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    Hey Phil - Thanks for the additional insight and suggestion! I'll try reaching out to NVIDIA. I had a similar issue with Bluebeam and RDP that was also written off by support as an unsupported environment but eventually got a patch. I'll keep my fingers crossed while doing some more investigation.

    FWIW, I have an answer but not a solution. Support tells me that Enscape is not supported in a remote desktop environment and is not slated to be supported. I am a remote worker who accesses a workstation through Windows Remote Desktop Connector, and according to support, having any version of Enscape work correctly through an RDP is a fluke. So, their suggestion is to stick with 3.5.6.

    A follow-up question: If there are any other remote workers or folks who remotely access a rendering workstation, what kind of connection do you use? Is it stable with 4.x?

    I am experiencing some odd look around behavior with the new 4.0.x update. When I left-click to look around, the camera snaps down and turns 180 degrees. This happens with Revit 22 and 24 across multiple models and views with Enscape v: and v: Installing the previous Enscape v: is the only way I have found to fix the issue. Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Bummer. I was hoping for a hidden button. Post editing with a screen snip of the legend is my current proposed workflow.

    The legend appears in the video preview and even changes the Lux values if you have it in Automatic Scale and run a study across a day. Interesting that pertinent information to what you're looking at wouldn't export natively. I guess Light View is only intended for live view or .exe export?

    Thanks for the reply, Phil. Have a great day!

    Is there a way to export the Light View Lux legend with an image or video export that doesn't require post-editing? Surely there is a ticky box that I am missing... right?

    For what it's worth, I ran into a similar issue when updating our users to 3.0 when it was released. Our IT management company has our user profiles restricted from installing software so I manually install updates through an admin profile (cumbersome, but we're a small group so meh). Installing the update while logged in as the admin would only update Enscape in the admin profile and every user would remain on the previous. Oddly enough, after the update was installed in the admin profile the users could then run the update individually without being denied due to insufficient privileges, then their Enscape would be updated. I have yet to roll out 3.1 to the team so I am not sure if this kludge process will be necessary again.

    Depends on the model display of your view. If your Revit view is Hidden Line, Shaded, or Consistent Colors then your materials will be represented by what is set in the graphics tab of the material editor. If you do not want your Revit shading colors to match the rendering, at the top of the graphics tab there is a tick box named "Use Render Appearance"; untick that then you can then set a color separate from the Appearance tab. Enscape will always read your materials from the Appearance tab regardless of what is set in the Graphics tab.

    If you are using the Realistic model view for your Revit representation, unfortunately, there is no easy way outside of some Photoshop magic, as Phil said.

    Quick update - Rick and the team had me install and test the 3.1.0 Preview 6 and over the last week I have not experienced any nudge crashing. Finger crossed but I believe a fix might be on the way.

    Thanks everyone!

    Hey there,

    I have been experiencing Revit crashes caused by nudging elements. The issue is sporadic and happens with everything; ie. model elements, annotation objects, schedules, & legends. On one occasion I even had a crash when I was adjusting a detail component in the family editor. I have updated all of my software, OS, and drivers but I still crash. A week ago I started the process of add-in elimination and found that with disabling Enscape, and only Enscape, I no longer crashed Revit when nudging. After a few days of being crash-free, I then re-enabled Enscape to experience a nudge crash maybe 30 minutes later while adjusting a legend on a sheet.

    Has anyone else run into this issue?

    The odd thing with this is that I only had Enscape enabled, not running. I did not run Enscape or the Assent Library prior to the crash either. The journal files from the crash just end, with no indication of a reason. The crash is a "fatal" crash but does not immediately close Revit, instead, the drawing area goes blank and requires me to restart before I can continue working. After crashing, Revit remains functional and I am able to sync and save before restarting.

    Any thoughts?

    Revit 2021.1.3

    Enscape 3.0.2

    Windows 10 - Ver. 20H2 - Build 19042.985

    NVIDIA Quadro P2000 - Driver 462.31