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    I am having issues with how the tree to the far left is displaying transparency.

    Unlike the other tree components on the right, it shows a white background. The second pine on the left is displayed correctly, but this is after I exploded the component so it is no longer a "face me" item. I've done a lot of fiddling in the enscape material editor and have tried to explode and remake into a new component, I have now run out of ideas.

    Any tips for how I can get it to display properly?

    After researching this further, it appears there isn't a way to move the whole path without recreating the keyframes. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken. The problem I was trying to resolve is that we had client feedback that there was a "grey bar on the horizon, please fix the sky". This is a result of the white ground mode having rolling hills in the background, making the horizon line higher. My idea was that if I could raise the model that would help with the horizon level.

    My suggestion would be to give the option to change the color of the "clear" option to be whatever suits the user, because the dark grey is stark and distracting but the white ground creates a distorted horizon. Thanks.

    I need to shift my sketchup model about 100' up. Is there any way to also shift my entire video path I already have set up without shifting every key frame? Or does anyone have any work arounds for situations like this?

    I am having trouble with emissive lights flickering and flashing during video exports. I don't have this problem when using point lights and spotlights, and am exporting at a high quality. It doesn't have this problem in the preview, only in the final export. I would just stop using emissive textures but there are some situations where I need to see light "source". Below is an example of the two light sources I am having issues with, the light poles and the ground lights. Any suggestions for solving?

    I am trying to do a simple day to night time lapse video. I have searched for an answer and am coming up blank, is it really not possible to do a time lapse without having to pan through the model? I set up several key frames at different times of day in place and it doesn't even give me the option to preview or export. Has anyone found a work around for this?