clearly saw and admitted there's an issue.

    Let me verify your bug report this is not the expected behavior :) the whole purpose of that toggle button is to manifest the exact thing you want only change the camera position, time of day and apply any linked preset not re-export geometry.

    Okay thank you this is a bug on our end but there is no indication yet what actually causes the issue it seems like it is specific to VW but we have not yet been able to reproduce the issue locally. Sorry I unfortunately have no quick fix for you. We'll keep digging it does not seem to be related to your VW settings directly as mine look exactly the same.

    Does the issue persist though does it always happen with VW and always distort the same elements of the UI?

    Same issue here, reported on Friday: Wrong asset scale issue is back

    (but with other assets)

    Based on my troubleshooting, pretty sure the issue is not on our side.

    Thanks for reporting this, do you have a list of affected assets beyond what Pieter posted in the other thread:

    - stone 5

    - stone 3

    - grass bush

    Is the pine tree "Pine 4"?

    Well I think Alex response already sums up the situation on our end quite beautifully.

    When it comes to Enscape 3.1 I can gladly direct you towards the bottom of this page where we will unveil the road map for 3.1 at some point in the future. Rest assured that we are all already working on 3.1 and with a little bit of luck that release will contain something that is to your particular liking :)

    Your imports contain references to textures that our importer cannot find (either they're not there or the path is wrong), this is a bug unfortunately that we're fixing at the moment. You can circumvent this by removing the "textures" from the .mtl file i.e.: stripping the material of the textures or trying to adjust the path in the .mtl file.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You can configure the overall artificial light brightness in the "Atmosphere" section of the visual settings.

    There is a slider called "Artificial Light Brightness" grouped under "Illumination" that allows to modify the overall illumination by a percentile value.